The Ideas Thread (For feedback and feedback only)

This thread is for feedback only. I’ve seen all the other threads. They have good feedback but most of the time they’re hidden by a bunch of people arguing with each other. While I like the arguing I believe that the reason CCP doesn’t really respond to forum feedback is because they have too much clutter and it’s too much to read literally a thousand posts and more about these problems. Here: feedback and feedback only. What you want CCP to do. No refutes, no arguments, just “these are what I want you to do”. If you want to refute somebody, don’t. Try to keep your feedback short and easy to read.

(some people need to refute others, do so in spoiler brackets without quotes to avoid large spreads of text)

(Realized that the word “feedback” is ambiguous, I meant feedback for CCP. If you simply feel the itch to refute someone, please do so in a constructive manner or simply write “something something -1 short reason” (preferably in spoiler brackets) )

@Zhalyd_Lyehin You make good points and I appreciate that, but you’ll clutter up the thread with refutes. Please follow above (something something -1 reason).
@Iceacid_Frostpacker Your original post was uncluttered, now it’s refuting… I know he started it, but still…

This thread hasn’t worked at all…

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  1. Abyssal filaments are not very profitable, low reward high risk.
  2. PVP is not very profitable, it is fun and content, but people tend towards PVE if they want to earn ISK. It should be possible for PVPers to earn a living if they’re good (70% efficiency?).
  3. More large space battles: more content, more isk destroyed, and more news. News about a large space battle with thousands of players led me to join EVE.
  4. PM function in forums. We need it for the arguing, or public messages that don’t clutter up forums.

I want CCP to change the way a Pilot generates Skill Points.

This current method of an auto ticker continues to make pilots lazy to not want to undock.
All Pilots should undock, and start earning the skill points like in the Skillers in the Abyss.


Then go play another game. EVE’s passive training is a unique feature of EVE that sets it apart from all the other grinders. It offers the massive advantage of being able to progress skill training even if you cannot play. People saying this should be replaced with a mindless grind have no clue what they are talking about and want to turn EVE into a worse experience.

But please with all the information. If news about large battles omit the fact that they were done in 10% tidi, with massive lags and generally terrible gameplay experience, they are just false advertising. We have enough of that already.

All of this is feedback. What you want is not feedback, it’s to throw out your completely unreasonable and crazy ideas without counterarguments.

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Pilot 1 likes to shoot rocks in peace for hours at a time to mine ice or ore to max yield.

Pilot 2 like to stay docked up for weeks at a time to mine skill points set to max yield.

Which one is more suitable to today’s standards in building content for the player base?


Both as both are paying customers and both can enjoy the game by progressing without having to undock. If that miner can’t mine because their system is camped or they lose barges repeatedly, they would not be able to skill train at all. This sounds like an amazing gameplay experience to me.


This thread is not necessary, as we have a Player Features and Ideas Discussion Sub-Forum.

As this Thread is not a specific idea or topic, I cannot move it to PF&I. I will be closing this and recommend players stay with the current theme of creating a forum thread in the proper Section #technology-research:player-features-ideas