Feedback thread?

Just wondering if there is a feedback thread?

No dice?

Feedback thread for what specifically?

Just in general the “Meta” game, multiple things*.

Ah. That’s pretty much the whole forum then, with the exception of the Out of Pod experience forum which is for non-EVE discussions.

The devs do check in here now and again, just take care to post your comments in the proper thread so the right people might see it. Same if you have questions- folks here are generally pretty good about trying to help (albeit with a healthy side of snark now and then :slight_smile: )

Is there somewhere in the CSM threads we can post ideas/feedback?

I guess it was ideas I meant with some feedback.

You can post in the CSM thread, but player ideas are usually best placed in the Player Features & Ideas section:

Ah thanks! I swear I looked everywhere before posting too

No worries! It’s easy to overlook some of those sub-forums :slight_smile:

ISD is usually pretty good about moving threads if they wind up in the wrong place as well, but kudos for asking before posting and saving them some work.


There is no “One” dedicated thread to feedback, besides those that are created in order to talk about a DevBlog. If you could tell a little about what you would like to talk about then I could possibly direct you to a specific subforum.

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