The way we talk on the forums.. Needs fixing

I have spent a lot of time on the eve forums. I am growing more and more of the opinion that people on the forums want change, and they want it to be good, but are not sure exactly what they want.

As this situation presses on and they advocate, they advocate for things that are destructive to a part of the game they do not partake in. I do not want to get wrapped on in all of that but what i am noticing is there is a re-occuring argumentation provided for those positions.

I keep repeatedly hearing the same statement out of many people, and while i think a lot of them are alts of the same individual, i do not think all of them are alts of that individual.

This leaves me to think that people do not have the ability to converse here on the forums, expressing their idea’s. Instead they hide behind things like “risk and reward”.

IF you dont understand something or dont know where to start your position, i want to help you. learn these lines and your argument and position will become stronger.

“i don’t know”
“In my opinion…”

I think eve forums will significant improve if you do this.


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You will also notice that certain groups of people with the same interest will join in together to make the same fake stories, regardless of whether it is good or bad.
In fact, they will even mix in some good with the intended bad, so as to try to cover it up, as a mean of hiding their activity and to create confusion.

The timing is also similar and the methods of interference as well, similar.
I would also not be surprised if external interference was related, and hidden the same way.

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(Also fits @lilsteel’s response.)


In my opinion CCP promoted and encouraged toxic behavior in these forums for a long time. And when that mentality was directed back onto them, they tried to shut it down with heavy-handed tactics which ultimately incited even more toxicity.

Due to CCP allowing multiple alt accounts, players have specifically created characters with the sole purpose of posting on the forums, allowing them to metagame thread topics and give the appearance that a majority is either for or against those topics.

Problem is it’s way out of control and CCP either doesn’t care or has basically given up on enforcing the Forum Rules and FAQ pertaining to these forums.

It’s a shame too, these forums were intended to be a place that provides a warm, friendly atmosphere for the EVE community, instead these forums are more like a toxic dump filled with hostility and sarcasm.

I know it’s very hard to do but probably best to ignore those who look to disrupt and create tension. Often times they will dissect, nit pick and miss-quote replies to portray them out of context, all done in an attempt to start a flame war with the hope that it derails the thread and ultimately gets it locked.

Obviously gangbanging with alts and flagging posted replies is the new format for metagaming these forums. I think it’s best to just file a complaint with Customer Service by contacting from the verified email address connected to your EVE Online account.

So yeah, don’t get into a debate with them, just ignore their replies, flag the one’s that out-right violate the Forum Rules and definitely file a complaint to Customer Service about it. If enough people do that then hopefully CCP will clean up these forums.

Yes, people who regularly come to the forums largely care.

And yes, people aren’t very good at knowing what they really want. Not every is a game designer, nor even understands themselves or the core things they like or like about Eve.

Of course. It is a virtual universe simulation game. People almost always lack the big picture and advocate for things that would benefit them, either in game or in terms of ‘fun’ provide, often without understanding all the downstream effects. Like say, some of those that like collecting resources and building things will call for CCP to patch out suicide ganking which is of course going to “be destructive to the part of the game they don’t partake in”, namely piracy. Or those that like piracy calling for highsec to be broken up into islands to try to force more players into more dangerous space which is going to hurt those who like to move their haulers AFK or mostly AFK around highsec.

This is a competitive game, so many proposals aren’t zero-sum changes and benefit one type of player over another. There is also a large diversity of players in this game, and to make things more complicated, their gameplay is often interconnected in intricate ways. It totally makes sense that many proposals made are destructive to another way someone plays the game.

That isn’t a reason not to make a change mind you, but it does set up some heated discussion. People usually realize this though, and can see both sides. Usually, things get out of control when one person dogmatically declares they have all the answers, or their gameplay is more important than some else’s.

That’s because many people play the game in similar ways. So they are going to have similar views on changes, especially ones that say nerf their game activities into irrelevance, or break core themes or ideas that brought them to the game.

I’m not sure why this is a revelation. You go to any web forum around an interest and start telling people they are doing it wrong, or worse, calling for fundamental changes to the activity, you are going to meet resistance.

These forums work fine if people present iand discuss ideas as views, not the only answer.


Yeah, I completely agree that how some people here talk on the forums would need fixing.

How come it is always the self declared white knight protector of weak types that are the most toxic and vile people in the end? It’s almost like they try really hard to hide something.


It’s the same in game.

Kill or take advantage of a PVPer and even though they don’t like it you’ll get a mature response or conversation.

Kill or take advantage of a carebear and he’ll go apesh!t: wishing RL death, diseases and whatnot on you while (somehow) claiming the high ground.

The super thin veneer of friendliness erodes pretty much instantly when you cross a carebear. Then again, playing EVE while not acknowledging and accepting its true PVP sandbox style takes a level of insanity that’s just unhealthy, and it shows.


Eve is and has never been and will never be only pvp, or even pvp focused, this is a delusion that some have. The majority of players here do pve (over 80%).

It did not always use to be this way, before goons it was a lot better, out side of the crappy alliance tactic to kill new alliances to prevent uprising powers from challenging them. When moon mining and immortal alliances came, they had immense power to dictate the requirements and ability to access null.

Since then its been an abuse fest after another. Ironically, removing suicide ganking will almost remove all forms of abuse. Why? because if people have access to an area of space where they cannot be abused in this manner, the other area’s will be forced to follow similar practices, or reap not having any or any amount of decent playerbase.

Remove suicide ganking, and a tweak here or there for war decs (how eligibility it set) and you’ll a almost no abuse left in this game after a month or two.

You don’t even have to blow up their stuff for that, you just have to warp to the same anomaly and shoot the rats and they will react the same. :joy:


Its a by-product of abuse.

When abuse is high, people react quickly and harshly, its a defensive mechanism. It should be a really big concern to ccp that it happens because the more intense this gets, the more likely people are to quit.

FTFY :wink:


@Naari_Naarian Ok man, you are seriously the worst, and that’s saying something on these forums. I’m new, not a member of a bloc, not a ganker, none of the things you go on and on about. But I just thought you should know that the way you present yourself on these forums is extremely off-putting to someone who is generally completely non-confrontational.

I actually agree with the premise of this post. Too many threads on these forums end up with a bunch of trolls yelling at each other about things that ultimately don’t even matter. Very few people put forth lucid opinions or make reasoned arguments, and even fewer will walk those arguments back when presented with new information. But the fact that you don’t see that you’re part of the problem, and that you have the audacity to make this “holier-than-thou” post, is just disappointing.

I won’t engage any further. I’m sure you’re an okay person in other contexts. But on this forum–ugh.


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In my opinion, the entertainment value is through the roof :rofl:.

I don’t know… you gotta be a troll as many have pointed out. However, don’t stop. I still find this content entertaining.

I wrote In my opinion….!


Wow he tries to hide this from view by down vote brigading it. Wasn’t it one of the very things what he accused others of in his OP? :thinking:


Maybe we should just throw in the original post in here for good measure.

Since we talk about being nice, I believe not taking advantage of completely new players is also relevant.


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