CCP Killed War v2

only a care bear cries valid mechanic at 600m/hr safe highsec earnings.

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I’m definitely doing it wrong if this is true, but honestly I believe your full of pod goo, if this was a thing (600+ mil hourly), everyone would be in that Congo line and so would I.

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I used my 1 man corp to wardec and hunt targets of any corp i didnt like. It was fun and got some nice kills. But now cant really do that. Especially for 50 mil.

But on the other hand. When i was a care bearing newbro it sucked cuz the leadership would get mad if we undocked. And we were being hunted by a mercenary corp of hard hitters

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Why are you complaining about wars when you yourself don’t do wars?

I am 100% war eligible sir what are you saying?

T6 Abyssals

carebears are butthurt, its not greifing its pvp. Ganking is greifing

Too risky for a true carebear like myself, same reason why I don’t do any burner missions, I have done t-0 and t-1 abyssal but feel adverse to going any higher.