Returning Player: Pochven

I’m a returning player who hasn’t played since 2017 I believe.

A lot happened since then of course. When I stopped playing I didn’t bother to much about securing all assets, tbh it wasn’t worth it.
Interestingly enough, something I had in null got moved to “Asset Safety” (I take something went boom there).

Here’s my problem tho. One of my alts was safely parked in a shuttle inside a station in high sec. No assets, just a clone (with implants) and a shuttle.

I’ve found her stranded in Pochven. I know little about that but from what I gathered there’s no way out. The thing is, CCP moved my null assets (nothing of value, mind you) to ‘Safety’, something I had moved (and willingly left) there well aware of all associated risks, while at the same time abandoned the clone of my alt (that I had left in docked in hs) in what’s basicly WH space.

I’m not even complaining. I’m just surprised. It feels a bit incoherent, “saving” null assets but endangering hs clones.

Anyway, I’m thinking of ways of extracting her right now. It seems I can’t use gates. I can buy stuff, but I’m not sure if I can fit any ship. I think I can dock back if I undock, but haven’t tried yet.

My question: am I missing something obvious about Pochven? My understanding is that the only way is to have her extracted by another char, who’s prepared for Pochven. Is she doomed w/o external help?

Now, I understand that the rescuing party may be worth more than the clone they’re supposed to rescue but, that’s not the point.

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You just buy a cheap filament in the station you are docked in, undock, warp somewhere, and activate the filament to return to empire space.


I’m stuck in the same boat. Have full HG Slave clone in Trig space.
Unfortunately the only way to move it from what I’ve gathered is the build up standings with Trigs to 3.0 in order to use the cloning services.
Without the standings your can’t activate/jump to that clone.
I’m in the slow process now of using a filament to enter Trig space when I have spare time to kill the few Drifters/Sleepers that are there.
I might have those standings in a few months :frowning:

Edit: misread the OP.
If the active clone is stuck in Trig space Devs can move it for you. Just raise the ticket.
If it’s a jump clone like mine… well as I wrote above.

:slight_smile: Getting a ship out or the clone you are in isn’t a problem. It really is easy as @Xeux says.

Every station in Pochven sells a very cheap filament that will teleport you back to Empire space. You just need to buy one, warp somewhere, and activate it and you will be transported back within a couple jumps of the old position of the system.

Ideally, you probably should undock in your pod and create a safe spot of some kind as various bloodthirsty NPCs like to hang out at the various celestials and gates and could explode you before you activate your filament if you unluckily warp on top of them. And they may be on the undock, in which case you will have to redock and wait for them to leave. But it is really easy to get out of Pochven with a ship and a clone if you find yourself there.

Now getting a jump clone out is harder. Without standing, I’m not sure there is a way. However, CCP will often provide limited help with this situation as a returning player:

Inaccessible Assets and Returning players – EVE Online

Ask nicely, and they might move your clone since you can’t access it.

Thank you all for your help.

Yes I should have made clear that it’s the active clone.

Extraction was much easier than I thought: I made a safe with the pod, bought a 10k filament, boarded the shuttle, loaded the filement, undocked, warped to the safe, used the filament and I was out, not too far away from Jita.

TYVM again.


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