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It’s weird that you can refuse duels but not wars. How does having a corporation, so you can make and be a better industriallist also invite PVP?

And the only defence is to shuffle corps.

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  • Because you can make stuff and be an industrialist without being in a corporation.
  • Because you can be in a corporation and have friends protecting you.
  • Because it’s a PvP game and all the PvE is only meant to give reasons to fight for and over.

And, yes, you can refuse duels and you can also leave corporations. Both is working as intended.

What you don’t realize is that this is all intentional. This is how EVE works. You’re also not supposed to reopen closed threads, yet you do it anyways. I’d say you’re having a hard time adjusting.

I know this may sound weird, but let’s just pretend for a second that EVE is a computer game where you are an immortal capsuleer who can fly all sorts of combat ships. Imagine those capsuleers would compete for resources and could fight each other with spaceships, sounds like fun right?

Tell you what, instead of playing the poor victim if you get a wardec from another corp in this video game, how about you try to see this as an opportunity to have fun shooting spaceships. I mean someone just invested some money so you can both shoot each other.

You will probably not win all the time at first, but that really doesn’t matter, it’s about the fun and excitement you will have with your corp friends. I’m sure if you ask politely you will even find some teachers here on the forums which can tell you how to start and create some starter fleet composition that makes sense and will put up a good fight.

You may think that this will cost you a fortune of all that ISK you mined. But it actually doesn’t. T1 ships are extremely cheap and if you insure them you will lose almost nothing. On the other hand you gain a lot of exciting moments and the true EVE experience, stories you will never forget and it will forge a strong bond between your corp mates.

So stop playing the victim and start becoming a capsuleer.

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I see it this way: production doesnt exist without destruction. You just cant enter this cycle without consequences.


No, they invested some money to roflstomp you. Show me any war decer who “fights”. Most of them, and in particular most of the big guys in the business and some random war dec corps without clear purpose (no clear purpose != no purpose), just run away or don’t undock when you show even signs of opposition and complain to you why you brought friends or cried to your big daddy ally for help.

Industrialist…give those who dec you a few ships as pay off. Or install guns and shoot back. Or uninstall quietly.

The wardecers are much like you. Focused on one facet of a many sided gem. You want to industry just. They want to shoot just. Different part of the whole. Same whole none the less.

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This clearly shows us that they should not ask you for advice since all you can do is cry about other players behaviour and obviously don’t understand how EVE works.

I mean you litteraly blame the tactics of your enemy for your inability to hurt them and instead of coming up with a strategy you start crying about how they don’t “fight” on your terms. How long are you around here and still you make that very basic error?

Everyone with any sense for how this game works will tell the op that one of the major aspects of EVE PvP is to trick your enemy into thinking he has the upper hand so he commits. And then it is obviously the job of the plan to keep him exposed until he dies once he realizes that he made a mistake. There are various ways even a small corp can do that. Hell I even managed to do that alone with only one alt.

People like @Dyver_Phycad who obviously don’t understand a thing about EVE and can only comfort themselves with tears about how other people are “cowards” if they don’t let themselves slaughter by a superior force are no help to new players. On the contrary, they tell them to hide and not even try to play the most exciting part of EVE because they themselves don’t understand even the most fundamental part of the game despite years of playing.

@Ryan_B_Thiesant you have two choices here. You can start to learn how the game works and have fun playing it. Or you can chose the way of the tears like @Dyver_Phycad here and blame others for your misfortune and troubles with the game. In the end it is your choice. And no, there is no third option where CCP will change the game so you can play it like a single player game.

I love your ability to distort what other people say. Nowhere have I said something about newbies (in contrast, I only mentioned the big war groups) or have suggested that people should hide (in contrast, I suggested that those who complain about others being crybabies hide from opposition of the crybabies). I suggested that actually being a capsuleer is not rewarding or engaging in a lot of scenarios and circumstances when you are at war with someone. But go on, ima, your argument makes a lot more sense than what I actually wrote. :slight_smile:

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Yes, you blame others for your inability to come up with a working plan to defeat your enemy and instead label them as “crybabies” because it is obviously their fault you can’t come up with a working strategy in this game.

I labeled those as crybabies who came up with a plan against those who call them crybabies. Those who formed something or called for help against the war decers were called crybabies by them, not what you distorted my text into. Should I give you some ISK so that you can buy Reading Ability?

I can read your tears about your lack of understanding the game and blaming others for your failure just fine thanks.

Yep, Mr CODE, I guess all ships in space are combat ships, even the one without guns, sitting still.

I have fought back and will continue to do so. You can’t actually play a victim when an alliance wardecs a corp. And speaking out against something that is wrong is not claiming to be a victim.

I see from your killboard that your victims go back to jan 2014. And the intervention of Concord could indicate that you did not use the war dec mechanic.

thanks, good advice. I practice pvp.

I have heard this veiled response before. To the effect that EVE is a PVP game. I would like to think that EVE is a game that has some PVP, PVE, Crafting, Socialising, etc. And is a game that is different as the many people you ask.

And the way you play EVE, you could be described as 50% PVP (Ganking) and 50% PVE (Blown up by concord).

I usually get into a grif and ecm the hell out of them. I have also competed stealth bomber training. I think the last option is better because often the 28 manned wardec corp, chooses a really small 2 man corp.

But you are missing the point. What if you want to play, not fight. How does having a corp automatically include pvp?

Where does it say EVE is PVP game, and not a game that includes PVP?

Please show me the rule

It’s quite hard to refuse a war. Actually, if it’s an official one, with all the papers and all, you can much refuse it, but your opponent will guess it’s either you have no time to lose, or either you are not strong enough to support a war.

So they will declare a surprise war. Please refer to Poland in 1939.

The problem here is a lack of understanding what Eve is at it’s core. Eve is not a pve nor a pvp game at its core. IT IS A SANDBOX. In this sandbox if you want to make a sand castle you have to be able to protect that castle. I have been involved with corporations over the years that HAVE been able to do that. Yes this includes highsec. One thing that all these wardec bros don’t like to admit is that every once in a while they run across a no go Corp that they do not dec because they know it will hurt their precious kB too much. This is of course very rare.

What is my point? Only this. 99.9% of all corps made will fail. Period. This is as it should be. Why? Because they were not able to protect that sandy castle. Find one that can.

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You don’t need a rule to understand that EVE is a PvP game.

And now people are tired and go away, ccp lose subscribers, and you losing “content”
One do not have to be a genius to see where this leads

rule 5

does it need to say it? Any time you are in space you are subject to various interactions with other players, and anytime you build or market something you are in competition with other builders and traders. PVP is just fundamental to the Eve experience like it or not.