@ccp's UI designer

New ui improvments (since my 5 month break) look great. Keep up the good work.



I approve this message


I just want thank you for all this super hard work and excellent photoshop skills you put into this, its obvious there is no imperfections in it.

I’ve been playing Eve for about five years. In this time things have generally got better. And CCP deserver the credit for that.

Yes, there are times when I’ve got used to some strange bit of UI or game mechanic and it’s been fixed - causing a short moment of confusion. But that soon passes, and rationalising the game, reducing the complexity of interaction with it is important work.

And reducing the complexity of the UI is different to reducing the depth and complexity of the game. People often seem to confuse the two, but I know from comments within CCP that they really understand this.

Eve is an old game, there’s a lot of work done, visibly and in the underpinnings to keep it running, current and in line with new players expectations. But like keeping an old car running it’s hard work.

You don’t understand. This isn’t just a regular praise thread like from normal people. It’s a thread made by Naari Naarian, who knows best what’s best for the game. When he makes a thread praising something, then it is actually really meaningful praise.

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Hilmar will print this opening post and put it on the wall next to his bed so he gets all fuzzy and warm before he falls asleep.

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When is the next break?


While this is true, a large amount of the games complexity is not ui based. This is not good. The mastermind of eve was not very well founded in thought when the game was made. If it had been, it would of considered and thought about the over all effects of high graphics requirements and complexity.

The complexity in general needs to be shifted out of the game as much as possible. I was simply making the point that the reworks of the ui look good, and was not really touching on this complexity based changes of them, though so far those are also decent changes.

personally i’d gut the concept of vectors having impact on tracking from eve. its to complex for the general population to understand correctly.

out side of that, the over all mechanics are the cause of the down fall of the game, specifically things like suicide in high sec, or bad income rates in high sec, or splitting isk in misisons and ratting groups.

Working as intended.

EvE was not originally made for the general population. EvE’s depth and complexity have been it’s draw for most of it’s existence.

The things you dislike about EvE (nearly everything it seems) are what has made EvE different.

EvE has been going for 16 years, if it all shut down tomorrow, that’s still a pretty darn good run for a video game.

You claim to be a game studio ceo, naari - Don’t you think 16 (and counting) years for a game is good?



MS paint - Pro student 5yrs Uni :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s nice!

I can’t wait until we get an update to market functions and UI.

The changes they have made to change the game into something it is not have caused this.

They are driving away the customers in their core competency trying to please customers they can never please.

Fools errand.

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That is exactly my point. The reason ccp is suffering is because of this horrible decision.

No, its not.

I can name games that have been around much longer, and have had no population in them at any point in their lifetime, in fact one comes to mind with only 30 people playing it.

Life time along is not enough, and in general games are expected to die with in a decade. IF you want to brag about being around for 16 years, lets talk about wow, and how its always maintained 5 million concurrent players minimum through its entire history, and the mountains of more income its made then ccp.

eve has a concept we love (a space sandbox) but that often blinds us as eve players to the real truth.

No, the constant listening to people like you are the reason the game is dying. I promise you, this game will die if it does not get away from that “we cater only to douchebag” mentality.

There can be no denying that some changes to the game, or any game over longer periods of time have unforeseen and undesirable outcomes, but most of eve’s problems cannot be blamed on anything other then bad development decisions, probably forced by our local resident retarded ceo, myrin, aka hellmar.

You call it this, yet 85% of the potential population are there. and we see all these posts on the forums about high sec ganking.

Either your delusional, or blind, and if your blind thats a lot of text to speech.

All existing customers are douchebags, you really are a piece of work, totally in another reality.

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nice try, but not everyone or even the majority of people in this game think like you.

Do they think more like you do?

It’s the herd mentality which states all things must be the same.

Since there are more PvE people on the planet you would of course want to make your game a PvE game, I mean DUH RIGHT?

The millions your future competitors put into their games don’t matter, a few simple rules and EVE can compete with them, EVE could be a WOW killer!!

It’s like a weird gold fever kind of thing.

Of course in the real world the field is littered with WoW killers and games that tried to switch niche end up being abominations that lose their existing customers and fail to draw in the new base.