Question for the devs re: technical debt

Hi all. Thanks for all of hard work of various devs over the decades. I am a 2004 player that has recently returned to the fold.

This isnt an idea, or feedback, but more of a question to satisfy my curiousity.

Given the number of developers who have worked on this game, all the years, all the technologies, differing techniques, documentation (or lack thereof), the inevitable turnover of staff, and knowledge lost to time, my question is: will there ever come a time where the amount of technical debt is just too large to justify not doing a complete rewrite from scratch? Or perhaps a rewrite of very old components?

Every MMO in history has died before this has been a problem.

I would argue that its more of a problem now than you might think, and probably not just for EVE.

Technical debt is one issue in MMOs but introducing or changing features can also negatively disrupt the balance of the game. So you need the technical skills to adopt new things or change older ones. But you also need the skill of understanding what it will impact avoid any negative unintended consequences. Thats all

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