hi guys i just wanted to ask before posting a wall of text.
if this is the right place to post a suggestion to the CSM for consideration or review? if not could someone please point me in the right direction, i don’t really use the forums, but i am hoping to post an idea for the CSM to review and take to the game developers, it is something i have actually spoken to someone at CCP about it but this was about 2 months ago and despite being told i would be apprised of any updates and its progress, i have yet to hear anything back from the person i spoke to.

thanks for reading and fly safe o/

Post in player suggestions and ideas.

You can also @ the CSM, but don’t expect them to listen if you can’t build a consensus with the wider player base.

cool, thanks man!

yeah getting people to listen is always an issue but hell at least i can try.

thanks again! o/

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