Remove triglavian from high sec (1.0-0.2)

I’m new so I’m just going to be blunt remove the triglavian from 1.0 to 0.2 let the null-sec players deal with them as a new player in a new ship I don’t need to be attacked by an over powered NPC


Note that this “person” has been spamming Rookie channel for pretty much a day now, so since character creation, with this silliness.


Lol, no.


Yeah sure


Buckle up, buttercup. It’s only gonna get worse. If you can’t handle it, go back to WoW.


They won’t spawn in starter systems or in career agent systems, so as a new player, you can completely avoid them and learn the game.

So as an alternative, restrict yourself to the new player systems until you are more familiar with the game and you’ll be fine.

However, 0.2 - 0.4 are lowsec systems. There is nothing there that is new player protective. If you are venturing out into those systems, congrats, however you also need to expect to face the real game more and more when you do so.

The game isn’t going to change for you. You need to adapt to it instead.


Hahaha no. Triglavians are good in high sec I have flown through Trig invasion systems in a simple T1 Tormentor on a new alpha toon and had NO problem getting through several systems.


If you want to avoid trigs, then just dont fly into the systems that they’re in. If you set a destination, the trig systems will show up as triangles instead of rectangles in the nav overlay. Right click and say ‘Avoid system’ and you’ll be fine.

What’s this, EVE à la carte?

Name is obvious comedy alt

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No, go away.

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Gratz, you found your way to the forums to release your anger, after a lengthy rant on the Rookie Help channel. We listened to you, even empathized and sent you some isk to replace whatever “important” thing it was you lost, we gave you advice and pointers, as this community always does on Rookie Help. None of it seemed to make any impression.
Is it fair that there are world events near a place where you happen to be - and no, you were not in a starter system to begin with - and you manage to get shot where other rookies manage to escape ? Let’s look at this from another perspective. There are over 5000 systems in K-space, the Triglavians are active in less than 30 of those. And you want them gone ? What ?
Inform yourself, use the money we sent, get over it. Nothing of importance happened.
Trigs upset you, but not ? Care to explain ?

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Yes but at this very moment they block the only exit of couster f.e. which is definitively something that has to stop because noobs die in the hundreds in the only system they can go to…

And to make it worse even career agent missions lead to that system…

So,in a way,and thought it through,the OP has a slight point here…

I would not ban them from high but IF there is only one exit from a noob/career agent system this system shouldn’t be invaded…

But they are one of the changes you said were coming?

More PvE less PvP in Highsec is better, isnt it?

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But this is PVE end content…throwing noobs into this like driving a sheepherd to the butcher is even more silly…

Adjusting something silly does not question the whole course…

Only if you engage them.

Evading them can be done easily enough.

Those are noobs…they WILL engage them fg

Eve is a place where loosing your ship is an every day thing its not a big deal buy a new one and learn from your mistakes.


But not to invincible and unbeatable npc…you just uncourage noobs this way…they should loose a ship to a force they even have a slight chance against.

Otherwise you just force them into a quit…

You can farm them solo in a kitey hawk, but a new player can easily learn to avoid them, besides we are not sure what the Triglavians will do next, I doubt they will stay in this state forever.