The problem CCP Created

OK so I am ranting here but I think everyone agrees

So here is my rant…

CCP made carebearing in highsec a reality… There is very little risk now in high sec for people as long as they do not own an upwell structure…

Some may say well this is a good thing… to which I say shut up and listen…

Upwell Structure ( 400,000,000 ISK (Raitaru) + Core (800,000,000) total cost 1.2 Billion isk

This is what is needed at the VERY LEAST to either be war dec’d or to war dec another corp.

This seems logical but let me explain why its not…

Corporations / Players will create corps (are creating corps) 1 for their assets and another for their players, or not claiming assets at all, then they are flying 5 billion isk Gilas and 3 billion isk Orcas and 4 billion isk freighters without fear or threat of war… so CCP has effectively killed trade route pvp mechanics. Something that was a major driver in lowsec pvp aswell as highsec pvp.

CCP if you are listening you need to remove the restriction of Upwell structures from War Decs it ruins the pvp experience for the pvp players and creates a corruptable process for those who want to work around it.

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Aren’t exactly those what gankers are for to kill and enforce the risky nature of EVE Online even in hi-sec? :thinking:

If anything gankers might be delighted no wardec corp can interfere with their isk making.


ppl say hisec is not safe and now say it’s safe plz make your mind.


if you are so eager for pvp go find pvp where it happens. you don’t want pvp you want easy kills


EVE is (was supposed to be as I understand it) a society.

Every society needs safe places (as safe as can be).

Like it or not there are MANY players who are very combat/confrontational adverse. They got into the game for the economics, the industry, the exploration…all things except constant combat.

Take that safety away and EVE is just a twist on Call of Duty and other shoot’em up games.


I’d call that presenting a reasoned argument. Rants get policed.

War dec expansion incoming is my guess at a CCP answer.

Change is a fraction of time and inevitable.

god you carebears kill me, want safety stay in 1.0 systems where concord responds in 1 second, this isn’t about safe / not safe this is about the mechanics of war, no one should be flying around in multi billion isk ships in highsec free from threat of war just because they don’t have an upwell station, and to say then to gank them is ignorant as that is an isk adverse option in many cases and requires tremendous force for some ships.


wardec where changed for a good reason. new player and new corps where bullied and farmed to hell if they part of any Corp before, witch hits social aspect of the game also new player retention like CCP realized and then made such changes.


honestly CCP didn’t think it through when they made the upwell requirement to war dec’s they allowed players to fly multibillion isk ships in highsec free from threat of war / conflict then created scarcity to force nullers / wh players to get their titanium from high sec for the most part. Safety is an illusion in eve, War Dec’s create content

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NPC Corps are and have always been exempt from war decs so if a new player is getting bullied its because they joined the wrong corporation or tried to start off on their own too early and don’t yet understand the game.

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New players need a place to play the game where people just don’t farm then while they are learning.

Nothing will make some players fight. You will wardec them, then they won’t play. We’ve all been there and done that.

But but but most importantly, there are people getting kills in highsec all day without begging CCP to change the rules for them.

Quit asking for rules changes and learn how to achieve your goals in the existing system.

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New players have and have always had a place to play the game, IN NPC CORPS.

You mean quit asking for it to be the way the game was intended not the way you carebears begged for it to be for 20 years?

Making your own corp is so fun, why shouldn’t new people be able to run a corp with their friends right away?

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Read my KB friend, I live in lowsec and feed like champ. :grin:

You mean there are people sacking their sec status to get kills or finding upwell structure corps and attacking them, Great glad they are content is needed, but when i see a group of 12 orcas at an ice belt and know that there is no way to war deck them when they have an inspace value that exceeds that of 5 raitarus then thats an issue.

Can someone show this guy a Catalyst?


I run my own corp, i am able to be war decked and i don’t live in highsec . I also don’t fear war. its a feature of eve and shouldn’t of been tampered with

And you couldn’t wardec them either if they were in an npc corp, which is exactly what they did back then before the wardec changes. Unless you advocate for removing the npc corps as well but that is not what I’ve got from your OP.

Yeah so cut the fun if being part of something. game needs more ppl . if lot of players come because they can be part of a small group why allow them to be hunted and farmed nonstop? I think corps be able to be wardeced only if they own a structure is balanced enough cause structures do give a lot of advantages.

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I started shortly before the change. Didn’t fully understand the change at the time…

But if you see a bunch of Orcas on an ice belt then wait, follow and find out which station they are use. WarDec the corp that own that station. Or WarDec the stations in that system as it is covenant for all to use in most cases. You never know who might all join in as allies.

Change happens… the skill that is learned is whether we can over come the change.

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