Triglavians and Invasions...Stops the Bots, but spoils the game!

Have characters in several low and Hi-sec systems, would you believe all are being invaded. Makes normal game play impossible. I understand the need to solve the “Mining Bot” problem but the large number of invasions is daft imho.



What “normal gameplay” are you trying to do that keeps getting interrupted by NPCs?


“My” normal gameplay!

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I have had exactly zero problems enjoying my normal gameplay, even with the Trigs. I mine in a Skiff, and kill the Trig patrol as soon as it enters the belt. I run missions without seeing a single Trig. What exactly are the Trig patrols keeping you from doing? The main whines about the Trigs that I have seen are from players that want to AFK and can no longer do so due to the Trig patrols.


You are making assumptions and not reading my post! I have never botted or played afk! The patrols do a good job of keeping the botters away and in a skiff, like you I kill the patrols when they enter belt! My question was about the large number of “Invasions” in so many systems that go beyond the odd patrol in a belt!

So you can handle it then by adapting. Good. What was the problem then? What is the “normal gameplay” it actually disables?

You can’t make a thread crying about something and then not tell us what. We like concrete tears here.

It is your min/maxed mining setup, isn’t it?


Who’s crying?

Who’s asking?


I have found a “Tr**l” Yaay!

So it is you min/maxed mining setup. Glad we cleared that up.


Just move out of the invasion area, or switch to salvaging/combat, or use an alt in another region.


I have no idea what you are talking about. Glad we have cleared up the fact that you are a “Tr&&l”!

Good answer, but all three regions I had alt’s in, were under invasion? So I was forced to move. lol. I just wonder why there are so many invasions? Or is it just me remembering the good old incursion days?

Huh thats a fair coincidence, though not to be ruled out.

Ill have a look this evening, see if there seems to be more around.

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If anything, there needs to be more Trig invasion systems. Personally, I wish the Trigs would invade every system in the galaxy for 3 months straight. It would definitely weed out the bots and AFK’ers…

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True, but a sizeable number of omega accounts would stop paying subscriptions I would guess?

I thought the trig patrols turning up randomly in belts were doing a good job at keeping the bots/afk-ers away? I may be wrong? The number of invasions was what I questioned.

The Trigs aren’t showing up where they are needed is the problem. They don’t show up in Ice anomalies or Ore anomalies, where the bulk of the botters in high sec are.


You may be right on that. To be fair I was only considering the rock belts where the patrols show up occasionaly, not the anomalies.

I am not surprised. Mining causes Alzheimer at an early age.


Bad luck. There are not that many invasions active at any time.