Please stop the HS Triglavian Nonsense

What a stupid comment.

Who says I don’t log in and play the game?

Here’s me, logged in, playing the game, watching why players are complaining about Trigs …

What’s your reason?

lol, you must be dense.

Anyway, you’ll get a much better response if you take your BS Troll posting back to Reddit…

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Because I can refute your moronic comments? Yes, that makes me the dense one.

So funny, so edgy, so sharp, so on meme, so not troll.

Do you think instead of this inane drivel you could perhaps try to come up with a single intelligent sentence?

Something that actually adds to the thread?

Because your ‘lol you don’t even play’ and ‘lol go back to Reddit’ comments are the only troll comments in this conversation. You sound like a 12 year old.

My hi-sec alt could use a 0.01 standing gain, so to not be shot by wandering triglavians. I´m trying to find the way bu I´m not getting much apart from “Go pochven, kill drones”

I don´t want to waste time in scanning holes, so I´d enter via filament. What´s the cheapest that will do the job for a single character?

It is mainly a market alt so it has FEW combat skills. It can fly caldary ships with meta4 weapons and T2 tank, so what would be a cheap ship that would do the work of killing one NPC? Corax is enough? Caracal?

And lastly, once in pochven in my disposable ship, wich rat should I be looking for, and were? In gates, cosmic anomalies, scannable combat sites?

Much Appreciated.

There’s nothing you can refute, especially since your posted reply was a troll rant intended to demean and infuriate others. And now you’re digging yourself into a deeper hole.

How about you practice what you preach instead of posting swill like this:

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You’re in the wrong thread, this is the one you’re looking for…


the cheapest pochven filament on the market.

I did it with a cormorant. pretty difficult though.

You use dscan. show info on the rat, check if it is a drone, dscan it down, warp to it.

lol, you are definitely mistaken… about everything.

Flagging your replies is the best response to you and your inane comments.


The sky thing would change very little if not anything. People jumping into system into ganking trigs would not get anything from that. Only people who live in system and are actively missioning or mining would get some warning that they have to watch out more. But those peeps would probably already know that they are living in place that can be raided anytime, some time has passed.

I am not opposing the sky concept, but it would not change much really.

Warp stabs are a blessing when traveling. Or covert ops cloak.

Ten minutes ago I enter with other characterin , seeking NPC for the skilling spree. I receive an alert of “edencom system” i think, good no trig ■■■■ here.

I was in a caracal, not got blown, but near. Scarmmed by a raznaborg anchoring, i make the error to point himn ad fire, burning back to the gate. I live, destroyed at 80/85% in a t1 caracal who can fly at 1500m per second, but WTF ? Edencom systems can be invaded for trigs and in a system near of a noob system ?

This is not good game design, lore is bad , and i dont want to fgo to caldari zone now with that char because i fire the scarmmer, not killed it.

Was in an 6m trader alt doing the noobie missions for reputation, in a caracal capable of 1500 m per sec…

Something is very wrong here.

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You go to Edencom Anomolies if you want to fight trigs and vice versa.

Sounds like you warped to a site you didnt know what it was.

No, i simple jump to a system with EDENCOM notice, only jumpo the gate,

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There are trigs on specific system gate, that can murder you, without a need to be edencom or triglavian or whatever.
The only need is to be within 3 jumps from a former KS system that’s been moved to pochven.

No warning. Nothing you can do since they camp the gate, web and scram you (if you are lucky, in that order).

That screenshot was totally worth whatever you lost. :wink:



EDENCOM fortress systems also can spawn trig wormholes. The list that covers all systems is pretty long.

Adirain, Adrallezoen, Aere, Aeschee, Aghesi, Ahtila, Ahynada, Aice, Aikoro, Airshaz, Aivonen, Ajanen, Akidagi, Akkilen, Akonoinen, Aldranette, Aliette, Alikara, Allamotte, Amattens, Amoderia, Andole, Anher, Anka, Annaro, Ansen, Ansila, Antollare, Anttiri, Aokannitoh, Aphend, Aramachi, Arant, Arbaz, Ardallabier, Ardene, Ardishapur Prime, Arifsdald, Arraron, Arwa, Asakai, Ashab, Astoh, Atier, Atlangeins, Attyn, Aurohunen, Autama, Autaris, Auviken, Avele, Averon, Bahromab, Bawilan, Bei, Bereye, Bhizheba, Boillair, Brapelille, Brybier, C-4D0W, Caretyn, Carirgnottin, Cat, Chantrousse, Charra, Croleur, CT8K-0, Derririntel, Doril, Dudreda, E-OGL4, Eitu, Ekid, Elonaya, Enaluri, Enderailen, Enedore, Ennur, Erenta, Erila, Erme, Eruka, Fabin, Fabum, Fasse, Fegomenko, Fricoure, Friggi, Futzchag, FY0W-N, Gammel, Geras, Gid, Gratesier, Haajinen, Hageken, Hagilur, Hakisalki, Hakonen, Halaima, Hallanen, Hedion, Hentogaira, Hikkoken, Hirtamon, Hogimo, Horkkisen, Hulmate, Huttaken, Hykkota, Hysera, Ichinumi, Ichoriya, Iesa, Ihakana, Iidoken, Ikao, Ikoskio, Ikuchi, IL-H0A, Illamur, Immuri, Inaro, Innia, Inoue, Isanamo, Isaziwa, Isenairos, Isikesu, J-GAMP, Jan, Jayneleb, Josameto, Jovainnon, Jurlesel, Juunigaishi, Kaaputenen, Kaimon, Kamela, Kamio, Kaunokka, Kausaaja, Kazna, Kehour, Kiainti, Kinakka, Kino, Kirras, Kubinen, Kudi, Kulelen, Kuoka, Kurniainen, Kusomonmon, L4X-1V, Laah, Ladistier, Laic, Laurvier, Leremblompes, Liekuri, Lilmad, Lisbaetanne, Litiura, M-OEE8, M9-LAN, Madimal, Madirmilire, Mai, Maiah,Malkalen, Martoh, Mastakomon, Maurasi, Meildolf, Mifrata, Mimiror, Mormelot, Motsu, Muer, Murema, Murzi, Muvolailen, Myyhera, Nakri, Nennamaila, Netsalakka, New Caldari, Ney, Niyabainen, Nomaa, Nourvukaiken, Obanen, Obe, Odette, Odixie, Offikatlin, Ohkunen, Oichiya, Oimmo, Oiniken, Oisio, Old Man Star, Olo, Ommare, Onnamon, Onne, Onsooh, Orien, Orkashu, Osaa, Oshaima, Osvetur, Otanuomi, Otitoh, Otomainen, Otsasai, Otsela, Ouranienen, P3EN-E, Paara, Patzcha, Pavanakka, Pemene, Penirgman, Perimeter, Piak, Podion, Poinen, Prism, PX-IHN, Ragnarg, Raihbaka, Rairomon, Rasile, Ravarin, Rohamaa, Romi, Saana, Saidusairos, Saikamon, Saila, Saisio, Samanuni, Sarekuwa, Sasiekko, Sayartchen, Schoorasana, Scuelazyns, Sendaya, Sharhelund, Sharji, Shihuken, Sirppala, Sirseshin, Sivala, Sobaseki, Sosala, Sotrentaira, Stegette, Stou, Suroken, Tabbetzur, Taisy, Teshi, Thebeka, Thelan, Tierijev, Tolle, Tsuguwa, Tsukuras, Tsuruma, Tunttaras, Tunudan, Tuuriainas, Uchomida, Uchoshi, Uedama, Uemisaisen, Unertek, Unpas, Uosusuokko, Uotila, Urlen, Uuhulanen, Uusanen, V0DF-2, Vaajaita, Vasala, Veisto, Vellaine, Venilen, Villore, Vouskiaho, Vuorrassi, Walvalin, Waskisen, Wirashoda, WPV-JN, Youl, Yria, Yuhelia, Zaimeth.


Alt for stealing stuff from the wrecks? :thinking:
Naah, just a forum shiptoasting alt…

Fair enough.

Didnt think that was still a thing.

This was a EDENCOM ystem , like BEI, as example.

The non sense is edencom doing nothing vs trigavians.

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You would have to thank CCP for that nonsense tho. Most of players just go to Pochven to get good standings with trigs, so they can care less about that nonsense.

CCP is actually pretty good at creating content that majority of players avoid or ignore, or is forced to ignore by boosting standings in Pochven. It ends up being like a niche gameplay stuff eventually for a part of a niche audience in niche game.


Agree. The hcar i was using was a wannabe trader trying up reputations.

Look s tehy dont want Cadary navy reputations, to sell isk in plex mode