Please change the war declaration mechanics - The cost MUST GO UP - Make War decs, a proper reason

Hi (This is not a rant) but a heartfelt appeal to CCP to PLEASE fix this issue in-game

War - Is a term used to describe conflict where both sides have an equal chance of winning.

Now I am going to give you a scenario and please think about this before you troll this post.

Player A joins Eve Online, he’s read a lot of crap about Eve, so he does not leave the NPC corp, it’s fine, he has public fleets (streamers and the likes) He can’t be war decked, he is safe.

Player B joins Eve Online, he knows nothing about the game, he does the tutorial, he joins recruitment channel, joins a corp. Things then go downhill.

Player B knows nothing of “null, low, WH space” so he tries his missions

Corporation A is war decked, player B quits the corp because he cannot make ISK, griefers have seen to that.

Player B joins Corporation B - Repeated process
Player B joins corporation C - Repeated process.
Player B joins corporation D - Repeated process
Player B joins corporation E - Repeated process

Now he has a choice, go to null/low/wh space or play solo. He doesn’t want to, he wants to run his missions, he likes his exploration in high sec, he likes the high sec anoms. Not to mention now he has changed corporations so much avoiding wars to try and make his 10-20 mil for his cruiser, he is now labelled “an alt” or a “spy alt” - Even though he is neither. His account is ruined, he has no ISK, no ships, the griefers have seen to that, when he has pleaded in local with them to let him go, they call him “noob” and “go back to wow” and say things like “welcome to eve”.

Player B then finally throws his hands up in disgust, he cannot understand why these players are allowed to kill anyone they like with paying such minimal fee’s - So he quits the game, goes to Elite Dangerous or w/e.

This is happening every day and it needs to change.

Meanwhile, Player A, stays in the NPC corp with his 11% tax. Nice and cosy.

CCP - why would players stay in Eve Online only to be blown up non stop by cloaky T3 cruisers.

Because I can assure you. I run a PvP corp, we have formed up and gone after every corp that has decked us, do you know what happens? Nothing, they dock up and smack in local. If they cannot “gank” they run, this is not “war” it is the “slaughter” of new players, defenceless mission runners and miners.

The cost for war decking needs to be around 5bil per dec, it is a massively abused mechanic. Now before anyone starts calling me a whiner, We have been at war for nearly two months now for no reason at all.

If people want to “declare war” on another corporation, it needs to be for a reason. The cost needs to increase by 1 billion ISK per week. War should always be the last resort in empire. Not a game play style.

There is no reason why CCP can allow this to continue. We need to grow as a game and CCP, you need to grow as a business.

This needs to be sorted, it doesn’t effect null, it doesn’t effect low or WH but it does effect groups who simply want to play eve for the amazing game it is.


You lost everyone right off the bat with that statement. War is not fair. Never has been, and it never will be…


No, I did not.

I am merley stating that this mechanic is broken, flawed and screwed up and needs to be fixed

I “lost” nothing.

War in a game or IRL should reflect as the “last choice” scenario.

Not a game play style


You are playing a 24/7, non-stop, open PvP anywhere game. You should have checked into what you were playing before you started…


Okay I am going to stop speaking to you now.

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Long story short, war decs have been a thing for 15 years now. Read that again. 15 years. And EVE is still going. Your argument is invalid.

If you don’t want to be subject to a war dec, stay in an NPC corp. If you start up or join a player corp, you must accept the consequences of doing so.

Much like in real life. You can either stay in the background in relative anonymity, or you can become a public figure, susceptible to public scrutiny…


Yes. 15 years and I have been here since the starts

I have 361mil SP - I have flown and lost Titans, do not mistake me for a fool. I have fced fleets in the thousands, been in most of the biggest battles ingame.

I run a training corp. I know exactly what this war dec mechanic is doing

Or maybe I should war dec you and take down your Citadels 1 by 1 and see if your opinion changes?

5 years ago the weekend numbers where 50-60k players online

Now it hardly hits 30k

So do not sit there and pretend that this screwed up mechanic is not having an adverse effect on eve online


Yeah, it couldn’t possibly be because of older players leaving the game due to real life obligations, or a lack of new players due to the steep learning curve they can’t be bothered to put up with since there are a multitude of easier games out there.

It has to be because of war decs. That’s obviously the only answer…


Did I at any point, Mr Troll state it was the only reason?


I said this mechanic is broken and needs to be fixed and you have taken it wildly out of context and acted like an ass.

I will now wait for an intelligent person to post, because that is clearly beyond you.

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Ah, now I see the root cause of your issue. You are talking about having safe spaces in high sec…


See now that’s an intelligent answer, let’s try that, you lead with that next time instead of trolling?

No, I am asking CCP to make sure war decs, are done with reason. That is always the last resort. No a game play style that takes out new players non stop because they CANNOT stay in a corp long enough in high sec without being taken out non stop by griefers.

Which I don’t see how ANY decent human or gamer, can possibly disagree with.

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Sorry, but your argument is still going to fall on deaf ears. Whether you are in an NPC corp or a player corp, it doesn’t matter. You are going to get ganked or griefed at some point. Since you have been playing for 15 years, I’m going to have to assume that you already know that EVE is mostly populated by sociopaths. There is no such thing as safe spaces in EVE. Never has been, never will be.

The simple solution to is to form an unofficial training corporation that operates out of an NPC station and use your own private chat channel. There. You are instantly immune to war decs. Simple as that.

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I read the title, I think I agree with OP, then I read this sentence, and stop here. Nope, nope, nope…
A war is just an aggression at the level of an organization, towards an organization. Why ? Most of the time, profit. Restrictions ? profit. Stops when ? profit runs out.
That’s why is so effective.

So no, no idea of balance in war.

I’m really not trying to be an ass here, just trying to explain.

Take me for example. The corporation this toon is in only exists because I purchased it from a mission runner years ago when we still had to have faction standings in order to place a POS in high sec. I only stay in it for the name and the nostalgia. I have several other accounts with various alt player corps that I own that I use to do my daily business. I got war decced a couple months ago by Marmites and a couple others, probably because of something I said on the forum or something I did to piss someone off in local. Since I have several other alt corps, it didn’t affect me in the slightest.

I can see how constant war decs would negatively affect you if a single corporation is all that you owned. There are a variety of ways to get around that, however.

Delete that because it’s asking for it.

No. Too expensive to allow some corps that already do this into it. Limiting the amount of wars a group can declare would be an easier fix. Making a risk for the war in space required would give you shooting target on the as you said before:

Which is why I argue that the cost for war needs to NOT be isk but an object you place in space.

Thank you, finally, an intelligent response

That is a very good idea

We’ve had extensive debate and insults in general forums over it. It took a lot of beating, a buff for having the object in question, a request that it get defense timers similar to an upwell structure would be required to even have a chance at being useful and even giving it that upwell structure defense would mean it’s not useful.

I’ll suggest you start here. It’s where we started cutting the bull… hockey pucks away.

What happens at the bottom end of the war decs is not important to me. However, the top end cost of wars needs to be as low as feasibly doable. It must be possible again that huge groups like PanFam, CONDI, TEST can be under continuous war dec again like in pre-2013 days. Back then, wars actually killed hundreds of billions and were kept going for ages. Back then CONDI was already the most productive group in existence. Today they are even more productive and the gap between the next group is even bigger, yet there are times when CONDI is without war dec because it is prohibitively expensive to war dec 30,000+ characters. This must change at all cost.

Sonny… in my day you skilled into that Navitas and liked it. We didn’t care if you didn’t want to mine in your mission. You do that anyway. ISK was worthless and we needed the minerals to build that cruiser.