Hisec war engagement

I believe you.

PIRAT has adapted to the changes and will continue to be available for hire as mercs in high sec.

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I am glad that mercenaries are not dead.
But what to do about those miners stealing my moon ore that are not war-deccable?


Im not sure your aware of just what those are just yet, i dont think any of us really do yet tbh.

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True. We are adapting to what we know from the dev blog so far.

What I do know so war hq will be fun and some great content.

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Speaking as a small carebear with a small operation… I am not convinced that the changes are going to make my life any less complicated, or any more fun. I am waiting with baited breath to see what will come!

Do you own any structures?

Yes. On alts.

Lol adapt.

All the changes did was make it mechanically impossible for you to dec some one too poor to pay a ransom.

Good job “adapting” to this huge buff by not making any changes whatsoever.

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You clearly don’t have an appreciation for different play styles or understand how we are having to adapt. Try to be more constructive with your salt post.

The player base has been asking for these changes for a long time. We did not push these. Ccp have tried to improve the system to make wars more meaningful.

Now the defender has some objectives in the war hq. Grow a pair and try to fight with others.


The defender has no objectives. They won’t defend their structures. Bad wolf for instance has all their structures in a one man Corp.

Dec them and they will ignore you. You will systematically destroy all of their structures and it will be boring as ■■■■.

I have no hate for pirat, and I’m happy for you that you have been buffed so greatly.

My point is the changes are by no means increasing engagement as intended and simply aren’t working.

I want further iteration to increase engagement, not provide mechanical means to avoid it completely.


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Dunno, for myself having it all structure based seems oppressive to me; in that i hate structure bashes :stuck_out_tongue:

I have seen some other folks looking to do some stuff though, you’ve seen that yourself so in that regard it may prove interesting… but… i just cant help shake that feeling that in many ways the very people we want to retain (newer players) will be missing out on a lot of these sorts of things…

ah well. it is what it is.

They’re liable to lose those then or pay for protection?

I wouldnt bother owning a hs structure now, i might have considered it b4 lol

Doesn’t really matter whether I like the changes or not.
I will adapt
Or die.
Likely both…

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They are certainly liable to lose them and in the end it’s a dumb decision. But it’s not engaging.

Yes we did,

However, the fix is really easy. the corporations need an reverse upkeep system.

something like “10m per a toon for corps under 50 people, for corps over, 2m per a too”.
this will also help inactive players get kicked from corporations.

then you set it up "if corporation does not pay the isk bill, corporation closes. If disbanded for 30 days (not re-opened), it is deleted.

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There is a point to be made that after a few structures you just fuel to collect isk.
at some point 1-3b dont mean anything let it die, probably cheaper then hiring a merc corp

In a ‘‘sandbox’’ like eve you can NOT own real estate and NOT be subject to the risk of losing it. There HAS to be that space where the area can change hands.

Currently the only real reason why so many highsec structures are at risk is simple; it is because wardecks were shifted over to structure bashing wars.

I highly doubt all the mercs want to actually shoot structures that much, it really does get old real quick for many players but i must admit, there is even a small voice at the back of my head whispering to join them if nothing more than to make a statement.

Agree. Citadels changed the merc world for us. Overnight contracts changed. Yes x wanted to pay us to war dec y, but often it would be linked to …and can you kill that structure. So our business model changed with demand. The war hq is therefore just another structure to fight over. Yes a structure bash gets interesting when someone turns up!