Returning player stuck in old corp's Space

Hi, I am a returning player from a few years ago. When I played those few years ago I was in a certain very massive corp and I moved most of most stuff out into their null sec space. I logged out one day and it ended up being the last time I logged out for a few years. I come back and I was kicked from the corp in which I expected however, I want to restart and find something new in eve and do not want to be in the same corp. Any advise on getting me and my precious ships and assets out of their space?

So… where is your stuff? In an outpost? NPC station?

Player outpost in Nullsec a keepstar if I remember correctly

submit a support ticket and tell them what’s going on.

they can help me? I assumed since it was my fault for logging out for so long that id have to figure out a way myself to get out. I will set up a ticket now. thank you.

If you have been away for a very long time, they will move your stuff for you just once, from one location.

If it’s in a citadel you should be able to use asset safety to move your stuff to a nearby low sec system, at which point you can use black frog (or some other hauling service) to move it to a system of your choice, or move it yourself.

calculate how much your items are worth then make a contract with collateral that matches the worth and then set the delivery to safe space.
someone will either move it to safe space or take the items and you get the money to start again. could possibly take maybe a week for someone to pick up your stuff.

your options are 1) sell the stuff in location and buy new stuff in your new location
2) join the new corp that has control over the station
3) trigger asset safety - this will require you to make an isk payment to get it out of asset safety once it arrives in lowsec.
4) contact CCP help - as long as you are not talking about capital ships (carriers, dreads, etc), CCP will move your stuff one time to lowsec. They figure that if its a ship with a jump drive you can get it out yourself.
5) try to haul it out yourself or by contract.

I had a similar experience. Played in 2009 and 2010, took a long break and just rejoined a month ago. Back then I was a member of a corp based in Outer Ring. When I rejoined, I was still sitting the same station with my 13 ships and a billion ISK worth of modules and loot. But my corp no longer exists and the station has been taken over by a Russian pirate gang. So far all I have done is drop a clone in Outer Ring so I can at least clone back to hi-sec and reorganize, but i haven’t a clue of how i will get all my ships and equipment relocated!

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“asset safety”

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@Otto_TheRed press alt-t, find the station containing the stuck assets, right click it, move to asset safety. expect to wait at least 5 days and to pay a percentage of the value to retrieve them

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