High Sec invasions, whats the point?

Whats the point of putting invasions in high sec if Concord isn’t going to protect capsular and you are going to have gank fleets running around anyway? Why not put them all in low and null sec?

Concord has never protected anyone from being ganked in high sec…


Concord does not care about Npc fleets running amok in Highsec, killing players left and right. They only punish players for illegal attacks by killing their ships, but seems to forget 15 minutes later, that it happened. Typical ingame police.:grin:

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Hah clever mix of ganking/invasions into one thread. I salute you sir.
Triglavians have only taken one system of thousands in highsec.
There will be no police in triglavian system.

Go fight for edencom if you don’t like it.
Probably better you spend more time fighting for your beloved highsec than complaining about it on here.


what you are saying seems logical and makes sense, but what you see on zkillboard shows that its not really going to work terribly well, that raravoss system was being wrecked by dedicated lowsec corps/alliances. there is no large scale pvp corps/alliances in highsec, there is no viable counter to the organised teams. Grabbing a ship and flying off into raravoss will net a gatecamp loss to 10+ cordinated and experienced pvp pilots. There is no real counter, no matter what logic and common sense dictates


Because hisec shouldn’t be sleepyville. It needs shaking up a bit. Eve is about adapting to risk, events & other players.

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The point of invasions is high stakes, competitive PVE. The changes to the map are expected to be permanent.

If the Triglavian forces prevail and the system security drops - the PVE can change to PVP - if that concerns you, don’t participate. At any given time there are only a handful of systems being invaded and most of them seem to be in lowsec anyway so - if the content doesn’t appeal to you, they are easily avoided.

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its not really competitive pve when its a flight of 10-30 low sec alliance pvpers sitting there stomping out 15-50million isk pve cruisers (or the rarer more valuable prizes)

This event seems entirely pandered towards pvp there is no pve because all the valuable kills are the pve ships getting wrecked by the dedicated low sec forces, soon enough everyone will stop trying then it will be… a bunch of low sec alliance players sitting around and all the pve pilots logged off

Im sure there could have been other ways to make engaging content for the low sec forces, without deleting high sec and or baiting pve pilots into “low” sec space justt to be killed off by pvp pilots sitting around waiting for them.

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You’re entirely missing the fact that only one out of all the invaded systems has progressed in the Triglavians favor, so I hardly think you can consider it ‘pandering towards pvp’. Add to that only systems starting with a sec status of 0.7 or lower can turn into low sec systems, yeah your assumptions are way off base. lol



That system first had to be dropped into lowsec status. If you did your part it would still be hisec. Complain more - all of hisec shall turn into lowsec. Soon.

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what do you expect a random individual to do against 20 or more experienced and equiped pvp pilots

I mean sure I guess i could use my exploration equiped phantasm, it would just be another kill mail for the mob. If only CCP could be more creative to entice players into lowsec, instead of just deleting highsec 1 system at a time

I think CCP is trying everything they can to get you to be more social in the game and to form fleets with other players. So far, nothing is working, apparently.


this is a sandbox
nothing prevents you from HFTU, convince other players to form a fleet with you, do some diplomatic trade with the low sec alliance pvpers, etc.
It is up to you to find a soluce or move away.
Don’t expect CCP/ the game to help you. YOU have to find the way

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That system was hisec system initially. It had to be dropped first. You had time to prevent that. After it dropped - sure, you have to be more careful as there is risk of getting blown up. And while you complain…

I joined a fleet in this new low sec system and had no issues with flying with new people… the worst that can happen is them blowing me up.


Maybe you should run the content first before commenting on it.

The high sec fleets are easily joined, and are obviously winning most of the battles, thus far, considering how many invasion systems are now permanent Edencom fortresses. Every time I joined a fleet, it was at least 30-50+ fleet, mostly battleships, and a good amount of logi. Some braver newbies came in with frigs and destroyers. They tended to lose ships, as well as the occasional battleship, but all had fun. I haven’t tried low sec invasions yet, so I will not comment on it till then.

You summarised lowsec invasions pretty well too. It’s very similar, just with slightly more blowing up or -more often- being forced to stand down due to overwhelming numbers


There are thousands of hisec systems? What game are we taking about?

Hisec had been the most dangerous part of Eve for a long time. So your argument didn’t make sense.

10 people? 20 people? make up your mind. you do know raravoss can be circumvented from all sides by only a 2 jump inconveinience. also autopilot skips these systems.

fighting for edencom mightve netted you a chance at preventing this but you didnt want to get off your carebear arse, now the consequences have shown themselves. it couldve been pve pve pve, but you chose to let the trigs invade. so now its pve pve pvp

The point was that there are many systems not under triglavian invasion.
You obviously missed the point.