Ships stuck in Pochven

So, I recently came back after a 7-year hiatus and discovered CCP decided to cut a huge chunk of hi-sec and make it into this new triglavian territory.

Unfortunately for me, I have a few ships stuck in one of the Pochven systems. I devised a way to extract them, but took care to try it out on SiSi first.

Well, it turns out one of them simply can’t be extracted without a huge amount of effort, namely getting triglavian rep up to 1.0.

The ship has a module installed in a slot that doesn’t exist anymore, and I can’t even simply unfit the module and put it into the cargo hold, so I can’t undock the ship.

Now, putting aside the fact that CCP straight up lied about my stuff being safe in case I ever returned to the game, is this situation simply the way it is, no way around it? Maybe a request for customer service to at least unfit that damn module in the phantom slot, if they can’t bother themselves enough to, you know, actually get my ships to a safe place as they were when I left the game 7 years ago?

Any help would be appreciated.

Sell them on Contracts to the locals and move on.

There’s enough trade going on in there to allow that?

Maybe? But I wouldn’t waste my time with lost assets. Set them up on Public contracts, 70-80% of Jita, then move on with life and do other things.

Well, yes, open a ticked and see what happens. It’s not like your situation will be any worse if they deny your request.

Yeah, I’d just sell that one ship or try petitioning, as it’s probably not worth grinding the standings.

But my main reason for posting was to let you know that there are a few things that tend to trip up returning players:

  • Trigs can in spawn various systems in HS and LS, and can even spawn on gates. Thus, you might want to get dual standings with the triglavians and edencom (it’s quick and easy).
  • Diamond rats are exceptionally dangerous rats that can spawn in systems with Forward Operating Bases. You can see if a FOB is in your system by checking the agency. They’re not super common, but they are dangerous if they catch you unaware.
  • Module resists were nerfed with the Surgical Strike update. Those, old fits might no longer be viable.
  • Move your stuff out of player owned structures if you ever go on break again. If the structure goes unfueled for too long, it will go into an abandoned state. If it is then destroyed, all your stuff will get dumped into space for the attackers to loot. So, your best bet is to keep your stuff in NPC stations. Obviously, CCP did some Pochven shenanigans a little while back, but I’d be surprised if CCP did something like that again.

Also, it warms the cockles of my heart to see someone on here trying to figure out how to solve their problems instead of bitching and complaining.

Welcome back.
No P2W


If you don’t mind killing the rigs you probably could repackage and pop out those modules?

Heres your options

1: Send CCP a support ticket explaining your situation. Usually they’re pretty good about relocating things trapped in Pochven

2: Sell off everything you own via market or contracts, there are people who will buy it if it’s cheap or convenient

3: Pay someone (like me, hint hint) to haul it out of Pochven for a considerable fee via courier contracts

4: Let it sit there

Not sure if this is allowed without trig standing, but it’s worth a try to repackage your ship!

They are? I’ve heard of literally zero tickets of things stuck in Pochven that people have gotten moved out, instead of responded with “working as intended”.

Though they will probably help with the now obsolete layout, that they are fine with doing, in general.

here we go yet again lol

Just use a filament to get to known space.

I think there is still this “we move one ship out for you” for returning players. So if it is only one ship which can’t undock, and it’s worth it, the ticket may help. Everything that can be undocked and is not a plain freighter can be moved out of Pochven without standing as we know (filament, wh or jump drive).

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I’ve heard of plenty of cases of CCP relocating stuff from returning players if they ask for it. Don’t want players quitting for something CCP said wouldn’t happen, after all

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