Remove triglavians fleets from high sec or let us get easy way to get possitive standiog

things that is very wrong with the game

  1. Triglavian fleet killing off people in high sec 0.8 → 1.0
  2. there is no quest / missions to get the standings to positive with triglavians
  3. cccp feeds the griefers by forcing player to go pochven to get a positive standing

I am one players that think you went to fare with this pvp sh_t and i think its very wrong that you as gaming company forcing people into pvp zones , by senting triglavian ship fleets in to highsec ,
now i understand you want to make money , but if this keep going on i wont be paying anymore to cccp in for of subscriptions or plex ect…

if you made it so people that dont want to do pvp actualy can complete a quest so thease triglavian fleet wont attack at planets in high sec then we have a fair chance if not then i have to say this game going to end for me and my accounts . becouse i think its VERY wrong to force people to do somthing they do not want to do in games , just becouse you want to feed the gate gankers and pvp gankers , people that want to do pvp all ready have alot of places to do so, YOU DO NOT NEEED TO FEEED THEM BY MAKE US GO IN TO POCHVEN.


CCP really needs to do something about the griefing NPCs, they’re getting absolutely out of control, causing so many new players to leave the game. At this rate EVE won’t even last another year. CCP also needs to fix the PvP grief, because it’s also killing the game. Most of the players have already left! Now CCP isn’t making any money because there are no paying players left, and they’ll have to shut down the server, all because they only want to feed free kills to lazy PvP cowards who are camping the gates to PvP zones because they’re too afraid to go to PvP zones where the real PvPers are. It’s just ridiculous.

We need to stand up for what’s right and make CCP change the game to protect innocent PvE players. No more forced PvP in PvE areas where people who only want to PvE and not PvP want to play! Repeat after us: we aren’t going to take this abuse any longer!



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You only need to kill one rogue drone in Pochven, it’s really not that hard. If you are lucky enough, if you see two fleets of NPCs fighting, TP one of them and you’ll get that standing tick. You don’t even need to survive the trip.

Conversely, if you really don’t want to go into Pochven, shoot some EDENCOM ships and you can get positive with Trig that way too!


I have Triglavian standing below zero…yet have never been outdone by Triglavians despite regularly flying through Triglavian haunts such as Lutiria.

For a lot of PvE stuff I tend to not warp directly to the site but a little way off. That lets me hit NPCs with longer range weapons before they can even get near.


When you get to Trig Space you will notice that the NPC are at War vs Each Other!

Just warp and collect the blue loot!

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To add insult to injury almost all other NPC give you a heads up by first flashing yellow and also doing minor damage at first. But when the trig engages you it goes from 0 to 100 instantly. Its obviously a bad joke from whoever is responsible.

OP if you think Trigs are bad, have you ever met a drifter battleship in high sec? Try getting on their good side.


Other NPCs don’t give you a warning at the bottom of the screen telling you they are in the system. Enter at your peril.

Seriously? Years later people are still complaining about this? This entire problem goes away completely and permanently when you kill, or help kill, or target paint, ONE rogue drone. ONE. I don’t care how long you have played, if you are unable to muster the energy to put together 20 minutes of Googling and playing and a total of about 1 million isk to forever solve this problem for yourself, then eve is not the right game for you.


Incorrect or not completely true unless you have White Diamond Pirates added to your pve overview!

The CCPsplainers are like


So easy a caveman can do it

Who is this content for? I mean NPCs in high sec near gates and stations that warp scram and kill you? Who is supposed to appreciate that :smiley:

Started with an invasion so now they are here to stay. Once you have 0.01 with them, they never bother you.

I have no standings to them and i fly past them

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If EVE was a hammer and someone got a splinter by holding it you would say “Gosh just pull it out. Takes 5 seconds” with no regard for others who will get splinters etc if things don’t change :)?


NPCs near gates and stations in high sec that warp scram and destroy your ship and even pod by default is terrible design

The trigs add spice to the hisec PvE side of the game. It’s “content”, the npc induced “danger” aspect of hisec for the ignorant. There will always be killing in EvE hisec :smiley: (Someone in this thread considers pvp in EvE merely as a bit of “spice”, and he doesn’t seem to like spice on his pve flakes either.)

If OP had spent his time writing, doing a tiny bit of research on the subject instead, he would have had positive standings with the trigs before he would have finished his post.


Works as intended. Get standings with them and its no problem