Returning Player Help Policy

Hi, I am an old player (~3 years inactive) and looking to return. BUT I’ve stuck on one problem (big hassle for me).

When I used to play, I was managing 7 pilots which I kept active for an average of 6 years.

Imagine the number of assets I have scattered all around EVE universe. If I want (which I do want) to gather all my assets in one place so it becomes easier to organize, fit, sell etc I will need a LOT of jumping/flying around which translates to money (omega time) and real time.

I surely don’t want to return and get bored from flying around just to gather assets. The current Returning Player Help Policy gives you the option to put as much item as a ship can carry and CCP moves it for you.

That would be awesome and helpful if we were talking about a single Pilot and still would be much of a hassle to move the rest, but it would’ve been doable.

Please consider changing the Returning Player Help Policy.

  1. Either Help 100% by moving all assets (that would be awesome but I already see negative reactions :slight_smile:) or

  2. Offer at least ships transfer, so we get to move only smaller items which we can throw on a jump freighter and create couple of transfer contracts and we will be finishing in much shorter time.

For me now to return and for couple of months waste omega time and MY time just to gather assets is like “Don’t get back in game, you will get bored in no time!”

For sure there must be a better Help Policy plan than the existing one!

Please consider (fast :slight_smile:)

Just set up public firesale contracts.

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But this wouldn’t require me to go through each item’s price in order to set up a collateral reimbursement in case something goes bad?

No, you’re thinking Courier contracts.
I’m talking about Item Exchange fire sale contracts.

But this has 2 option again right? Either to exchange for isk, meaning I still need to check each item’s price or 2nd option is to exchange for items that they would still be scattered around.

Unless there is something I am not aware of (remember I haven’t touched game for more than 3 years).

Can’t deny that this will reduce wasted time by a lot.

But even if 1 single item is left in a station that I need to have in my inventory I will still have to fly around to gather.

Unless I sell all and then buy back what I need. Not a bad option as an alternative solution to my problem.

You can create contracts remotely via the Assets window.

I can do all contracts without omega acc?

Probably not all but you should be able to list everything in the station in one go.

So pick the ones with the most, toss them up for good chunk below Jita, and wait for people to scoop 'em up.

From CCP Alpha Clone: “Can not create new contracts if any contract is active.”

That brings me at the beginning that I need to waste omega time for 7 characters just to manage to sell/organize my self.

But you can create single contract, and once it is finished you do next contract…

I could… But we r talking about 7 characters with assets in 30 - 50 stations each!

This honestly sounds like a you, problem. CCP shouldn’t be implementing a quick “Fix your mistakes” mechanic over something like this.


Contact everything from your alphas to your omega then set up public courier contracts for the stuff to be moved, anything i low or null (if not that valuable) you can get set up orders under your omega account


That I didn’t think of. Sounds the best idea till now.

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