How to Get Dual Standings with Edencom and the Triglavians

Getting positive standing with Triglavians and Edencom will allow you to travel unmolested through Edencom systems, triglavian minor victory systems, and any systems that currently have a trig wormhole present. Fortunately, any positive standings appear to work. So, it’s really easy if you’re starting from zero. Those that have tanked their standings will need to do some grinding. Thus, they might want to join one of Edencom Defense Initiative’s dual standings fleet. Join their discord to learn more.

  • Get in a clean clone (Pod loss is a real possibility, and having a clean clone will let you take the pod express home). Speaking of which, it’s not a terrible idea to temporarily switch your home station to Jita or something, in case you die too early.
  • Fit up a cheap ass frigate that goes over 2.7km/s, has good targeting range, and good ewar and/or drone control range (60-80km range is good). A little tank (i.e. DCU and small shield extender) can buy you some wiggle room against rogue drones, trigs, and edencom forces (as long as you don’t get too close). Don’t worry about DPS. Even 10 DPS is sufficient.
  • Grab a cheap pochven filament (such as the Internal-5 ‘Pochven’ Filament -found in Trade Goods on the market)
  • Set up a Pochven tab on your overview (or just add them to an existing PvE tab). With the correct tab selected, make sure that the following are selected to show:
    • Drifter Entities
    • Edencom Entities
    • Rogue Drone Entities
    • Sleeper Entities
    • Triglavian Entities
  • Be sure to save the tab, as this will create a D-scan filter that you can then use (a PvP filter is also useful)
  • Form fleet, turn safety to yellow, and get 100k away from a stations, gates, and mobile depots (all requirements to be able to use the filament).
  • Pop the filament.
  • Remember to always be moving and to use D-scan to keep an eye out for player ships and combat probes. Currently, things seem kind of chill in there, but no reason to feed. Besides, if you die too early, you’ll have to wait like 15 minutes before you can try again.
  • Use D-scan to look for Rogue Drones, Sleepers, or Drifters to shoot (I’ve found fleets at planets, stations, gates, ore anomalies, combat anomalies, and the sun so far).
  • The different NPC factions in Pochven will fight each other. So you don’t always have to kill something to get standings. If you can get some damage or ewar on a rat before it dies, that’s good enough. However, you might also come across grids with only Rogue drones present. Thus, having drones is nice, that way you can pop one and be on your way.
    • Rogue Drones pose little threat. Keep like 50k away, and you should have no problems. Just be aware that they move really fast, so don’t go burning straight for them. It can take a while, but even an alpha with 1 unbonused light drone can kill a rogue drone. Having a little tank can help you survive piloting errors or surprises (I once warped to a hundred and found that someone had already kited the drones out in the direction I landed. Got to like 30% structure before I pulled enough range). They have names like Interfering Phase-II Legionnaire, but they are most easily identified by their icons (looks like a red “x”).
    • Drifter and sleeper entities will kill your ass real quick (apparently they can hit out to 300k). So you should probably avoid engaging a Drifter/Sleeper fleet that isn’t already fighting something else. However, if they are fighting something else, you can get into range (the more range you have the easier it is), agro them, and possibly even get out before they kill you. (They tend to have “Hypnosian” in the name, or be named rats like “Apollo Tyranos” or some ■■■■).
    • Don’t agro any edencom or trig rats, as that can hurt your standings. They might attack you, but you’re rather safe as long as you stay at least 60k or so away. They have names based off of their player ship equivalents (i.e. Damavik, Drekavak, Leshak, Cerberus, Basilisk).
  • Try to go for Rogue drones first, as they are the safest. If you can’t find any, try going for drifters and sleepers (that are fighting).
  • Ewar is good for getting in and out, as it instantly applies (don’t have to wait for drones to fly to the rat). So use that if two fleets are fighting each other. Use drones to kill a rat if you come across a lone rogue drone fleet. Try not to pull too much range, or they’ll agro your drones (staying within 90km or so seems to keep them keen on you).
  • Don’t forget to warp to celestials at max coward range. Don’t want to find a fleet on top of you.
  • Once you’ve killed something, or got agro on something that you expect to die, warp to a station, structure with docking access, or a safe, and wait to make sure that you get your standings. It shouldn’t be a problem, but I didn’t get it on one of my toons (I guess that rat never died), and so I had to go back in.
  • If you brought an outbound filament, you can leave that way. But you can also just take the pod express home (note that rats that are fighting each other will stop to kill your ship, but will ignore your pod until all other threats have been dealt with).
  • Any positive standing seems to do the trick. The Eve University web page says you need .01 standings, but I have verified that standings as low as .003 will turn the trigs white. Perhaps someone can verify if .001 will work as well. I’m sure it will, but it would be nice to have confirmation.
  • Finally, I saw in a reddit post that trigs will sometimes attack people with positive standings, but he had heard that CCP will reimburse the losses. This is some hearsay, however, so take it with a grain of salt.
  • Oh, and don’t forget to turn safety back to green.

Alpha friendly example fit. I tried to design it for a day 1 alpha, so it is far from optimized. 3s align, 2.9km/s, 65k drone control range, and 73k targeting range even for day 1 toon. If you’re hurting for cap, don’t run the autotargeter (it will still give you a bonus to number of locks when off).

Example Fit (2mil isk Breacher)

[Breacher, Dual Standings /Alpha]

Type-D Restrained Nanofiber Structure
Type-D Restrained Nanofiber Structure
Damage Control I

5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Alumel-Wired Enduring Sensor Booster, Targeting Range Script
Peripheral Compact Target Painter
Small Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender

Drone Link Augmentor I
Auto Targeting System I
Drone Link Augmentor I

Small Capacitor Control Circuit I
Small Polycarbon Engine Housing I
Small Ionic Field Projector I

Acolyte I x2

Alright, that’s everything that I can remember. Perhaps others can add more info or correct any mistakes.

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Nice guide, bookmarked for future reference.


Probably should have posted this thread in the PvE sub-forum.

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Excellent work! Very helpful!

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Yeah, that’s where I was initially going to put it, but my only two options were the “Ships and Modules” and “Missions” subcategories -neither of which were really good homes for it. Seems like the PvE section could use more categories, or at least a catch-all general category.


Oh i wondered where Ehpri’s guide was, couldn’t be bothered to find the link for it in the EDI discord lol, yeah we ran a bunch of those fleets together, its a shame he hasn’t updated it recently, might have to look in to messaging him to borrow some of the contents for the EDI site

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You don’t even need to do any damage on the rat, ANY aggressive action is good. I’ve had lots of success with the following fit:
[Vigil, Cheap Painter]

Inertial Stabilizers II
Inertial Stabilizers II

5MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive
Phased Scoped Target Painter
Alumel-Wired Enduring Sensor Booster, Targeting Range Script
Alumel-Wired Enduring Sensor Booster, Targeting Range Script
Alumel-Wired Enduring Sensor Booster, Targeting Range Script

[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]

Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I
Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I
Small Auxiliary Thrusters I

Targeting Range Script x3

Feel free to upgrade/downgrade as you see fit, but keep it cheap.
Tactics for this is to find a nice station or freeport structure to sit at, dscan for the targets (drones, sleepers, drifters). Then warp at 100km, paint the biggest one, warp off. Do this for all 3 types if they are in the system, wait for ticks, repeat. I even had success with this thing paiting drifters, though that was with a 200km warp in (make your own bookmarks).

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Yeah that works if you’re only after small ticks, but if you want to farm larger ticks you’ll need to be more selective with targets and kill them with a group


Hey dude, I’ve got a question. Are there any difference in the roaming NPC fleets between Border, Internal, and Home Pochven systems (i.e. trig fleets are bigger in home systems, or non-trig forces are more commonly found in border systems)?

I’ve only been in a neighbouring system once …
… and I can’t really tell, because I’ve avoided everything.

Haven’t logged in in a good while, yet again.

There’s too many greedy people who don’t care about playing …
… but only about masturbating into their wallets.

Hey, was that a dig at me?

You wound me sir.


For those that aren’t new, and their only semi-expendable clone still has implants that you want to save, I have been using an Astero fitted for speed and long range targeting, with a set of Acolyte II’s. It works great and I can just cloak up and hang around if I land in systems with no station. I like watching the various factions duke it out while I wait for the tick, then looting the wrecks. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the guide, OP. You rock! :metal:

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No digs, Solstice is just unable to adapt to the current game state, and CCP isn’t feeding him easy targets in high sec, so he’s basically got nothing to play for. He’s even admitted that on days when his corp buddy can’t log in to provide a little direction, he’s lost and doesn’t know what to do in the game.

He’s just looking for someone to take his bitterness out on.

The weird thing about all these “greedy farmers killed the game” types is that none of them seem to be able to explain how someone else having more ISK and resources than they do is ruining the game for them.

To be honest it just sounds like jealousy that the PVE farmers are better at the game than they are, but they seem unable to admit that.


Odd thing, I tried finding rogue drones and found 0 in three different systems. I triple-checked that my overview was set to see rogue drone entities, just as it was set to see drifters, sleepers, and triglavians, of which I found plenty.

As I was in a Gnosis I felt confident that I could kill a sleeper, warped to 100km of a customs office being inspected by 3 frigs and 3 battleships all of the “faded” ( the weakest ) type. Battleships hit hard even at 100km so made a safe, warped out and warped back to 100km of the safe, so I get to 200km of the group.

At that distance battleships missed quite frequently ( maintaning a little angular velocity ) and one frig rushed to me. When it was at range, I killed it, warped out, cloaked, and after some minutes got 0.01 standings with trigs.

And by the way, I can confirm that just 0.01 gets you white with trigs, no need of 0.1 or even 0.03

Using a glorification filament got me in Carrou, 2 jumps from high and just 5 jumps from Jita. The cloak/mwd trick gave me a smooth run in the lows.


Just take a step back from what you are doing and look at things from not just a different, but a separated perspective.

The people who enjoy making ISK enjoy making ISK solely for the purpose of making ISK. Every time someone uploads yet another video about “how to make ISK” it attracts more of these people from all the other pseudo MMOs who care about nothing but accumulating wealth because they’re - in their world - it’s a status symbol. That’s not their fault, sure, but that doesn’t change anything about it.

We don’t get to see tons of people doing “how to ENJOY being a new player”, no, we see “how to make ISK being a new player”. We don’t see “this is what you can do as a new player”, we see “how to get rich quick”. A single propaganda poster by the goons achieves more for player retention than all of your videos combined, because their propaganda revolves around the little guy who can! The new player who achieves something! Emergent, fun gameplay!

And what do you do?

You’re producing generic “how to make ISK”-themed videos without teaching anything about the possibilities in this game, about how to interact with others, about how to actually do something that makes the game interesting.

“Making the Evergreen Rewards Suck Less”
“Dual Nergals Trivialize Burners”
“Advanced Logi Tactics for Incursions” … yes, that one as well. It helps with money making.
“How to Bling”
“Skill Injectors and SP Farms” and ALL the following videos regarding SP, Cerebral Accelerators and Neural remaps
All your lvl4 videos!

The only good one solely based on the title and without actually looking into it is your series about how to die less …
… and I fear that if I start watching those I’ll just go on a rant again, because I can’t actually trust your skillset and knowledge!

YOU are a part of this problem of assholes in this game only caring about gaining wealth!
You’re actively helping attracting and supporting them!

YOU do nothing to actually attracting interesting players who’s sole purpose in life is anything else but trying to increase the number in their wallet as if it was representative of their girth and length!

What am I supposed to think? That you’re a good guy who’s simply trying to support this game?
If this was true, why are your videos centering on supporting farmers instead of those who are interested in emergent game play?

A single of my twitch highlights (which get removed GRRRRR -.-) gathered over 150 views in less two weeks simply because it had “armorless 'cane” in the title of the video. The armorless cane fighting against EDENCOM, in Pochven. Yes, it was armorless. I didn’t care about repping it up and instead just went balls-in to see if I can survive!

YOU on the other hand make sure everyone knows how to be as ■■■■■■■ safe as possible …
… with the maximum amount of possible ISK that gan be gained by tick …
… and your latest video took SEVEN MONTHS to accumulate a silly 500+ views.

You do NOTHING to promote fun and engagement!
All you’re doing is promoting greed and cowardice!

This isn’t a dig, mate.
Daggers aren’t being used for digging.

It is within the context of how he used the term.

English colloquialism

practice what you preach.

Oversimplification. No wonder simple minds can’t adapt.


YOU don’t. Because Eve is a complex game, a lot of people made their own vid of how to start the game correctly.
And the main issue when you start is : how to get isks in order to be able to enjoy the game without the fear to lose everything.


I get it, you are just jealous.

Angry nerd is jealous, the end is nigh.

No, you.

Yeah, your issue.

Prove it.

Nothing, just STFU.
I mean, you don’t understand ? You don’t get to have an opinion.

He gives advices, and returns on his experiments. So what ?

All you’re doing is spill your jealousy, while not even playing the game.

You know in Eve, you can adapt or die ? To adapt you need money. That’s the actual definition of money, that is the power to make changes.

Mere ignorance and prejudice, which appears to be your specialty, Sol. Let’s see, “Don’t fly what you can’t afford”, “bigger ships cost ISK”, “training books cost ISK”, “running SRPs for your corp costs ISK”, “manufacturing your own stuff costs ISK”… oh gosh yep you’re right Sol, there’s literally zero reason to grind ISK except that you like ISK. That’s it! Greed is everything!

Your bitterness and disaffection with the human race are consuming you. Somebody sure needs to step back and look at things from a different perspective, but it isn’t Shipwreck - who’s vastly more rational than you are by the way, and doing more to educate and help new players than you are.

It’s understandable that you’re jealous of someone who can actually communicate something other than hatred, disgust and prejudice to new players, I get that. But it’s not his fault that he’s better than you. That’s just nature. You should applaud the fact that his videos are more useful than yours, or learn how to make better videos. Not rant that he’s an asshole supporting other assholes because you’re jealous and poor.

Please try answering the question about how the wealth accumulated by others hurts you? If someone has 700 billion ISK and tons of resources, how does that hurt your playstyle? Are you unable to hunt him because of his resources? Does his ISK defend him from your lasers? Or are you just angry that anyone who gets to that point no longer needs to worry about your little gank-ships in the safe space you hide in? What exactly is it about another player having more wealth than you that you find so irritating?

And all you do is spew prejudice and anger on the forums, virtually nothing useful in-game, and spend your days frothing over how stupid everyone else is and how much better you are because you can gun down the weak. You’d honestly think someone from your neck of the woods would have learned where that particular mindset leads, but I guess history isn’t as good a teacher as we’d like.

You should spend some time not trying to prop up a weak and fragile ego by explicating on the sins and stupidities of all the rest of humanity, and how you’re a superior being because you can attack and kill weak easy targets while flying around in high sec hiding under Concord’s skirts. Honestly, using a video space-pixel game to shore up your self-image like that is what leads you to making these preposterous posts.

Take some time off. Look in a mirror. Ask yourself if continually ranting that everyone else is stupid, greedy and lazy and you alone are the smart one is really going to lead you where you want to be in life. Being able to attack and slaughter weak targets doesn’t make you a better person, Sol, but it’s certainly making you a bitter one.

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It makes him a …
What’s the term ? Someone who thinks everything he got is something he deserve, while it’s just luck …

The types of NPC’s that spawn in any given system depend entirely on the current active connections that lead to that system refer to “activities in pochven” as that will tell you what WH connections you need to find which types of NPC, there is a wormholes page under guides which also details the 4 types of WH you’ll find inside pochven

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I’m not so sure that I fit all that neatly into the box that you’re trying to put me in. Also, money is a useful resource for helping one to achieve their goals.

Wall of text
  • I was personally a self starter, and never had any problems finding goals or activities to get into in Eve. I had, up until this point, not really considered this to be a problem that needed to be addressed. I just assumed most people already had goals and plans, and wanted information that would help them do it. But, you might have a point -after all, I have seen newbros asking things like what should they do after the SoE Epic.
  • Oh, and you’re a forum regular, so you should know that I have frequently defended ganking, HS PvP, non-consensual PvP, and hunting by, among other things, citing the emergent gameplay opportunities that it provides for would be targets. You haven’t seen me make arguments defending emergent gameplay, or encouraging people to do fun stuff on my channel because, I didn’t think it was something that warranted a video. So, I kept my arguments to the forum whine threads that periodically come up.
  • We’ve actually discussed something along these lines in another thread, but I have never intentionally tried to encourage people to become farmers. In fact, I thought that information concerning how to make isk efficiently would allow those who did isk grind, to meet their financial goals in less time -which, in turn, would free them up for other activities. At the same time, I also encouraged people to concentrate on maximizing their fun per hour, and not their wallets, and I have, no ■■■■, probably linked John Drees’ “The Art of Poor” more times across every platform/chat channel that I frequent than any other video.
  • To say that I have concentrated on generic, how to make isk videos is an inaccurate assessment. Across all of my videos, even the money making ones, I have (1) generally tried to give players a deeper understanding of the game’s mechanics, (2) tried to teach them how to solve problems on their own and stand on their own two feet, (3) tried to get them to think for themselves, and (4) tried to help them grow as players. Moreover, I have made several videos that have focused on these goals. For example, being a better logi pilot in incursions won’t make an appreciable difference to that amount of money that you make. In fact, letting sleepy and/or inexperienced players die will get them out of fleet, and open up a spot for what might very well be a better, more experienced, and more alert pilot. So, my primary motivation for making that video had nothing to do with making money -it was solely to help people grow as players.

I’m not going to go through every video, but how about some highlights of videos that had little to do with making money or encouraging farming type behavior.

  • What is Eve Online - Tried to get more people to play the game
  • All my live event videos - Not once, in any of these videos did I offer optimal fits and strats for mid and high skill players looking to optimize their efficiency. In every one, I concentrated solely on helping the lowest possible skill players to participate.
  • Op Ed - Scumbaggery - Promoted my values. Now, this might seem at odds with my goal to get players to think for themselves, but I wasn’t trying to use propaganda or bad faith arguments to get them to believe what I wanted them to believe. I was trying to convince them with compelling arguments.
  • Absolute Injection Augmenter - In spite of the fact that I used these to pack on like 60 billion isk worth of SP, I argued against this item because I felt it was bad for the game.
  • How to bling - This one is particularly interesting because my intent is probably the opposite of what you seem to think it was. If you actually watch it, you’ll find that I actually argue that people should use less bling, not more.
  • Why the CSM Matters - Promoted my values
  • Intro to Propaganda - I found the subject inherently fascinating, and I was hoping to help some people to think for themselves.
  • Customizing Shared Fits - Trying to improve player knowledge and teach them how to solve problems on their own.
  • Drop the Rokh - This one is also kind of interesting. You see, I immediately recognized the profit potential of the hypernet relay. But instead of trying to get rich off of it, or making a video about making getting rich from it, I decided to drop everything else and to make a video about addiction and recovery.
  • White Knighting CCP -Tried to combat the spread of bitter vet syndrome.

Finally, don’t think that any of this is going to get you out of our friendship. In fact, let me be clear just in case you might think that I’m ■■■■■■■ with you. I’m being dead serious -we’re friends now.