Can't Enjoy the Game

I like the game, and have been playing since 2005. I stay in the PvE area because I do not want to fight at all. I mostly just mine and sell the ore. And if I want to fight, I run a mission or two.

But, ever since these INCURSIONS started, I have not been able to enjoy the game. for a very simple reason.

You have NPCs in HiSec, which is suppose to be a SAFE zone from ALL combat, Attacking players

I know, I’m going to get Flamed, but I really don’t Care. there are many other people like me, that don’t say anything for fear of the Flamers.

I’m in a 0.8 system, have been for over a decade, and until the incursions, there has NEVER been a single pirate or any other type of hostile NPC in the system (except for the nests.)

Now? I go to mine, and depending on the belt, I either get an hour or 3 or more of mining done, or maybe, if I’m lucky 20 minutes. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t try a different Belt and the Dang Raznaborg FOLLOW me!

I log out for a couple hours, hoping they will be gone when I return, and they are STILL in the belt(s).

All I want to do is MINE! I don’t want to take Part in the Incursions! so CCP, how about THINKING of the Players that just want to do peaceful things and give us a way to DO that!


You had me until this point. High sec was never meant to be safe.

Jesus christ.

OP, you know there are more systems in EVE Online, right? This player spend the same decade visiting every system in the game, including wormholes.


here we go again


Can’t Enjoy the Game

Quit then. No one forces you to play EVE. If game is not fun it’s no longer a game.

Also since no one else asked. I’m first for your stuff


i couldnt believe but its true

the man really likes to mine , i respect that


Good god…
Has this madman been spending money paying a subscription to EVE Online since 2005 (at least up until the introduction of Alpha clones’ free unlimited trial), living in a SINGLE system?

I try not to judge people’s playstyles (lol /s) but seriously. holy ■■■■.


Believing this was a mistake; hisec is safer than other places, it is not safe.

I’m just shocked that nobody has disabused you of this bizarre notion before.


There have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS been NPCs in highsec.
There has ALWAY ALWAYS ALWAS been combat in highsec. Including PvP.
They got harder. Not by very much. They’re not difficult to deal with.



uhh safe what where?

Suicide Linux distro (yes it’s real) is probably safer than Eve


That’s an evil genius at work right there.

Sudo apt upgrase…

aww shite

Eve needs a new One-Click Auto-Gank™ feature

I actually agree with TS. I prefer PVE gameplay. For the first time in many years i’m considering to completely uninstall EVE. Not because of players, but because of CCP decisions.

Evere since they’ve added those overpowered NPCs, the game in hi-sec became a bad dream. There is simply no time to enjoy the game anymore. You constantly need to watch out for suicide gankers, triglavians, sansha nation, diamond rats. CCP are killing their own sandbox by forcing players to select one playstyle over the other.

And now they nerfed the resistances and PVE became even more hostile to casual and relaxing gaming. They were successfull in making the NPCs behave like real players (they scram, web, neut as hell while stacking damage), ok good job. I decided the best adaptation strategy is to not undock. And so it is pointless to log in. Imo, there are a lot of games around, which value players time. It is simply not worth to “eat this cactus”.


AFK Online is kind of an oxymoron though isn’t it?


You rarely encounter Trigs or diamond NPCs if you pick your system sensibly. You can easily avoid engaging trig rats by just warping out. The belt rats do not point. If you’re paying attention then you’re safe as houses.


I think the trigs do too much initial damage for newer players. Trigs are magnitudes stronger than typical pirate NPCs.

Having said that, the added difficulty in high sec mining is helping to raise the price of ore. I think you can make about 30m/hr mining veldspar in a barge or orca, which is pretty good.


i like wen the code or other players kill bears , not a fan of the trigs to

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Hi OP,

If you can show me an official source where you got this information, I will give you so much ISK that you will never have to mine again.

It seems like your misconceptions about the game have been driving the way you play it. I’m sorry you’ve wasted so much of your time this way, but it’s not too late to learn, adapt, and evolve.

You don’t have to die in high-sec. You just have to understand that the game might require a higher level of active engagement than you’re willing to provide, for now.

You would think this is pretty crazy, but in my “mean griefer” adventures, I’ve encountered cases that were even more bizarre. Like, there was this one guy who played for over half a decade and thought the entire time that he was playing a single-player game until I came along. Like I actually had to convince him during our chat that I was a real, live person.


lol , cocaine is a hell of a drug


Fixed that statement for you there Miner.

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Wow these threads are coming thick and fast.

Oh my