What has CCP done right?

Live and learn.

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I loved CCP’s mining ship balance pass.

Love how building stuff in EVE is more than just mine ore-------build ship.

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Create a market niche where they have an absolute monopoly and can do whatever they want, their one and only product just won’t die.



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I disgree with everything you said. And as stated those are things I think they have very much done well at. Maybe change your mind?

@Dreg_Apc heyo can i have your stuff lmao it would help me and newbies in brave as i can then handout ships : )

Ah. Another ubiquitous and pointless Dreg Apc thread.


What if, the one thing I think CCP did get right was recent?

Did you consider that possibility?

No. No you didn’t. Thus the stick shaking at people who failed to read your mind and realize that you had unspoken topic boundaries.

I’ll tell you what I think they would get right if they ever implemented it.

Banning you from the forums.


Bookmarks In Space.
Doing away with the awful medical clone upgrade mechanic.

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Well, over 20 years ago they created this game called EvE.

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Well they made EVE.

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