EVE 2: The petition

It’s time to move into the next gen! No more legacy code! No more excuses! Maybe if we get enough people wanting this CCP will evaluate.

CCP should focus efforts into EVE 2 instead of pumping their profits into side projects.

I would even be willing to put money into this if it was crowd funded. (raise me a billion isk)


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There is a lot the game could benefit from, but I think it would be a same to wash 15 years of greatness down the drain.

Also, would you have all characters transferred or should everyone start a new, because that might kill the game.

Personally I enjoy all the new additions and the contentious betterment of the game.
Also i do think that it would take a lot of crowd funding to have a new game built from scratch, and I would hate it if EVE adopted the WOW approach where you have to pay for both gameplay and updates.

But please elaborate on what your ideas are for a new game, and on what frustrates you so much about the game now?


Migration of all chars!!

I would not say it was a wash when many things could be transferred/migrated.

There are many, many posts that devs simply say “legacy code”

EVE has 1000S of features that are “good” but one that is not, the core. I added, id even pour money in to help because that is the dedication many share for this game.

The reason I did not go into great detail of how and why this will help is because it would of made no sense to anyone but coders and game devs. All the great legacy coders have left eve dev team

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NO because I don’t want the coding team to be “gone” for a few years on this project.


There is no need, CCP has rewritten huge areas of code multiple times, the only thing that stays the same is the universe layout and the ships and modules already in game, making an EVE 2 will only slow down progression compared to expanding on this universe.


As long as it is released a little bit at a time every 6 weeks and is fully incorporated into EVE, I think not only would it work, but it appears to have been working for the past 15 years.

Sorry, I was trying to make my post more sarcastic, but the thread wasn’t worth the energy to come up with something really funny or clever.

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Yeah I’d do it. I’m fine with losing skills and ISK and starting from ground zero. The most important thing I would carry over personally would be corp buddies :slight_smile:

EVE 2 happened about 13 or 14 years ago. By now we are onto about EVE 16 or so.


If we are a little more honest here, the EVE graphics engine and v5 shaders would make EVE number EVE 36 by now.
The EVE 2 you believe you have in mind would have been the Trinity expansion.


X for EVE2

It’s not undoable, but this could possibly take longer than star citizen. CCP aren’t exactly swimming in devs.

And if its a character reset, what happens if thousands of players unsub knowing that they can just wait for eve 2.0? Same with new players not wanting to start a game that’s about to end. CCP isn’t rolling in cash and they aren’t going to find idiots to crowd fund vapour-ware.


Why not? Star Citizen has found plenty of idiots to crowd fund vaporware…

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Faith in ccp is lacking lately.


Such a posts only indicate that there are problems with game and that CCP should work harder.

But there shouldn’t be a way of rejecting of all good obtained for all this time EVE exists. There are good points (though negative are way bigger on scale at the moment) and they should be kept.

As EVE Online doesn’t have an ending, there is no need for the next EVE game in the same way as the ‘Far Cry’ games (as an example) have endings and has to come in new games / versions.

EVE Online is in a ‘work in progress’ all the time and will have new things and features added all the time.


It’s funny that the people who want to restart a new project are the one who have no idea of the difficulty of the task.

Typically all the problems we had, we will have them again. and it will take the same time to solve them.

Don’t expect to be able to make twice the same trip and not step on the same mountain.

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You can’t keep fixing the old car for ages.

Isn’t it just a commercial computerbase software project which totally depends on its playerbase? And if it stops suits me and devs keeps ignores my ideas how to make it better etc etc would live me with one choice only, show them middle finger and say good bye.

It goes beyond fixing the old car whole panels are being changes engine has changed a few times.

Still would be nice to have traversal work as in real life with both objects having facing. Or even having hitboxes so you cant just shoot through everything in between you and your target. I dont see a 2 anytime in the near future…

Ill be glad when they re-balance Hacs and BS hulls…