CCP killed highsec PvP

CCP created a wave a ships and game mechanics that were designed to escape combat.
Back in the day, CCP used to create conflict and supported combat between individuals more than any game ever made.
Today’s CCP creates a game for massive fleet battle and nullsec entities while throwing aside highsec as a recruitment and tax ground for those few entities.
Ships like Luxury Yacht aside, let talk about highsec only. Cloaky SoE ships are designed for camping and escaping.
Ceptors have been given a free pass because agility and align times allow them to escape.
Viable Solo PvP ships who wish to fight, have such low scan resolution that it is impossible to scram anyone.
server lag has become the deciding factor of the engagement. CCP has allowed pilots in larger ships to simply use the cloak/MWD trick to escape.
Even if you get scrammed, CCP has made it possible to simply leave your corp while scrammed, break tackle, and fly away. [Ralph edit: Wat™]
CCP have also, by use of Tethering, eliminated PvP at new structures. This forces you into gate camping and back to the scan resolution battle with ships designed to escape.
Now have you ever wondered why most combat in highsec is a weak ship getting one-shot at a gate camp? Any ship that cannot be one-shot can simply return to gate and fly away.
This has been just a few of the major issues that CCP has used to kill highsec combat in favour of a socialist taxed utopia.
The end days of a game are always the same… “And the meek shall inherit the earth.” The majority is weak and if allowed to make decisions, they will turn EvE into a chat room with spaceships.
I could go on about economic and game mechanic attacks against small entities, solo and small gang combat… if asked. Discuss


Don’t worry, there are cries to get rid of this one too.

If in a capsule, sure. If in a ship, you can’t.

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I’m glad some folks can still see it.


Tears from a high sec (wannabe?) pvper?
If it flows from both sides, it’s kind of balanced?

Honestly, it’s an mmo. If carebears need a scout and webber alt, get a friend/alt in a insta-lock interceptor to catch fast ships and use a mwd to rush to and decloak people who mwd-cloak off gates.

Usually HS pvper pride themselves in being intelligent and resourceful at using (exploiting?) game mechanics. HTFU! I’m sure you can learn from the leet pvpers out there. They tend to welcome new friends pretty easily. It must be a good change from the boredom of just playing with themselves (and their alt).


Please do.


Stop praying on people who have no interest in fighting you and come get good out here in the dark. The sharks want you to come, and play with us in low sec. We will fight you, we will PvP with you, and we will show you why everything you put in this post is complete crap, and your crying to CCP is actually creating the problems.


Ouch i just hit a walll of text

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The fact that other areas of space are healthier isn’t a valid reason to leave empire war befuckered.

Op is a bit of a Muppet if I remember correctly but the underlying point that war mechanics desperately need attending to isn’t diminished by this.


Mate, paragraphs, I’m not reading all that wall of text.

Are you an alt or something, because you seem to have like 2 solo kills ever. Can’t imagine you calling anyone a wannabe unless maybe this is your non-combatant alt and for some reason you’re not posting with your main like you should…

OP is indeed missing a few tricks he could be using to even the playing field, however the things he says about changes in the last few years taking a huge toll on hisec PvP are true and demonstrable.

He didn’t say anything about lowsec, so i’m not sure what you’re trying to get across. Maybe you thought he said “hisex PvP is l33ter than lowsex PvP” or something? It’s just funny that someone suggests changes could be made to Hisec mechanics and the best response you can come up with is “come to lowsec, we’re sharks or something”.

I think OP just came off a little whiny, but was making a couple of valid points about the state of current hisec PvP compared to a few years back. Not the part about being unable to lock anyone, that was wet as.


Should be somewhat less horrendous to read now.


Hah :slight_smile: cheers Ralph +1

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No worries, bit odd this one.
Bemoaning the current state of affairs but clueless as to how or why we got there.

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What is funny is he made no suggestions, just a bunch of crying.

So unless you can filter some kind of suggestion out of that level 10 wall of text, please illuminate it for those of us who cant see through the tears.


Yeah it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff in that top post, but crimewatch was indeed ■■■■ and is still ■■■■ now. Also something something citadel mechanics.

That corp drop to break tackle was a thing too btw @Ralph_King-Griffin. Not sure if it still is though, since it was mentioned a bit at the time.

Fair cop, I think I just resonated with the slivers of truth in the post (crimewatch bad, hisec less fun than before) and read through the obligatory forum rage because I’ve read it all a million times. To be honest you read my post incorrectly anyway. I said OP suggested THAT changes could be made, not that he actually made specific recommendations or had solutions.

Previously, you could not enter a POS force field to PVP people hiding inside those. You complained about this?

For “killed PVP in high sec” there are are many High sec regions in the Top 10 for monthly destruction.

Not to mention that Rakka Tahiri helps to enable a whole lot of PVP in high sec.

Then maybe get better at PVP?

And when it comes to missions:

Suspect baited on stolen loot.

:thinking: There’s a lot of destruction happening for “killed PVP in high sec”.


Why can’t I call him a wannabe? He obviously wants to be a pvper, but instead of learning how (it’s obviously possible, just look at the MER to see how much is destroyed in HS or just above as @Dyver_Phycad made the argument beautifully already), he brings us salt. My recognizing that has nothing to do with the fact that I am not a pvper, never claimed to be, never tried to be besides being opportunistic in my WH a while back.

Gankers tell carebears to HDFU all the time when they come to cry here, does it hurt you somehow when it’s the carebears that tell the wannabee gankers instead? I believe anyone who comes here with just tears when others obviously make things work, especially without much in the way of suggestions, deserve the same treatment.

So, yeah, everyone has something to complain about. Carebears, gankers, wardeccers, wardec “victims”, etc. As long as nobody is completely satisfied and exploiting the others, I guess it’s kind of working? If people want to discuss how to make things better, they should come with an argument and a justified proposition, not a river.


That’s fair enough to an extent. It’s just you’re expected to have some experience of the other person’s gameplay before you pretend to know all about it or you come off as bitter and more of a wannabe than the person you’re insulting :slight_smile:

I think it’s more that you are bitter about gankers or something so you’re venting here. You’re easily as bad as OP in terms of salt, except he does loads of PvP before posting about the state of PvP. You did bugger all and still want to sit at the table and talk about things you clearly don’t understand.

It’s HTFU by the way.

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Funny but I was always taught that if you don’t have a counter or a solution to the problem it is best not to say anything at all. It just makes you like like a pansy b…