CCP plans to remove PvP from HS

“Further define the differences between the five categories of space and foster geographical variety. The semi-lawless frontier of Lowsec has the potential to become much more than it is now as the Empires’ patience with intrusive Capsuleers in Highsec is wearing thin while wormhole resources will see increased demand.”

So CCP plans to try to move PvP out of HS… Many of you know as well as I do that this will not work. I hope as many of you realize that this will trash the economy when folks in HS can farm isk with impunity. Furthermore, what’s the point of fighting over resources in Null/LS when you can just hoard them in the (soon to be) 100% safety of HS?

Mark my words. The day PvP is removed from HS is the day EvE truly dies.

PS: They also mention changes to the Orca in the dev-blog. I guarantee you this will end up being another stealth nerf to ship swapping.




I think that means security status will become dynamic, if a lot of destruction happens in the system it will drop in sec status and eventually become low sec.

Can’t wait for 0.1 Jita.

But maybe npc kills will bring the security standings up again who knows.

Sounds pretty exciting either way.


They literally can’t implement dynamic sec status without it being horribly exploitable. I’m quite certain they plan to completely bubble wrap high sec this year.

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Things can be exploited in more than one direction thou who knows maybe there is a high sec alliance that forms to keep high sec from falling into lawless lands.

Think about it thou, high sec people would be able to do their missions in udama and be able to push the sec status so high that people can’t gank their freighters in 0.9 anymore.

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If carebears cant even form a corporation to shoot a single mission baiting frigate in their system then they’re sure as hell not going to form one for this. All they want is to watch their wallet grow, anything that takes away from that they will not participate in.


While the real Olympics may have been postponed, the Mental Gymnastics performed when OP
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Adriene would be proud of that stretch.


If high secor’s have the money I am sure there will be those who like to fight while getting paid and still get to feel like the good guys protecting people.

Maybe they can call the alliance “The High Order” xD

Yea I know it seems like a stretch. Still, watch me be right. I’ve played this game for long enough to know CCP does nothing but cave in to the pressure of PvEing whales now-a-days. I expect these changes to be no different.

But yea tbh I have 0 idea what CCP are actually going to do.

Maybe they do not know either and posted it to see what pops into our heads.

This is from the person who complained they couldnt use allied logi to pop a pve boat.


If so, then working with that theme, the Empires should ban not just cynos, but all capsuleers from highsec. Close it down completely and push people to low/null/jspace only. :slight_smile:

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Holy ■■■■ that would be real eve LOL but damn if we thought we heard crying on the forums this will be nothing compared to what is to come.

But If I learned anything from eve its that you can change the environment easily but you cannot change people’s mind sets without some serious effort, like when potch blocked high sec trade routes between jita and the other trade hub’s instead of the other trade hubs growing because they where closer to people living in other areas of space now everyone just moves closer to jita…


I would love some Dynamic Tax :stuck_out_tongue: the less trades done in the system the less the market order tax is.


I don’t think they’ll remove PvP from high-sec. I do think they may introduce a system where people under a certain skill point threshold cannot engage or be engaged in PvP

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It would last exactly until the next thing du jour to get righteously angry about. As always.

Look at the game now compared to how it used to be. Every one of those changes was met with tears and rage. Threats to quit and declarations that EVE is ruined forever.

The same people crying then would have a conniption if it was changed back now.

In other words. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Nothing to see here indeed. Just the same shills that post on everything.

Ok but lets think realistically:

CCP just put massive hours into coding a system that measures activity and gives a % bonus or penalty depending.

Logically now that CCP has tested this new bit of Code they will start implementing it into other areas of space: with this they seem to be hinting at high sec.

But why stop at only bounties: (other things that CCP could effect system-wide)
Sec status
Mission rewards and LP
Concord/Militia response time
Amount of Pirate NPC’s in system
Align time/Warp Speed (Could help for freightor routes if they all go through 1.0’s to a trade hub) Also less chance of being ganked then.

But at the same time maybe access could now be limited to your faction standing to that faction:
(I see this as a possibility as CCP has already tested this with Pochven Gates requiring standings.)
-2 to 2 standings can access 0.5 systems in high sec
2.1 to 4 standings can access 0.6 systems in high sec
4.1 to 6 standings can access 0.7 systems in high sec
6.1 to 7 standings can access 0.8 systems in high sec
7.1 to 8 standings can access 0.9 systems in high sec
9.1 to 9.9 standings can access 1.0 systems in high sec

So a player that has ground his Caldari empire standings to 5.6 can access all caldari systems 0.7 and under and now because they have high caldari standings their gallente standings are lower so they are limited to Gallente low sec and 0.5’s.

First thing that would happen is trade hubs would migrate to the edges of high sec and sit in 0.5’s in the directions of all the sides of the map and Jita would not be dominant anymore.


Pretty much. The jump from “intrusive capsuleers” to “pvp will be removed from highsec” is a leap that seems a bit strange.

The Empires see all capsuleers as an intrusion, not just the pvpers. They have always been concerned about capsuleer technology and the gods that it creates.

So seems a bit chicken little to think all pvp will be removed from HS.