High Sec issues I have heard, from both new & old

It’s just a summary of views:

  1. PvP is mandatory. Get over it.

  2. I can’t afford to PLEX.

  3. What’s the point? They’re mega-rich. We can’t even challenge them any more.

  4. High Sec needs to actually be High Sec.


As I sad, heavily summarized; but…

There comes a point where you reach ‘peak ISK & Skill Points’. After that you are essentially a god. Unless a gang gets you you can’t be taken out.

Newbies rock up in High Sec. Old players then farm them.

That is ok.


Then it is decided that you have to move to Null. What if you don’t want to ( this is a game after all ), and want to role-play the Empires instead? We have Incursions & FoBs, and the Guristas & Bloods now follow you, but…

Back to that God-like older player(s) and their power. What if they go too far?


Any ideas? Newbie bashing is costing this game Pilots. I don’t mind working for a Big Player that gives me a good deal, but if they are ass-hats then I’m not gonna enjoy EVE am I? And I get this one A LOT.

I know that CODE could dial it back a bit. Maybe only chase the players that are over a year old.

Anything else?


I’ll leave this one here to see what happens.


Can you be anymore of a butt hurt bad? Everything you have written is simply wrong.

I’ll give you 2/10 for trolling.




It is a challenge, if they bling fit, have multiple accounts and high skills. But it is certainly doable if you are smart and have the right ship composition and numbers. In reality that is the issue with hisec, most people just cannot play at the level required in terms of organizing a competent entity to take them on and it is a challenge to do that, which is why so far it has not happened.

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'Think of the children" arguments get posted often. It seems logical after all.

Unfortunately, without evidence they are no more valid that the reverse argument, that the nature of EVE as it is, attracts more players than it loses.

Unless you can post actual evidence beyond personal anecdote, then the choice between one or other of those arguments is just as valid and maybe if EVE wasn’t what it is, it’d be dead already.

Certainly from CCP’s perspective, having tried to validate the view that new player bashing costs the game, they haven’t come to that conclusion.


How is highsec not highsec?



Considering what kind of “newbies” CCP wants to attract for a couple of years now, you can’t grief and harass them enough to leave EVE. There is so much dumbness and ignorance and incompetence visible in the Rookie Help channel, among other places, that makes me believe most of these wannabes have no place in EVE at all and only make EVE worse. Not all of them are like this, however, the number of these terrible individual has increased significantly over the last couple of years.

That aside: You can live in high sec perfectly fine and make lots of money there undisturbed. All you have to do is be clever about what you do. Want to mine? Don’t mine in popular areas, don’t mine in unfitted ships, pay attention to your surroundings. Want to trade? Look where things die and bring things there from cheap hubs. Want to produce? Do it in a station in a quiet system to not put your BPO at risk, or use a structure with copies from your BPO central NPC station. Want to run missions? Do it in less popular areas with fewer agents but also fewer interference from players.
You do not have to go to null sec if you do not want to.


Because I lost a ship!!!11!!11!!One!!!Eleven


By whom?


You are completely wrong.
I’ll just leave this here:


High sec only needs one simple change.
A player that initiates warp can’t be bumped.

Beyond that high sec pvp is fine how it is.


to paraphrase the above: If you want to play in High-Sec just … sit in front of your PC … Stress out … develop a severe case of paranoia … and tell yourself over and over again “This is fun. It IS fun. It is fun.” … until your family has an Intervention and you get committed to a hospital or worse!


Why are you even playing this game if you hate it so much?


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You are a god the moment your character name is approved.

–Space Goddess Gadget

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I lose ships all the time…

Then I find them months later in some random station where it was cheap to build at the time.

–Gadget loses keys, too


Derelik per chance? Never was there a more aptly named region.


If you are not paranoid when you do something in EVE, you are doing it wrong. Besides, in low sec and null sec you need to be paranoid, too. In high sec you know at least that every neutral can come for you. In low sec and null sec you don’t know if that blue, who just entered the system is really your alliance buddy, just passing through to their own ratting system, or a spy from a neutral group for who intel just reported a logged in super in a system in range.

I can have more fun in high sec with my paranoia than in null sec. :wink:

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–Gadget hope FR gets some intervention

He wants this basically:

PS. Someone please “eve-ify” this pic for OP, for future reference. Thanks!


Simple solution: get rid of high-sec altogether. Playerbase will drop by 25% but forum whining will drop by 95%. I can dig that.