Triglavian Fleet Destroying Pods and Ships in High Sec - November 2020

As an active player for over a year I feel for the first time quite shocked and upset in regards to the new dynamic of Triglavian fleets gate camping in high sec and instantly destroying pods and ships without any warning or a chance to escape. I have lost a pod on 2020-10-28 and then a pod plus a ship with valuable goods while traveling in high sec manually and actively with full attention. There is no warning whatsoever. The Triglavian fleet warp scrambles one upon arrival and destroys the ship. This is by any measure an extremely bad policy that was implemented and a breach of even the most core game dynamics to do something like that to players in high sec even more so after official announcements of the Triglavian invasion being over. This is truly wonton destruction of player property without merit and non-consensual engagement by the AI.

It is one thing to travel to low sec, null sec, WH space, to engage in some type event activity such as a combat site, to be suicide ganked or any other risky activity with possibility of gain and to then lose a ship but to be instantly destroyed by the AI simply while traveling in high sec is a new low.

Please voice your opinion to try and help rectify this bad policy or at least be aware what you may face simply while traveling in high sec on your way to JITA or elsewhere. Thank you for your consideration.


i agree trig in high-sec is not right and should be stopped




I don’t know Ports, your killboard clearly shows evidence of anti-Trig behaviour on your part. You have negative standing with them, and they are just getting back at your for farming them so mercilessly.

Maybe try to get back in their good books? I hear they don’t like the Drifters or Rogue Drones very much in their new home. You could maybe help them clean house?


@Black_Pedro, I’m not sure if you’re looking at someone else’s killboard but that does not sound accurate. My standing with the Triglavians is -0.01 due to destroying one of their ships in self-defense longer time ago. That hardly justifies losing hundreds of millions to an AI gate camp in high sec without a warning or chance to escape. You may be right that this is some sort of extreme “a heart for an eye” type of retaliation poorly implemented but if you look at the killboard the AI is destroying pods and ships of other players many of who are new or did not participate in the Triglavian Invasion event. Do you feel this game dynamic is sound policy?


trigs are working as intended. ccp logic.


Kill 'em all, let the Trig-vinity sort them out.


This game should have consequences for your actions. No where should be safe, and occasionally, the unexpected should happen.

At least the fact something like this can happen doesn’t prove something is wrong. Maybe the risks needs tuned or explained better, but I don’t have the data to assess that.

It still seems to me that highsec is a very safe place and there is play and counter play around these Trigs NPCs. But my opinion on CCP’s game really doesn’t really have much weight, so I am not sure why it matters much.

More constructively, if your standing really is just -0.01, get a cheap long-range destroyer and head into Pochven. Kill a few drones and you will be positive in a tick or two and never have to worry about Trig or EDENCOM aggression ever again. If you want, I can even help you out with an entrance and some intel when there are some drones around to shoot.


Thank you, @Black_Pedro. Our opinions may differ but I think your voice absolutely does matter and has equal weight otherwise it’s a form of discrimination.

Thank you for the tip on the drones in Pochven, I might try that. At the moment I am somewhat hesitant to undock and my joy in the game and enthusiasm are a bit diminished but hopefully that may change.

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That is why supporting New Eden invaders has absolutely no consequences and you are even allowed to become good friends while also being good friends with the invaders.

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Based on your OP have to assume the answer is yes but wanted to make absolutely sure that is the case: Do these trig gate camps instalock and instascram even sub 2 sec align ships and pods?

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Well, that wasn’t true during the Invasion itself. And while I agree, there should be real choice s and tradeoffs on who to support for all these major factions (include the four Empires who are at war), I can also see that now that the main war is over and we are in more of a cold war situation, maybe that doesn’t need to be the case now.

But it is fine that there are some consequence flowing from the side you picked in the Great War. It does seem EDENCOM got a little screwed on the benefits. But from a virtual world, choices matter view that is also fine - everything doesn’t have to be symmetrical and the universe should change, including the NPCs.

More generally though, highsec needs a small element of risk to make choices matter. I won’t claim these are perfect as you are right, it is pretty easy for a veteran with knowledge to eliminate all the risk and consequences, but also don’t think the fact that someone can lose something is a real problem. Not if there are reasonable things you can do to mitigate the risk.

No. They have meaningful scan resolution and take time to lock. That said, they react inhumanly fast and the small ones have a very good lock time. However, pods are no problem and will pass through, and probably sub-2s ships also will make it through the camp, assuming no unfortunate lag or anything. You should also have no issue with a cloaky ship or the MWD-trick either, assuming you don’t get decloaked.

I would also say though there is a server tick or two delay when you load on grid before they aggress which gives you a head start. If they are already shooting you and explode you, they do seem to be able to catch your pod more reliably. I’ve lost a couple to them even while spamming warp while dying, although it usually is when my game is being laggy. However, from under gate cloak, they never even start locking my pod before it is in warp.

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let me explain what it happens to me
I have 0.07 Edencom standings, any trig ships that are in sistem like above at gates and bases I see them with white on overview and those ships don’t try to kill me or my pod, but if I go to the wh that goes to a Trig sistem those ships I see them with red and will try to kill me of my pod.

Fly safe

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Consequences you say?
Imagine, in next month shooting rogue drones will have the same consequences, and the wormholes will spawn rogue drones fleets in high sec, with scramblers and occasionally unexpected capital. Every month a random faction will emerge from Pochven to kill peeps. There will be drifters, rogue drones, trigs, or edencom.
Unexpected lol.
Consequences lol.


If they only attack people with negative standing that is completely fine. I don’t have an idea what the actual game mechanics are as I haven’t encountered them yet.

However, the increased use of NPC’s that disrupt regular sandbox gameplay is actually starting to concern me. This may actually turn out to discourage risk averse players more and more to undock with their valuable ships, which in turn reduces content for actual players.

Yes, no where in EVE should be save, but in my opinion this is in regard to players and not to some random environment events that just drop some imbalanced NPC on your head. That is just really dumb game design and no one has anything from that experience.


@Ports Was this in a trig minor victory system (which can be avoided) or “normal” Hisec?

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The developer does everything to kill the game. I have the same situation, the desire to play tends to zero. The event is over, the triglavs were given the whole region, go there have fun, why did you leave them on the nuts to kill players?We have enough suicides , so now the NPC kills in high-sec.


@Neme_Orlenard, neither of the systems, Brapille and Ney where I was destroyed per zkillboard showing my destruction, had a minor Triglavian victory or even an invasion in the past. I also have the travel route option checked to avoid systems with minor Triglavian victory. There was no warning of any kind when entering the system. I travel actively with focus and immediately attempted the option to dock as soon as I landed and was instantly warp scrammed, webbed and destroyed within the seconds including the pod. As to the standing, mine is again only -0.01 due to destroying a Triglavian ship in the past. Other corp mates experienced similar destruction and they never engaged Triglavians. This is definitely some sort of new game dynamic related to the Pochven WH manifesting in random systems and the Triglavian fleets gate camping in the system where they destroy ships and pods instantly. This is too harsh for high sec and bad policy that will also certainly have adverse consequences if done to enough players.

Not sure how players are expected the adapt to it other than perhaps with a cheap alt fit or corp member traveling ahead, neither of which seem reasonable necessity for basic core activities in high sec. Destroying some drones in Pochven was also proposed to improve standings with Triglavians. During the first destruction I simply was going to run a L4 mission and on the second I was returning from Jita.


This is quite troubling and I agree, seems way too harsh, mostly because it’s impossible to know upfront if a Pochven WH has spawned in the next-hop system. Assuming this mechanic is intended, then the determined HiSec player will now, as you mentioned, need to scout ahead with an alt and check i.e. zkillboard for every gate for recent trig kills of players. Some will do this, but I suspect a greater number of primarily HiSec players will simply stop logging in. Maybe a support ticket could at least ascertain if this is indeed the intended mechanic?

Incidentally, it seems the trigs are pretty busy…


Thank you very much for the link, @Neme_Orlenard, I had been unsuccessfully looking for this type of summary being able to find only individual Triglavian ship type kills prior. This in fact confirms the new game dynamic that was introduced. 61,213 ships destroyed, 5.80T loss under the Recent tab. Weekly loss is at 5.25B. 100% effectiveness! (Had to think of Skynet and danger of AI here :slight_smile: )

I did open a support case and they are very responsive and professional however they cannot disclose any information about the game dynamic as management does not inform them.

There perhaps is something that is not apparent to regular players that could explain why such a bad and excessively harsh game dynamic would be implemented. Looking at the value of ships and some of the pods lost in high sec I feel sorry for their loss to such an unfair tactic.

This game is a joy to so many including myself, especially in these uncertain times, but the adaptation effort that would now be needed for the most basic of core activities seems a bit too tedious, stressful and not worth the time of life. Hopefully it will be rectified prior to affecting too many.