Returning bitter vet

(Galadriel Vasquez) #1

Hi I am returning after a long break. What’s the state of the game? I have read some stuff about f2p and the annual eve is dying threads.
I do have an issue with all my assets as they are down in providence and I’m thinking of moving north. Any ideas on getting it all moved? Obligatory I can haz ur stuffs? There’s like 50 ships and then industry stuff and I dread to think how much crap. Net worth is 50 billion somehow - a neat feature. Would a GM move it as a returning player? I have heard cases of this but only if station flipped.
I can fly Jc and carrier so I could jump some out to low but that jump fatigue is a pita. More whine?

(JC Mieyli) #2

[quote=“Galadriel_Vasquez, post:1, topic:10128”]
What’s the state of the game?
[/quote]prepare to be more bitterer than ever

[quote=“Galadriel_Vasquez, post:1, topic:10128”]
Any ideas on getting it all moved?
[/quote]black frog maybe

(Linus Gorp) #3

You know all this EVE is dying doomsaying for the last 14 years? The time has come for that to be undeniable reality.

(Anize Oramara) #4

It’s different this time, I swear!

My suggestion would probably be to drop a ticket I think with a GM and see. Otherwise Firesale + JF the most important stuff out and get Black Frog to do the rest if possible?