With out ganking, high sec would just be boring

I have done my share of ganking mostly gate camping and have been ganked a few times. Every time I have been ganked it was me being lazy. High sec would just be another single player game if you where safe all the time. I am back after 5 years and just want pvp not into ganking anymore.


Yea but without boring Hisec would just be ganking.


That’s just because they removed all the other forms of highsec violence or nerfed them into the ground.

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What percentage of players have never been ganked? For them highsec would be no different.

I get that ganking is and should always be part of the game but I think people are deluding themselves when they say that the game would be broken without it. Just go out of highsec and you can have all the fights you want. You can even catch carebears.

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Cause ganking isn’t a problem for veteran players right :smiley:

It appears ganking isn’t a problem after all :smiley:


Even if you don’t get ganked, the absence of the possibility to get ganked is a massive change. Why would you ever even consider to fit tank? Why would you ever fly something different than a yield maxed bling Hulk? Why would you ever scout routes or not fit max cargo expanders to your freighter or industrial? After all you can just press auto pilot and be 100% sure it arrives securely.

Broken for the people who start in highsec, because all the resources there are farmed 24/7 by max yield semi-AFK fleets that just swamp the market with cheap ore even more efficient than they already do, and make it even less worthwhile for regular players to bother with it.

It will also completely remove or at least extremely lessen the need for freighter services. If you can just load everything in a cargo maxed paper freighter and let it autopilot around while you do something else because there is no risk. Today people pay for dedicated freighter pilots to take the risk, why would you do that when the risk is gone?

And that is just two things that come to mind from the top of the head. There are way more where this would have an impact.

I just have to assume, that you either seriously lack the ability to project what the impact of such changes would be, OR you are dishonest because maybe of selfish reasons. After all it’s usually the veteran industrialists and miners who plea for this changes, as they would be the ones to profit most of it, not the new players they just use as a shield to hide their intentions.

Just go play hello kitty online if you don’t like unconsensual PvP. You will be among other carebears.


I didn’t say I don’t want unconsensual PvP, I just don’t agree with your opinion that the game lives or dies based on ganking existing.

That aside, if you think you can predict with any degree of accuracy what the impact of such changes would be then you are delusional.

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Really? Interesting. It’s pretty simple to extrapolate what would happen to certain professions when the risk dynamic radically shifts. But I guess if you are incapable of doing that then you would just assume it’s delusional and even though I justified why things would happen a certain way you would just interpret it as an opinion.


Word salad.

Lol, the audience here doesn’t get brighter I guess. Now they can’t even read perfectly well formed sentences.

It’s pretty simple to guess. To actually predict what would happen would require you not just to predict direct impacts on a profession but indirect impacts from behavioral changes and other professions changing as well as any supporting changes CCP put in alongside.

Of course you’re just going to claim that what you think would happen is fact and that anyone who disagrees is ignorant. It’s convenient that there’s no way to prove or disprove the accuracy of your predictions.

When someone says “If they do something bad to ( insert playstyle I like here ) the game will be ruined”, I’ll always take that with a heap of salt.

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Seems to be a lost art.


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That’s the point a lot of people just don’t want to understand.

Without the risk of ganking, I could have just flown my brand new 350m ISK Gila from Jita back to corp HQ without any fittings and on autopilot yesterday…with zero risk. How boring !

The risk of being ganked on that route is pretty low, but there are people who would quite happily gank a nice juicy several hundred million ISK ship. And avoiding them becomes a fascinating part of the game. The very possibility of being ganked…of a dozen Catalysts suddenly showing up and destroying one’s brand new ship…adds to the excitement of having the ship in the first place. This is what the game is all about !

I fit all my new ships from Jita with inertial stabilisers just for the trip from Jita. It makes for an exciting dash home. In the end nothing happened but having to plan things as if something might added a degree of excitement.

Later in the day I sent my fast align Sunesis 25 jumps to collect several hundred million ISK worth of cloaking devices, damage control II, etc, that have sat at my original home base for months. It was fun zooming past the gankers in a 1.7 second align ship. They will get me one day…but not today !


Well that’s odd, as the inverse of that is precisely your argument that if they don’t do something the game will be ruined. I realise that asking for logic on this forum is a bit of a stretch, but you effectively negate your own argument.

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I haven’t suggested that the game would be ruined whether they do something or not. Most of these “debates” are just people on both sides insulting people and making claims that the other side is ruining the whole game with no evidence.

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Oh really ? What about this comment from you just 18 days ago…

“I don’t agree with your conclusion that removing ganking would ruin the game. To me it’s the opposite.”