CCP Please

I love Eve it’s a unique game that explores space in a very unique and complex way.

But…as lovely as it is, it lacks something, I call it Blizzard sindroame.

When you know you had something great and you are afraid to push it further.

For example:

The base game of Eve for quite a while now is outdated. We all appreciate the event’s, expansion’s, and a new ship once in a blue moon, but…the fact is that the base game is mostly the same since launch.

Some examples:

  1. Lack of ship variety. Personally I was very disappointed when I saw that Apch and Paladin was the exact same, Raven and Golem and so on, it felt like a lack of interest. Slap a color or two and done, a brand new ship, it feels cheep and lazy.
    Skins managed to release a bit this overwhelming blandness. But in my opinion that is not enough for a game that has come out so long ago.

Maybe a frame sistem could change this.
You buy a frame that has the capability to suport a ship’s systems. And make the frames look different but when you apply the ship’s sub system, the name of the frame changes to that subframe name.
Something like the T3 ships. The first time I fell in love with EVE was when I saw the way a Strategic Cruiser could look based on the subsystems. THAT IS AMAZING !!! Please do more of that.
That was such an ingenious approach. If we had that for every ship…I bet we would have more players, 100%.

  1. Lack of freshness for the mission agent’s. From T1 to T5. It feels so robotic, interactions with the agents feels like you open a notepad and check the info, close it. Open the notepad and complete that request. It feels lazy and rushed. (Freelancer had a better system and it’s an old forgotten game).we didn’t have a level of technology that allowed us to do more stuff.
    A visual character with voice acting would be amazing.

  2. We need fresh blood, I would like to a better economy with many more players, have them open yellow cans :)).
    A friendlier player start would be great. BUT you can’t have it with the current outdated systems.

Maybe…just maybe an UE5 migration would do the trick. Yes I Know… it’s IMPOSSIBLE it will never happen you can’t because…bla bla bla bla. Ok but something needs to be done. Most of the players in EVE are veterans, people that have a great connection with a corp or a friend and the occasional new player, who feel lost after a few days.

This video portrays exactly how I feel abut CCP right now:

I don’t think there is a lack of imagination for the future of EVE, but it feels like someone in a position of leadership is holding back on changes.

This being said, I will still continue to activate and then quit EVE, again and again. I am a 2010 player and I hope to see EVE in my 60’s.

Fly safe!

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They are different ships that do different things, if you’re referring to the model re-use its because T2 ships are just advanced versions of the base hull, thats always been the case

You would also have a game that was impossible to balance which would die pretty quickly, you would also end up with most ships looking the same because there would be an optimal set of subsystems for each ship and everyone would adopt them, which leaves you back exactly where you started lol

Thats kind of the point of missions, they are just there to be farmed, they aren’t meant to be something interesting, just like mining isn’t meant to be interesting, just like industry isn’t supposed to be interesting, they are secondary support features to enable people to farm resources to partake in the main core part of the game which is other content

EVE is a complicated game, no amount of polish on the NPE is going to change that, there is already a scripted introduction to the core gameplay elements but outside of that the game is complex and that is what scares a lot of people off, there isn’t a fix to that without turning the game in to WoW in space

Not sure why you think using UE5 is going to affect any of the issues you’re actually complaining about, you forget that the average gamer these days has the attention span of a goldfish, they don’t like to read anything and people can’t even manage to use google to answer their own simple questions anymore, thats why the average newbro doesn’t hang around, because the game isn’t able to handhold them through everything they need to do, there isn’t a solution because again, EVE is complex and reading is mandatory


Actually, for some players, Missions, Mining and Industry are the primary/only reasons that they do play. If they were removed from the game, I can guarantee that you would lose at least a 1/4 of the player base. And the Uniqueness that is Eve would truly be dead.


Sure but just because someone might only play the fishing minigame in an MMO thats no reason to waste resources revamping the fishing minigame, that might be “their” chosen focus but that doesn’t stop them being secondary to the actual in-space combat which is the focus, nobody said anything about removing those features just that i wouldn’t expect those to be amazingly fun things to do, missions especially aren’t a designed endgame goal, just because someone is masochistic enough to treat it like that doesn’t change the intended goal of them

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And I propose that viewing space combat PvP as the primary focus of this game is very narrow-minded and causes one to lose sight of the true beauty and depth of this game.


PvP is what this game is all about, every activity feeds that machine in the end :slight_smile:

CCP broke thier game years ago, mostly by making it a bottom up economy. Now there is no way to fix it without angering half the remaining player base. Its a sad state, but was bound to happen after the economist left. All you can do now is enjoy the emptiness of most space.


PvP could continue without the Industry folks’ contribution, but it sure as heck would not be as interesting if all you had to fly were the complementary Corvettes. If the Industry game were to be removed, all you would have left would be World of Spaceships, and I really don’t want to play that game (Been there, done that). TBH, It’s almost getting to that point anyway.

PvP is nice and all but EVE is an ecosystem that comprises several facets of what New Eden is supposed to be or have been in the mind of the creators. Don’t tell me they just wanted to make a space pew-pew game. It’s much deeper than that on many level or players wouldn’t have logged in for so long.

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But it’s not. We now have: faction warfare, incursions, wormholes, Pochven, abyss, a whole set of sov structures and mechanics, player owned stations (and their modules), events, PvP arena, exploration minigame (hacking), Project Discovery,…

From 3D modelling perspective, this game has more ship (hull) types than many racing games have cars. The problem is not the lack of variety - the problem is you either got bored or played this game too much :smiley:

Contrary to what others are saying about this, this doesn’t have to have any ship performance impact - the “modules” could theoretically be just cosmetic. Of course, that would require a significant expansion of the 3D modelling team because the pure amount of work to build something like this and maintain it in the future is huge. Another thing to take into account is performance impact in fleet battles. Imagine two kitchen sink fleets of 200 strong each… 400 ships, 200 base hulls with, say 3 possible configurations each.

Besides, you would get used to the shapes of the configurable ships too after a while, which would bring us to this thread again. :slight_smile:

Physical agents in each game that has a visual character and voice acting all have the same fate - after a while you get tired of the spoken narration and start skipping the dialogue to save time and avoid hearing the same dialog for the nth time.

Technically impossible without rewriting the whole game. Even the programming language used in UE5 is different. If you want to know more, see:

The amount of effort for this might be the same (if not bigger than) releasing a completely new game (product) + a company would have an issue with staffing, since a new engine requires a completely new skillset for developers. As a tech employee and system architect all I can say is - this is not possible without a significant amount of time and resources, especially during the transition period between two technologies (when you have to maintain the old stack while actively developing a new one). It simply means - burning money at an incredible rate just to have the same things you already had in a different tech stack while dealing with employees leaving because they feel unsecure about their jobs if their specialization is the old stack. It also means - feature freeze at some point, which means no new development and no new content.

Yes. You could play other games, keep skilling and return when you’re not bored any more. That’s what I did :smiley:

Still not sure why you mention it being removed, literally nobody said to remove industry at any point ever

Sounds good.

Not entirely true.

I think the idea to remove all the industry and simply sell ships in the cash shop so that real players can enjoy the game without hearing the constant buzz of whiny carebear complaints has at least some merit.

And see numbers drop even more?

I understand your point, but…

EVE should’ve always been a 5vs5 MOBA.

I would never have started this game with that. We started as a team far bigger than that.

Edit; Thinking about it, the game would have never taken off had that been the practice from the start. No massive space battles with 5v5.

This may be the case, but that doesn’t negate the narrow-sightedness of the focus. MMOs should be filled with enjoyable content across the board. Players should find it interesting and meaningful and enjoyable to perform the “grind that feeds the machine”. Interesting mining, interesting missions, etc.
You could make comparisons to FFXIV such that while the main point of the game is technically to play through a story, every element of that game is enjoyable whether it be fishing or resource gathering or crafting or market trading or whatever. That is what this game is missing. Sure, the PVP is enjoyable and well balanced, but the rest of this game is lackluster at best.
Eve is uniquely positioned as the largest space-based MMO. Lots of players dedicate themselves solely to industry or mining and for them, that is the game. Why make excuses for narrowminded game design? Why not encourage overall game enjoyability?


Real players? More like mobile “gaming” cash cows… or even worse… Star Citizen fans :grimacing:

You mean like 95% of MMO’s with generic fetch/hunt quests that don’t do anything creative at all?

Like the majority of mMO’s which have boring resource farming because its a tedious boring task?

I mean it sounds like you haven’t played that many MMO’s because they all have these tasks and they are all boring as all hell because they aren’t the main focus of the games

Not really sure i call crafting or mining in that game enjoyable either, there is a reason FFXIV has the ability for the game to automatically craft items and their mining is literally just walking around in a circle on one section of the map chasing resource nodes that respawn, neither of those is engaging or interesting, i have a level 70 miner i’ve done it

And they are free to enjoy it, but that doesn’t stop it still being a secondary portion of the game and the content is still designed with a different end goal in mind, there really isn’t much of a way to make it interesting without making it even more tedious than it already is, be happy you don’t have to chase asteroids around the system like you would have to if they went the route FFXIV used

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