Is Eve improving? - VOTE

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Hi guys and gals.

Please be aware that this is not an Eve bashing thread: it’s to basically get a general jist of the opinions out there about the current nature of the game.

As usual i’d love if we all keep the discussion civil :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing/reading your views.


What’s the time frame you’re looking at?

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From game release to present.

Thanx Runa for your participation.

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Is it ok to vote No if you think its stopped getting worse for a bit?


Hi Ramona, yes you can vote however you want. It’s your vote.

Would love to know your thoughts behind the vote though :slight_smile:


Well I think that there has been an overall decline in general, but nothing that has crippled the core of the activities I enjoy. Yet.

The thing is, CCP like all companies lies. It lies about what its doing and what it would like us to do. This is neither unusual or really a problem…

Except when they lie about the game and what they either do or dont do.

Blackout has brought some life back definately, and they (CCP) arent saying much but tbh I cant say its improved, more that recent changes have stabilised the patient, at best.

Blackout and Season O Skills is part of a grander scheme.

Whatever they say, its probably the opposite.


I think overall, a big yes. The game is SO much better than it was (and I’m not a day one person either at all) in pretty much all of the technical aspects. I think most would be hard pressed to say that they would rather go back in time to an older version of EVE.

BUT, a lot of damage has been done to the soul of EVE and that is the big issue, not the game itself. CCP was supposed to guard the soul but lost focus and let that slip from its control.


Very well put…

Sounds like you should be voting ‘no’ then?

Also, what answer would you give if it were just for the past 5 years?

To be honest i’m not sure what to vote on this one…I think I need time.

Thank you.

To be clear, Im not really talking about QOL changes, a lot of things are less annoying.

But the Agency fir example is both a boon to new players and a curse for older ones

The interface change was better imho


I voted “no”, because it hasn’t.
Power creep, ever bigger numbers. Old Eve was simpler, and in some cases, simple is best.
Of course, proper content like incursions, invasions, abyssals, wormholes and the like are fine. The whole exploration complex added to the game, but it also took away focus, and older systems were never replaced by a modern version… it all was left in as-is, which makes the game show it’s age.

Personally I think Eve is on it’s way out. It might go on for another 10 years, with a bunch of whales keeping it afloat, but the good times are definitely over.


2007 - 2008 When I started, it was clunky and raw and still had the old graphic’s but it was mysterious and fun. 10/10

2009 - 2013 When I first experienced null sec, it was amazing, there was constant fighting everywhere in sub capitals and it was just a great time in general. 10/10

2014 - 2015 I think this is when ABC came out and everyone was flying them it was the days where frigates and ABC’s ruled the skies amazing time. If you wanted a fight you flew to brave staging and within 30 minutes you are fighting and having a blast. 10/10

2016 - 2018 + Pre Blackout 2019 Things went down hill fast people stopped playing the game for fun and it became about empire building and building as much capital power as possible, if you loose a ship in a big alliance you where frowned upon forcing people to avoid fights where they didn’t 100% win and things where constantly getting safer with fewer and fewer pvp and more and more pve. The Dark Ages where roams would go for 5-6 hours with no one to fight and everyone docking when you entered system. 5/10

Post Black out 2019 Eve is heading in the right direction again people are coming out in the droves to come fight, the supers and titans that cyno in can @#$@ off but the sup cap fights are exciting again. 8/10.

I voted yes only because of blackout and the direction eve seems to be turning in.



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I think I need help with my vote:

I haven’t enjoyed my experience in Eve generally - but that’s because my gameplay style is high-sec carebear and i’m anti everything else basically… So CCP can’t be blamed for that.

But what I can say I have seen is them trying to cater towards newer players/provide more content by way of Abyssal deadspace rooms, Triglavians and stuff like that…also the new interface of the The Agency (although I don’t believe it improves the game at all, and is slightly more complicated to use than the older version)…

So i’m not sure what to vote… I think for the reasons above - that they are trying to make things interesting for newer players: bring diversity etc, I should vote Yes?

I’ve only played for the last 4 years or so, so cannot vote on anything that came before.



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I voted yes…

While I left after some things, like watchlists, was removed. A lot of things happened that curbed my naughtiness in EVE and I did not like that at all. I tried coming back but after selling my char restarting from 0 SP was not an option. It was only after the whole SP Injection thing did I connect back to EVE and adapted my gameplay.

Do I miss my old gameplay, of course, have I adapted… hell yes. The fact is, every change CCP implements I will adapt and use it to my advantage as best I could.

So you can vote no and be miserable playing EVE. Or you can vote yes because you are having fun taking advantage of changes taking place.

Belligerent Undesirable for life :slight_smile:


Thanks Commander Kane. Really cool post :slight_smile:

We follow a similar path, always have tbh :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay…

The question is complex and that’s why my answer might not actually fit expectations. For example using cars as a substitute: Is the new Honda Civic better than the Civic from 1982? You bet it is in every metric. Is the new Civic a good car? Meh…

Eve has always been way ahead of the curve in almost every metric and has always been improving. Great! But when the time-frame gets smaller, the answer starts to change. Also the changes in the gaming world/MMOs have also been astounding and that also colours the answers…

It’s a very tough question…


Define “improve”. Until then, “I’m not sure”.