Hisec war engagement

Why did we design and implement a system that encourages hisec groups to move all of their structures to a one man Corp?

How is endless structure bashing with no chance of retaliation better engagement?

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Because CCP saw an issue in 5 groups owning 50% of wars when they looked at the data and started to iterate on wars.

But don’t worry, the carebears tell us that from next month they’ll all be up for a fight, because there’ll be a war HQ. So interaction is going to go through the roof apparently. /s

All we’ve seen so far is Marmite have joined P I R A T and if anything, it will become more oppressive for small groups.

The whining will continue and interaction won’t change.


I don’t understand why 5 groups spamming wardecs is a problem.

Is there a problem with the 10 coalitions that own all of nullsec?

Why should a group be able to mine all the belts dry in my highsec home system without any action from me.


They would do that anyway as in an NPC Corp , so wardec changes are not the core issue

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That is also a problem. Very magnified by the new changes.

As far as I can tell we’ve only succeeded in giving pirat a sure fire way to only wardec groups that can afford their ransom.


During the old rulesz main decs where on farming new players and bullying new players corp, so if that had not happened on such a massive scale, rules would be the same until today. Action and reaction law


but thats what they should have addressed and ‘fixed’… which isnt really what theyve done is it…

Man, agreeing with your sarcastic take on the matter is unusual. :smiley:

Out of necessity. With this stupid WHQ change, TEST and CFC can just rofldumpster this HQ structure and end the war, which would mean an end to the endless wars against these fattest of the fat null sec bears. That CCP does not think this through is no surprise.


A bit like invincible cynos in nullsec, i dgaf how long panic lasts, invulnerable is invulnerable and at no point should that be allowed to use a cyno.

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That is true but changes are not over yet let’s wait and see

like we waited for ambulation? lol

Patience is a virtue

yeh but ten years is taking the p***

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Speaking as a carebear… nope.

Some people were getting paid to spam wardecs. I found it a bit… much… for CCP just to refer to that directly as “bullying”. Mercenaries were useful.

some yes, others not so much; no matter what they claim.

And the truth really is that most people are highly unlikely to pay others to dec people; when they can just do it themselves.

And before you comment on that, you should probably take a look at how many wardecks ive instigated myself… or been in by the attacking corp…

Ive seen lots of carebears paying mercs to wardec. Also threatening with mercs as well.
It seemed to me to be a staple of the repertoire of the 3 man corporation.

I think you are really underestimating the vast majority of us in high sec. There are literally tens (if not more) of players that just want to “mine in peace…” for example. Why should I wardec the idiots that are stealing my moon ore when I can pay someone to do it?

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Ive seen a house fly.

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I be done seen 'bout everything…

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i spent many years in highsec, i was even in marmite at one point tbh.

The best time to be in hs tbvh was before they did the change to criminal mechanics, was a lot more fun, the newbros we got seemed to stick around longer and seemed more loyal.

Now everyone in a rush to join a null blob for isk… even though you dont even need to be in null to make that isk.

And they moan about not being able to rat because of cloaky campers…
We didnt moan about that back in the day… it was content…

… when i was young all this was just fields…

ikr :stuck_out_tongue: