Dear CCP

Dear CCP i would like to say some stuff in order that you can improve the game Eve online for better in favor of the players that do play it.
1-Try and listen to what players have to say about game mechanics and they should work. try to find the balance.
2-Stop pushing patches into the game that make the game worse than before.
3-Take your time in adding and applying a patch to the game. think about it. play the game to know how it feels. ask players to see if those changes are okey. Talk with CSM about the game mechanics, problems, etc
4-Stop being autistic and ■■■■■■■ listen and i put emphasis on “LISTEN TO WHAT PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY”

thank you


Dearest Neon boy,

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Gadget the Maven




didnt know you can do that XD
you learn something new every day

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Your logic is sound.
Dear CCP this,that,and the other by the way ■■■■ you and Thanks.

Fairly sure they are on top of it because you know best.

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Of the very many, diverse and often opposing views in the community, which ones are the ones CCP should listen too?

They are damned if they do and damned if they dont, so CCP may as well do what they think is best, understanding that people in the community won’t be happy, no matter the decision.

Shush I’m reading r/eve, The place to look for what the players really want. :rofl:

I’m thinking he means a balance between them all. In other words, use various aspects of each.

Obviously ccp should listen to me and not you losers.

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Heh! CCP don’t listen to CSM. Why they should listen to you?!

Because in point 4 he called them autistic and as everybody know, that is the magic word to make people listen.

(Do I need to add a /sarcasm tag?)

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Is this sarcasm?

No this is :parrotdad::parrotdad:

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Of all the advice I have given them thru the years, they implemented some scanning window changes that are currently in the game, but not all. Some UI changes that you can see on health bar and icons of active weapons on a target and that is all. Well, maybe also the typhoon front redesign that looks slightly like a sharks maw. I dont know if they acknowledged it because it was maybe also brought by others, but I think they were sound advices so even one person like me could make them see its actually good stuff.

But all of it was really small and directed to the devs.

The things I directed to management never have been implemented, maybe beause management is too far away from player choices and preferences, and it have the deciding word, last word. Like with monetization. Ever as direction of the game changes, its not player input. Blame CCP Seagul and Hilmar.

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the general consensus is my ideas are best


I’d fire that general. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

–President Gadget


pretty much. i know there will always be some players who will always be unhappy with the game. what i asking ccp to do is do changes that pleases most not all of eve online community. i know its not easy to do so but at this point i believe many player of eve are not that happy with ccp and how they managed this game lately. for example this new patch that comes on 13th of feb. it brings good stuff yet there is one change in that patch that bother many nullsec players and i know nullsec is not all players of eve but its where big things happens and when you ■■■■ up null sec well the game doesnt do that well.

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If all they did was please people, highsec would be a themepark with no aggression, farmers in lowsec would be completely eliminated (even though they serve a valuable purpose as part of Faction Warfare), nullsec would be 100% safe while people want to rat and easy on attackers when people want to roam, etc.

Just following what the vocal people in the community want isn’t going to improve the game.

However, since you bring up the upcoming changes on 13 Feb, have you read the responses and CCP posts in the specific forum thread?

This one from CCP Fozzie for example:

It’s pretty clear that CCP are already responding to community feedback on the proposed changes and the outline in the devblog probably won’t be the final form of the changes.

The same for the most recent fighter nerfs, which were originally planned to be much harder than they ended up (though still pretty hard). CCP changed their position based on feedback from the community.

Same again for jump fatugue, which has been changed a couple of times now as a result of community feedback.

So specifically, what are they supposed to do other than what they are already doing?

You try it, for a day:

Read all the posts in General Discussion.
Summarize them.
"Find the balance."
Tell us what we want, summarized.
Tell us how you’d patch.
Read all the replies telling you how bad your patch is.
Think about it. Read the replies again to know how it feels.
Stop being autistic and ■■■■■■■ listen.

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They only lessened the change that was bad. There were better ways of dealing with the issue, but CCP never considered them because it would be a lot of work, not changing some numbers and calling it done. Issue is not about few numbers, Its about the method, the principle of ratting, number of steps to aquire wealth, availability of loot at each step, kind of loot gathered. It could also be a lot harder to bot, as it would need coordination of many people in aquiring wealth. CCP never considered it. I dont know if the timeframe management gave them for it was so small, or the management dont understand how to deal with these problems.