Does anyone actually play Eve anymore?

Clearly there are players, and its obvious people play but it seems that (in my expiriance) that once a war is declared, everyone seems to go into hiding. Am I the only one that feels this?


People are lazy and don’t accept that (ingame) reality doesn’t adjust to their personal safe space bubble beliefs. So when reality hits, this being a pvp sandbox, they don’t know what to do, didn’t prepare for it, didn’t invest effort into it.

Perhaps they learn but they probably won’t. Which is also fine, as long as they stop infecting new players with their terribleness.


It’s kind of annoying. Like, this is a game where you’re suppose to lose ships and assets. Got War Dec’ed? CTA and launch an all out frontal assault so they think twice about doing it again.

Funny how some don’t accept that ingame reality. Don’t worry though, CCP is releasing an antidote to that new player infection.

Usually you can tell who’s going to log off for a week and who might fight back. Groups of non-pvp’rs our easily overwhelmed players aren’t going to form a fleet against experienced pvp’rs. But large established groups with a combat wing might. Choose your war targets accordingly.

Or just knock down their castle.


the whole war decing is now just a king of the hill sequence he who has the numbers wins the little group of friends mining has no chance.

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No. Star citizen is now a thing.

Nope, nobody plays anymore just talking a bunch on the forums like all of us here.

Jokes aside though. War deccing is usually only something players do against other corps/alliances they think don’t stand a chance but players avoiding pvp might only peak their enthusiasm to keep attacking if there is no threat of continuing to do so.

I have however heard tales of players called “pvpers” who will actually look for other pvpers who want to fight for fun in this game but generally most people are cowards who would never fight unless they believed victory was completely ensured.

True pvpers do not fear defeat, only boredom and lack of challenge and competition. Cowards, fear defeat almost as much as having an actual fight on their hands, the ladder of which requires having to take an engagement that may cause them losses beyond merely being defeated which can cost them very little beside damaging their egos.


This has been true forever.

In my dated experience the most interesting wars tended to be hot for a couple days max. But by and large most were pretty uneventful.


I was gonna say the same thing. 10 years ago war dec’s were mostly the same.


Did you wardeck a Corp of industrialists, with no combat skills- and you are asking us why they are choosing to hide, rather than fight?

If you ACTUALLY want a fight, why don’t you wardeck a PvP Corp?

Now this is a sandbox, so if you choose to wardeck a group of industrialists, then that’s your right. But that also means the defenders are free to respond in the way they feel is best.


War decs are like scams, you have to pretty much be an idiot to fall for it by participating if there is actually no real benefit in it for you and to suffer severe consequences.

Some people just like getting clobbered I guess.

@Compo I never said I was brave but I don’t think I am stupid either.

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every corp ive been in thats been war dec has either hid or attempted to fight once after talking a ton of smack and got smacked in the process. 1 of my corps with the ceo blowing a gasket took a 22 man fleets vs 1 guy and his 5 accounts + his corpmate in a logi, they lost about 40 ships in a 22 man fleet. Followed that 1 fight all active members left the corp and the station was destroyed.

another corp i was in was in a wh, talked smack about evicting a group of carebears, they couldnt be bothered to log on for the war more than a couple hours at a time, mean while the carebears brought in mercs, the entire fleet composed of mostly capital ships where destroyed by the merc fleet and 1 dreadnought was lost to a pos, as no one headed the intel about not logging on solo, i just left the wh. all active members also left that corp.


Hahahajahahahahsfha. Really? Isn’t it still only one star system and like a hand full of extremely boring and crappy mission you can’t even complete before it inevitably crashes?

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You mean you have to be an idiot for trying to play the game? It us easy to just play the victim, blame the aggressor and logoff for a week.

A better option would be to be as annoying as possible, set traps and actually get some fun out of an in game event that breaks the routine and was payed for by someone else.

But sure, feel free to play the victim and cry. That sure sounds like fun

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Now apply your logic to the times when wardecs cost 2 million ISK per week
and every new player could start one pretty quickly.

Ah, I miss the days when we would rotate through the null bloc’s with WD’s. :laughing:

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Of course if having fun is an option by all means.

I was just pointing out there is a reason that newbro corps with only a handful of half experienced players don’t just wardec massively huge and experienced alliances just be annoying or have fun for a change.

Unless the intention is to catch them on terms where you can win the engagement such as picking off individuals away from their bastions of safety. Wardecs don’t really need to apply in those circumstances unless your ganking them in high sec space, you can shoot whoever the hell you want in null and lowsec.

Do you always perceive others as crying victims when you speak before thinking? A very odd individual indeed but think whatever you want, your just trying to have fun like the rest of us.

Sometimes that can be a good thing for others too.

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