The course EVE Online right now

hello guys ive made this post to tell a bit of how this game it is right now due to events that had happend so far. yes i m talking about the CO2 drama and no i m not part of that alliance.
the course of eve right now scary as game wise. game is not what is used to be and people are not happy about it yet people still play it. null sec which has the major impact in this game is broke and some will agree and some will not. sov mechanics or fozzie sov is broken in such way that if you own a system is more a pain in the ass rather than a benefit, you might have the flag but somebody can put their castle (citadel) in there and stay there unless you destroy.(yes it takes one week to anchor a citadel if you are not owner of the system still it is possible). major alliances have war between them not for goals but for simply content bec they got bored of grinding and getting isk i mean you need to spend it at some point.
the other part of eve which most people are into is politics but this area gets deeper and darker then you can imagine and ccp is into this too. some will say “what the ■■■■ is he talking about?” and i m going to try to explain it to you. the leader of co2 gigz was right on his statement that this game is run by few people that ccp like bec those people bring money to ccp. some of those people are leaders of big alliances and some are csm members. so when a patch comes in those few people tell ccp add this to the patch but that change into the patch that will change the game will benefit all players? well seems to be that the answear is no. the summer rage proves that. wait but it was ccp who did those patches and added them to the game yeah but how we know this patches were not influenced by those few people that control the politics and economy of eve. we pretty much dont know. do you have any proof that this is real? look at eve history everytime people tried to change that (take co2, tri and their allies what they wanted? they wanted to change the game by deleting one thing, the blue donut and what they got? a full war where now co2 got backstabbed internally, stolen and they about to lose sov. so this makes me think the blue donut is wanted at some lvl so they can make isk and become more powerfull and if an alliance gets powerfull enough to hold sov in null and want to change stuff they get deleted.) wars are no longer between alliances but between coalitions. why? well mostly bec if an alliance wants to survive in null sec you align to somebody either way you are screwed. tri,co2 and their allies didnt want to align to nobody and they co2 got out. there are other small coalitions that are aligned to nobody, provi bloc and foutain alliaces which is culture and their allies. provi bloc is attacked by pl and we all know that provi bloc is not match for pl, if provi bloc will be removed from providence region it is to be seen. now i gatta say the way tri and co2 choosed to be no aligned to nobody got them self in the mess there is now. it could have been done via diplomacy but content needs to be done so strings were pulled.
now this is might me just imagining things and all of this be something doesnt exist yet some stuff are weird. altho what if it is true? then that means we play a game that is not balanced. bec if some few people decide the fate of eve and ccp agrees with them then the whole thingy were you can do what you want in this sandbox game is a lie. you do what they want you to do and you play a game by their rules but then is also ccp which have their own rules in the game too.
anyway i hope you enjoy reading this and like my way of thinking and how the path of eve is weird now but it wasnt in the past.

Who’s CO2? Lol

Ah seriously, lowclass act from The Judge.

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Like… Space it out a little. Please.


I’m not going to reply to the entire wall of text. Just this part is sufficient.

  1. If sov is such a pain in the ass, why does everyone strive to get it? Why do others complain that it’s too hard to capture a system?
  2. Are you kidding? If you own and control your space, how can anyone other than you set up a citadel? Of course it’s technically possible. But only if you assist with gross negligence.

Because he doesn’t speak for everyone, just himself, so there’s nothing wrong with him taking that view.

He isn’t alone, but that doesn’t mean it’s every players position.

i want a “Wall of Text” option in the flag…

Thank you. That pic is inspirational! I might copy it. :blush:

Let’s hope he is, because that mess he calls a post is absolutely atrocious.

Everyone? As far as I know the null sec population is still in the minority compared to high sec.

Having SOV, getting it and defending it are different things.

There is not so much wrong with the first part. Having your “own” space is nice and all.
Fighting for SOV however, is a completely different thing and many think, it’s not very satisfactory at the moment. Something that didn’t get better with the transition from POS to citadels.

Of course, there are two sides to the argument: A SOV system that favors numbers and firepower makes wars possibly more exciting, but having SOV less appealing (at least for smaller entities).

Same goes for the “blue donut” itself. Sitting surrounded by blues is ideal for farming your own space, but comes at the cost of more effort for “action”. Not having those blues most likely generates more action, but less benefit from your space.

One important thing is that those Null-Sec alliances are not homogenous entitities. They all have players that either favor the one (action), the other (farming in safety) or a mixture of both.

The game is run by CCP, not by players. And as they are professionals at CCP, they are doing their job which is trying to provide quality gameplay (this doesn’t mean they are always doing the right thing, just that they are trying to do).
Money comes in by people paying for subs and other stuff. This will happen when they find the game engaging enough which, as stated above, may be depending on quite different things for different people. To find out out what people want, they have to rely on what we are giving them (posts, laser shots at statues and the CSM members) and what they see us doing or not doing.
Naturally, opinions of people in “leadership” or representative functions weigh a little more than others (because they have people backing them up or else they wouldn’t be having that role).

Lol how long you been playing Eve???

Ccp has been HIRING PLAYERS.

And you know why the csm you talk of freaking exists??!?

Cuz ccp devs were shady and crooked as hell and were actively doing almost what OP describes and colluding with the giant alliances.

Google T20. Was the dev that literally colluded with alliance that almost destroyed eve and led to Csm.

Lol you are rather ignorant im your blind fanboi whiteknighting

And? Once hired they are professional game developers (or whatever their job title may be), leaving their ingame personas behind.

One incident more than ten years ago. So what? Doesn’t change anything regarding the fact that a professional normally behaves professionally. Exactly how it is supposed to be.

Very innovative name calling. Congrats on the exceptional intellectual endeavor to come up with it. Few more years and you can finally pass as a grown up - maybe.

Don’t let Cam bait you. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Rivr_Luzade, post:8, topic:23788, full:true”]

But Eve is not a democracy. High Sec has no bearing on anything. It’s just where you are born…

A real stream of consciousness post; just laid it out there mate. Why would you expect an area that attracts those who like to blow people up, game the system, deal in political/corp angst ( both in game and RL), troll people, and generally speaking, “misbehave” to have any other general environment than semi-organized chaos. I could add something along the lines of “sow/reap”, but you get the idea.

Nice wall of text just to bump the forehead. In general, it’s hard to understand what you want to say about.

You say you aren’t a member of CO2, but you posting like a Balcanian dude. Did you left that alliance?

I like the ‘Castle’ terminology. For a new EVE player the current Null-Sec citadel’s PVP looks like a medieval siege of a Castle. It’s funny to see how players using high-tech spaceship like catapults.

IDK GigX is right or wrong… maybe yes, maybe not… but he become a GigAxe over CO2 alliance for sure.

The alliance localization in EVE is based on time zones, with the ‘Greenwich’ across: Tribute, Lonetrek, Jita, Providence, Catch, Impass (which I discovered not so long ago). The CO2 just invaded DRF systems in Feythabolis, which means the ‘goodbye’ to Legacy. In other words, the CO2 just sitting on Greenwich and fighting with two border entities, which lives in absolute different time zones: American to the left and Russian to the right. So, americans will wake up at 15:00 ST and ‘let’s smash something around’ and Russian will wake up at 01:00 ST and will say ‘let’s smash something around’. This is why CO2 will lose citadel timer battles, without Pan-Fam help obviously (this my response to the second section of text wall).

Whatever you think about 0.0 politics, but CCP will always be interested to balance the power between entities living there.

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one nice comment explaining everything, love it.

also everyone sorry for messy post and i remind you that this is an opinion or way of seeing stuff. i m not saying at all this what eve online is.

also yes i m in favor for smaller enteties to get some of the pie too not just big ones and for me fozzie sov is not ideal specially with citadels mechanics in place. now i wont say i dont enjoy at some point but i think ccp could do better for something as big and used as null sec.

thank you everyone for replying. feels nice to see people actually read what you think and write.

Do a select group of people “playing eve” influence eve outcome of development in the concept you present? it’s possible yes, doesn’t have to be plausible.
Could also be people who buy bulks of plex on regular bases and behind eve online it’s in the end business men who are in control of the development, so it could be to please those sources they have in return a hand in the outcome of the development, also this could also be bypassing the CCP development team as a whole and only a few or only one is aware and is doing the job for the final bosses.
Possible? yes, plausible? yes, my own opinion? I got no thoughts about it. (I don’t want to be silenced by men in black :laughing: )

But about suspicion or paranoid about stuff is common when you start losing, you could start seeing patterns of people working against you, or plots, and it could be just the odds at particular moments, and there is where you start screwing yourself because you could be using a moment influenced by odds (lucky/unlucky) as a beacon of prove.
Not it is something weird, it’s very common, just look at the world theater, everyone is suspecting others of plotting, or being paranoid, that’s what happens when people lose in politics.

Although I’m pretty sure there are people who have influence the security part of ccp, have been bribed, blackmailed or threatened because they turn a blind eye to botting players :ccpguard: (for years)

(go check out around The Forge and around, sit in a mining belt, someone in a mining barge warps in at 0, when someone is already around in the mining belt, it starts approaching the belt rocks for 60 seconds or so than it leaves without mining, those are bots, you see them all around there)
(or for example with ores on the market you can make regular version of compressed scordite (not condensed or massive) the highest buy price in jita, those are bots you trick, because they are programmed to outbid you by 0.01 ISK)

People are happy enough. This is eve, no ones ever happy. I’m not sure the game isn’t what it used to be is a valid arguement as a) no, it’s improved immensely since it’s start and b) a lof of what is happening is history repeating. Sov sucks and is completely meaningless but the old way wasn’t any better. It was a different type of boredom with ammo involved.

I think you may be deranged. Needs a lot more formatting as it appears you’ve just done a brain dump and hit post.

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