Yes, you’ve removed the spawns on high sec invasions, left only 1, and spawned them on islands where the content is not enjoyed. You have also for the second time spawned an invasion on a new player system, so the undock is a graveyard.

You have removed the 3 high sec incursions as well and placed a stupid timer. Don’t know what your trying to do, but its removing content for players.


I agree completely. The triglavian event was the first thing that got me actively involved with a community whilst also making, in my noobish eyes of the time, mindbogling amounts of isk . It was something that gave me goals, and the isk to get there.

At the moment of writing this there is one triglavian invasion in low sec, two on high sec islands which means most players will not try these, and finally one last one in Couster, which is a spawning system for new players. I myself started this game there. And instead of encouraging these players, their first experience with the triglavians will either frustrate or scare them away from the triglavian invasions.

Honestly, what the hell CCP?

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its an outrage! give us back our content!

Would it really be that hard to have some form of limitation on spawning in high sec Islands? Couldn’t you just add a procedure to test to see if the program can plot a course from the trig spawn system to a known locationin highsec like Amarr? If the autopilot would go through a Low sex system, the spawn location would be invalid, and it would just reroll until got a useable location.

It seems like a simple problem that likely has a complicated answer for reasons.

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they could just exempt the new player spawns and islands it should be simple!

Just joined a couple of pretty awesome fleets in the last few weeks, for the first time. Never joined a fleet before and didn’t know what a great time I was missing out on. Now since the changes that you made to the high-sec we do not fly much anymore. I really miss my friends in the fleets punching the trigs but all i really get to do is sit and chat in station, or solo emerging conduits by myself. Another side effect that even the ninja looters have moved on to the emerging conduits. So mostly now I just sit in station.

So please consider of putting our content back so we can continue having a great time playing the game like it was.


As a Gallente Pureblood who enjoys killing foreigners that refuse to submit to Democracy, killing Triglavians makes up the majority of my paycheck. I would like my paycheck to be somewhat stable, please.

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If this means Jita will be next I 100% approve of this change.
But, for new players to be dropped into a foothold in a newbie system with no skills, no clue and just a Velator is a huge step back for the game. As if getting through the character creation process, and the learning cliff wasn’t enough, a foothold too?

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In all the years of incursions nothing was ever put in place to have them no spawn on islands. If they never did anything then I don’t expect they would do anything now.

every spawn is on an island apart from this newbro spawn, it happens and we dnt mind from time to time, but every spawn cant be island or newbro spawn

RNG’s a bitch

They need to bring back 2 high sec incursion spawns too, taking our PvE jawbz!!!

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