Trigs invasion is weird

So… That happened!

I’m still trying to grasp the concept of “affecting in-game geography and will influence story”.
What am i supposed to do in this? There.s nothing organised like in a FW and standings that are affected are only two EdenCom and Triglavian - none on the 4 Empires or any other standing.

I’m confused as hell as well on the subject of what are we exactly fighting? Emerging conduits? Haven’t seen them! Undocked in high sec and being immediatley targeted ? Plenty…

I am aware of my lack of knowledge but i also see lack of info. Will there be another patch doing some balance work on standings? What’s the average player approach?

I can’t mine or have a station secure. Please help with any kind of links , insight or advice on this final part of the Triglavian Invasion
<3 will be much appreciated.

Agency tells you where to go, after that, pass.


Rumor has it that this latest effort is a precursor to next year’s “Quadglavian Invasion”.
Guess we’ll have to wait for some feedback from the more adventurous (or bored) players.


Perhaps we translated incorrectly and they are ‘Triglabian’. That would make Zorya…well…specially equipped :grin:

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