Returning Player questions

I’m a returning player and when I played last I left a lot of my ships in null-sec as that was were I was playing out of last time. In your view,would it be worth it to try and get it out,or just sell it all and start over? As I think we were fairly deep in so it’d be about 40 jumps,multiple times,but a lot of it was fairly expensive ships at the time.

wb. Hit alt-T to open Assets. Search security:null or security:null category:ship. Be aware if it includes results for region:pochven those used to be empire and need to be handled differently.

If the items are in NPC nullsec it’s not impossible to get them out solo (although it’d be way less risk with a second scout account). If they are in systems with player sovereignty you are likely not able to dock.

Be aware of Red Frog Freight’s Black Frog and PushX hauling services.

When I was last in this situation I was super fortunate to have a jump clone in the (sov) null station. I jumped to it (from Character Sheet > Character > Jump Clones), sold something to the players in local, left a couple discounted public contracts up for other things, and flew my favorite ship back to empire.


I’m not sure I could use Red Frog or PushX,as these are fully rigged ships,and unless that’s changed since I played last,repacking the ships so they can be moved would destroy the rigs,but that would beat moving them myself as well. I’ll check once I’m in-game.

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You can move fitted ships, they’re just way way more volume. I’m not sure what fits unpackaged in a JC. I vaguely remember BC size at the max? And confirming that repackaging the ships destroys the rigs. AFAIK you have to be in station to repackage.

Depending on the ships you could try to sell them once you see where they are

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Perhaps use a nuksec filament or two to bring a small stack of Pochven filaments to those locations you require ship hulls moved and then when jumping your ships back can bring them to lowsec.

Just also remember to bring a few cloaks with you to help you wait out the 15 minute timer while using.

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