Trig invasions are crushing hisec PvE

I am an avid mission runner and I have been having increasing problems with running security missions. Either the system an agent is in flips to the side that is unfriendly to me or an agent sends me into or through an invaded system. Yes I can decline those missions, but declining missions frequently is a non-starter. Effectively CCP has already eliminated a large number of agents from the game and the attrition is accelerating. Because the invasion offers no content to mission runners this style of game play is slowly being throttled.

My suggestions would be:

  1. Have triglavian/edencom neutrality be the default
  2. Open up Jove space and make it a PvE haven
  3. End the invasion nonsense. It’s really starting to get annoying and there is no end in sight.

Where are you finding these problem systems? There are hardly any triglavian systems - they are almost all Edencom.

:red_circle: TrigMV are a pain, eh? Until CCP either goes bankrupt or sees reason and fixes this invasion crap, I would also suggest that you start fighting for Edencom.

Every system lost to Trigs either by MV or Final Loon means fewer agents, fewer missions, fewer systems to run missions. Fight for Edencom and at least preserve the possibilities for your preferred activity. And maybe even expand them again when CCP makes TrigMV being reinvaded like EdencomMV systems are being reinvaded regularly. I would suggest that you start your fight for Edencom sooner than later because right now there are 5 systems being hit and Edencom has so far only managed to put 2 into redoubt state, 1 is on the way to maybe become Redoubt unless Caldari Navy fails again, and 1 Amarr system is just barely holding onto not falling to Loonality.


Of course, you could fight to stop the Triglavians taking high-sec systems. Then there’s no disruption to your mission running.
Or is whining about it more proactive?

Before you ask: I’m a mission runner, but I’ll get stuck in if I have to. There are public fleets running in support of EDENCOM - normally shield fitted with long range weapons to match the logistics they offer. Not an uncommon fitting for a mission runner.



Your have to side with one or the other. This invasion having an impact on players who might prefer to ignore it is exactly the point.


Even if they open up Jove space (and I think they might) it should not be safer than empire highsec for PvE content.

It’s shaking things up and disrupting ISK faucets. The whole point of the Age of Chaos. So it’s doing exactly what it was implemented to do.

If you want to protect high sec, start fighting the Triglavians.


Fixed your post.


Mission running is one of the most-nerfed ISK faucets in the history of the game.


I think you’re confused here. Trig invasion is barely scratching ISK faucets, since 75% or so of ISK faucets are in NullSec being farmed by Nullbears and aren’t touched by Trigvasion.

The whole point of Age of Chaos is CCP desperately throwing every twist they can think of at the wall to see what sticks. The problem with that is, the only things CCP seem capable of thinking of is “how can we screw over players next?”.

Blackout? Mass drop in players to lowest levels since the early years of the game.
Trigvasion? Numbers dropping again, despite the boost in activity from Covid.

CCP doesn’t even get the irony of “EVE: It’s the biggest sandbox in the Universe” yet they continually try to force players to play in certain ways to suit CCP. Don’t want to play CCP’s way? No problem, you just forfeit all your investment in the game when they change the rules on you and “yank the carpet out from under players”.

Because, yeah, losing everything you worked years to build is fun, yo! Come’on back for some more of that fun, y’all, so we can smash your holdings again!

All CCP has been doing is showing players you can’t trust CCP, something they’ve been showing us for a decade now.

If I wanted to play a game where the devs tell me what to do and when and where to do it, I’ll go play any of the dozens of games that specialize in that and do it ten times better than CCP does.

(PS: It’s pretty easy to sit mining in -1.0 space and tell high sec people to fight the good fight. Let’s wait until CCP yanks the carpet out from under all your assets and see how you feel about it.)


Trig invasions are crushing hisec PvE

omg and i thought this invasions were completely useless …
gj … i guess …

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And still extremely lucrative.

Until the end of the month.

Who’s sat mining in -1.0 space exactly?

My assets are in high sec by the way and I have positive standings with Edencom and access to level 4 agents in multiple empires. The Invasion hasn’t stopped me running missions, hasn’t stopped me running industry jobs, hasn’t stopped me from travelling exactly wherever I want to go.


I Agree and Wish that you would consider the average game player. LEAVE HI SEC ALONE.


Thought I’d take a peek this time. Ouch.

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36 including Minor Victory and Final Luminality.


And there are about a thousand high sec systems? OP is right it IS a serious problem.


Not defending the OP here, just correcting your factually incorrect statement.

The invaded systems seem to be mostly border systems in highsec and lowsec, which is problematic for faction warfare and inter-regional trade routes.

Curious how this whole thing will be resolved.

Caldari systems seem disproportionately affected.


Seriously, are you contaminated with the Anderson bug?

You do know people post sentences such as “how old are you, twelve?” not as a factual truth, right? The 5 question mark comment I posted is a similar statement.

Then be accurate and stop just trolling the OP?