Free kills free loot by Triglavian

Jumping into a system in empire high if Triglavians are killing others and people with standings are sitting at the same triglavian gate they are able to simply let the triglavian do the dirty work while they just scoop up the spoils, seems trollish to me by the devs.

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One of the first careers I took on 15 or so years ago was strolling into high sec battles and scooping up all the crap I could fit in my hold before bolting.

My way of saying this is nothing new. The only difference is that in your case it’s people taking advantage of dummies jumping in to where they shouldn’t be. Not trollish at all.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Seems like BS to me but that’s CCP for you, since you posted before about the trig space stuff you do just try to get standings and then you should be good… unless Concord will hunt you, I’m not sure.

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Griefing by the Triglavian scumbag sociopaths is getting absolutely out of control. CCP needs to do something about it ASAP or players are going to leave and the game will die!


Apparently NPC kills dont make anyone quit.

I disagree but Im not in favour of space violence at all.

what? some ultra efficient NPC bots, which are immune to Factional Police and Concord, are killing miners in highsec?

and other players are looting the wrecks!

Someone call the Anti Griefing division!


and dont forget the alpha gankers which found an exploit to keep destroying orcas with FREE accounts.

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Blame CONCORD for not issuing Trigs kill rights :laughing:

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BTW drifters and Sansha do these as well, also make sure to warp of quickly otherwise they’ll pod kill you too.

It’s been how many years since we have trigs in the game ? 4-5 ?!

If people still don’t know they’ll need positive standings with (which are relatively easy to get , just need 0.01) trigs to safely pass in those highsec systems then I suppose there’s no problem if they lose their stuff and others take advantage of this. Alternatively , they can fit cloak + MWD , if the fit allows it.

Drifters and Sancho need banned too.

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can confirm, wrecks are free picking now

I agree with OP: should force the players to do the shooting instead in order to scoop that loot.

I agree with OP’s proposal to make all highsec player-wrecks white and grant players the same CONCORD legal license the Trigs have.

Free? No risk?

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I used to lurk behind RvB battles and scoop all the lost drones.

–Gadget misses the simpler days

You know a “simple” golem can break the MV (minor victory) gate camps, right? And the werposts take FOREVER to respawn.

Go take action vs just crying here.

Have you taken a Marauder to LS?

Agree, CCP should allow the players to do the NPC trigs work. Some relaxing gate camping in Highsec without FacPo and Concord and gate guns… And we can make mistakes and the miners can even have a chance to escape.

You know, that’s the problem with this game. Everything is “shoot shoot shoot, kill kill kill, grief grief grief.” If CCP removed all the useless violence, both from players and NPCs, and focused on the cooperative aspect of gameplay, this game would have many more players because it would be more enjoyable for everyone to play. People already have enough problems with their lives, and after a hard day at work, the only thing they want to do is spend some time to build or create something, and not have to think about violence from and toward all directions. People already have to constantly worry about mass shootings and wars in today’s world. Video games are supposed to be a break from that. We just want to relax and have some fun, and not be forced to deal with explosions all the time!


Why such a change of heart?