CCP Killed War v2

So I had a rant about the problem and didn’t explain myself very clearly. Which is why a lot of carebears started crying that I was a big bad meanie and should just man up and suicide gank…

CCP Designed EvE online around a societal system war was part of that system to create checks and balances, However with the changes to the war dec system which prevents you from either A Participating or B Declaring war on another corporation unless they own an upwell structure in space and you do aswell.

While in theory, this may sound like a good idea and to CCP it did at first… but I am here to explain why it is ruining the game and allowing destabilization of the economy.

in the past if you wanted to war dec a corporation you forked up 50,000,000 isk and declared war for 7 days there was a 24 hour period before war began and your enemy / opponent had time to prepare.

Many argue that war was abused just to farm newbros, and while some did abuse the war mechanic many did not, it was a means to protect certain areas of space, to control trade routes and control ores / minerals within high security space.

You may argue that you can still do this by suicide ganking however I am here to tell you that is an ignorant idea to keep throwing 10,000,000 isk ships at people just to disrupt them and force them to leave an area is isk negative to yourself.

War allowed you both to engage one another in battle in all areas of space, however now people hide their upwell structures in holding corps and pay / get the assistance of larger mercenary groups to protect them. While earning upwards of 600mil isk / hour running abyssals in highsec or earning billions of isk // day doing boosted mining fleets and incursions.

I support their ability to do these things but with measured risk. suicide ganking is on a decline because its an isk negative activity, new players aren’t being challenged and fear branching out, war mechanics will give them that much needed exposure to pvp to make them feel like moving out of high sec and enjoying the game for more than the limited content empire space has to offer.

edit: destabilization is due to the unchecked farming.

TL:DL Don;t support carebearing, holding hands never taught anyone, CCP needs to revert war changes.

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You should just man up and suicide gank. If it’s ISK negative for you, you’re ganking the wrong targets.


Let me be clear for someone who has no idea what I said. Any activity where you throw away a ship to destroy another, is ISK negative. just because you padded your killboard with a more expensive kill doesn’t mean you arent still out the isk it cost to build the gank ship.

Are you telling me you’re forgetting to loot your targets?


no im saying that loot doesnt always cover loss

To use RW examples, in real war you typically invade someone else’s land, occupy it, and defend against the reprisal to push you out. This last until either a truce is made or one side no longer has the capacity to conduct open warfare. WW2 is a great example of this.

But now in modern times we have “wars” without declaration against specific nations. The “war on terrorism” for example. Going pretty good, ey?

A corp w/o structures can be anywhere. Declaring war on a corp w/o a structure is just a license to attack on sight w/o Concord repercussions.

What prevents every corp from just declaring war on every other corp and the whole of Eden becomes an eternal “Purge”?

There is the real problem.

Random war decs were never good for anyone.

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They didn’t before so why would they now?


yes that is a real problem and “Random War Decs” aren’t random. yes it’s a license to shoot on sight in high sec, but it’s also a means for content. Content that once existed that now doesn’t and yes Abyssals should be changed, You should not be able to enter an abyssal higher than T3 inside of highsec. you should have to enter low sec to do T4 / T5 / T6, risk / reward.

Before (current) a corp needs a structure to be war eligible. Not all corps have a structure.

or go suspect, OK, works for me.

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No, it isn’t

Apart from that, there is like zero chance CCP will change the wardec system again. They where to lazy to iterate on it the last time and just applied a band aid. It was really apparent that the people in charge think Highsec PvP is just a unimportant sideshow that is not worth even thinking about.

I used to do wardecs from time to time as a solo corp, it was quite fun. But I don’t want to maintain a structure just for that, I have neither the time nor the resources to defend such a thing. Nor are I in any shape or form interested in boring structural warfare.

I wish I could just opt-in to be at least on the receiving end of wardecs with my corp without having a structure, but not even that is possible.

It’s just more content that got removed without replacement for me.

Suicide gankers don’t agree on wardecs without player structures. They are afraid of it.:yum:

Personally I think, corporations don’t belong into highsec. A radical fix could be, any corporation with more than 10 chars, or being in an alliance is at permanent war to each other such corporation in highsec.


11% npc tax made many players form 1-man corps. mostly solo players doing pve. war deccing them had very little risk to the attacker. the war had no purpose other than to farm a single player. as pointed out in your previous duplicate thread , npc corp cant be war decced. the solo casual player you and your ooc alts were hunting drops to npc corp or quits . any corp can participate in war without owning a structure by using the ally system. hope that clears up some of the mistruths posted itt.

Yah, gank me, I’m always doing stupid stuff like dropping in that fancy and very expensive module I found in the hopes that 1% more tank will help me survive.
It’s pretty funny to have a ship that costs under a million blow up while being worth 200m.
If I could figure out all the rules to PvP I might actually try ganking, or even just shooting first but the rules look like an explosion in a spaghetti factory to me.
If I were in charge the rules would be simple, there wouldn’t be any, and there would be no nerfs unless they were done very very slowly and carefully.
Then again CCP isn’t going to put me in charge because they know who would get tossed in the volcano and how fast it would happen… Oh, I mean scolded and politely told not to say things like “if they don’t like it they can quit”.
No, the volcano was a great idea, let’s go with that. Volcanos like virgins right? Or is it computer geeks?
I’m not sure there’s a real difference.

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Valid game mechanic.

Also valid mechanic.

If this is true it sure is taking years to die like this dude

What nobody seems to talk about is how the wardec mechanic was abused to hell by a few select alliances to the point where what was supposed to be something to allow groups to enforce control over pockets of hisec was altered to the point of losing all meaning. The abuse in this case isn’t the wardec spam itself but the reputation these groups had as cheating bastards who are the most risk-adverse “pvp” types you’ll ever encounter in this game.

Unless you get a crafty and confident FC who can rally folks to go after the old wardec spammers, most folks won’t even bother trying to form up a fleet go try to hunt them down because they were well-known to abuse the ever-living ■■■■ out of any and every exploit and bug they can find to minimize any chance of losing a ship. There was a rather prominent skirmish a few years back where some FC managed to successfully bait and trap a significant PIRAT nestor fleet but PIRAT managed to glitch the majority of their nestor fleet right out of the danger zone and to safety. I know I’ve tried to rally some folks during my stay in hisec but it got absolutely nowhere because “nobody wants to fight a bunch of cheaters”

As annoying as the codeites could be, I have a lot more respect for them than hisec wardec spammers.

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Ye…I agree! CCP please allow this lil sad griefer boi to keep me, my gameplay and my entire exsistance “in check”.
BTW, note to the psychiatrists - his words, not mine.

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I like how well-known game mechanics are “exploits” and “bugs” to you.