Halp, stuck in Nullsec

Hey all.
Putting this here because, while I have technically been playing for many years, most of those are spent inactive. Here is my issue, hoping someone can help.

I was part of a Nullsec Corp 2 years ago. I logged out 1 day, and here I am 2 years later. They kicked me from the Corp(totally understandable), but the station I am in does not belong to them anymore. I asked someone in local space and they basically laughed and said good luck. Everything I own is in the station.

  • Is there any way to respawn in High Sec? Even if I have to leave all my stuff, at least I can play.

Thanks in advance.

The station you’re in, is that an NPC station or a player-owned structure?

There’s a few things you could do with your stuff there:

  • asset safety. If it’s a player-owned structure, you could trigger asset safety to get your stuff out to a low sec system. Not that that is much better, but it can be better than having it stuck in someone else’s structure I guess.
  • join the local group there if you like them or want to more easily move your stuff out
  • fire sale, set up your stuff for cheap on contracts and ask if any of the locals want to buy it
  • just let it be for now and come back later. It’s been there for 2 years, it’s probably not going away any time soon (unless it’s a player-owned structure, in which case the structure could possibly go abandoned if the current owners stop fueling it, which causes your stuff to drop as loot upon structure death instead of it going to asset safety)

To get yourself out is a lot easier:

  • jump clone out, if you happen to still have a jump clone somewhere in high sec. You have a list of jump clones somewhere in your character window.
  • starting school, you can remotely set your home to your starting school at any time, and then self-destruct to respawn at your school in high sec
  • (remote home, with a 365 day cooldown this isn’t the first thing I’d do, but it is possible to set your home anywhere remotely and respawn there instead of at your school, but I’d pick the school option first )
  • shutte, buy a cheap shuttle and fly anywhere. They’re nullified these days so the only danger you face is smartbombers, but a shuttle is cheap and easily replaced.

If you’re in a player owned structure right now, keep in mind that you most likely cannot dock back up again to get to your stuff, so in that case I’d trigger asset safety.

(If you’re on an NPC station right now, you can come back for your stuff at any time and maybe solve the asset problem later.)

Welcome back!


Wow! Thank you very much for the answers, very helpful.

It is a player owned structure.

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