Is eve a PVP game?

I had this talk with some people and I still say no CCP made a sandbox game that has a big focus on pvp but saying that eve is a pvp game is wrong. I see a pvp game more like Planetside 2 or Overwatch where there is only pvp.

This is something I read some one say about eve and is explained much better than I can do.

"I don’t disagree with the general direction of this argument. EVE Online was indeed designed to support PvP activities - with or without mutual consent - in every type of space. Ganking is a legitimate form of PvP, and should be allowed and preserved in high-sec space.

But the argument ignores another and much more significant reality of EVE Online: PvP is only one part of the system that makes EVE Online work. EVE is a network of interlocking game mechanics which support a balanced cycle of gathering, building and destroying. PvP contributes only to one part of this vital cycle, and is completely interdependent with the other two parts.

To say that “EVE is a PvP game” is like declaring “a human body is a heart”. The heart is a critical organ, to be sure, and without it, the body dies. But the heart would not last long without all of the other organs that sustain and support it. The entirety of bodily systems, running in continuous balance, is necessary to keep a human being alive and functioning. Similarly, to declare that “EVE is a PvP game, and therefore you must allow X”, conveniently ignores all of the other interdependent mechanics that must also operate in balance to keep the entire game running."

But please feel free to tell me why you think EVE is a pvp game.


Because it just is… :grin:

Seriously though. PVP needs defining to continue, otherwise the argument is over semantics.

I constantly see two common definitions of PVP - the more general sense of conflict, and the more focused sense of ship combat (pew pew).

EvE is definitely PVP-centric when referring to conflict. Ideally, every decision a player makes in EvE should affect other players in some form or another

However, there are a few things to do in EvE if you want to avoid combat, like station trading for example. OTOH, if you undock, then you may be subject to combat at any time - and it need not be a ‘fair’ contest. That’s the risk for undocking. You can still do non-combat related things, but it pays to keep an eye over your shoulder.

So that’s my take. EvE is always in a state of conflict, and while combat is’t always prevalent (even if you go looking for it), it’s always possible. In this, EvE fits both definitions of PVP in my book.

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EVE is a PVP game.
But not like PS2 or Overwatch. Which are Twitch PVP games.

EVE is a PVP game on many more levels than either of the two you mentioned. In EVE you can PVP in ships in a traditional sense where you fight and blow up someone else. Or you can fight for control of markets and assets in a region or station. Or you can fight for game improvement by being part of the CSM.

EVE is more like a total war game, not just a simple shooter PVP game.


Chapter 7:

The essential core concept of EVE Online is that it is full time PvP in a sandbox environment.


yes im not saying there should be less pvp but saying it´s a pvp game is ignoring all the other things that makes eve. All the other things that makes up eve today is important. I mean take away mining,trading, and so on in the end eve will be just like fractured space or world of tank pick your ship spawn in kill or get killed. I feel like most people ignore and lock down on what makes eve a fun and good game removed all that carebear stuff you would be another pvp game in likes of PS2 or world of tanks and so on.

the core essences of eve is pvp and should stay that way but eve is so much more than that and every one has there play style just like some people like to play sniper and some maybe stealth or some regular solider in a shooter game eve players has there play styles but yet eve´s immature community tend to hate on people for picking there style to play when it´s not pvp. But then I would say if people who love pvp don´t like that people do other things in eve that they like maybe they should go play world of tanks or PS2 it does not have any mining or exploring.

I my self enjoy allot of things in eve and it all depends on what I feel like doing some times I feel like pvp and some times I feel like mining but allot of times I see people hate on you for not pvping well maybe ask ccp to remove everything that is not pvp so people only can pvp then ?

I don´t see the logic in how people think they say mining and industry is important because it feeds the wars but yet they hate people who don´t pvp but if people only pvp who would make new ships ?

@The_Dunning_Kruger @LouHodo Read this full article and maybe you will see what point is im trying to make because im bad at explaining how I think and mean but this dude knows just what I mean.

PVP can be defined as interaction between players as opposed to interaction between a player and the environment. This can be cooperative or competitive. It can take place on the battlefield, in the marketplace or in the metagame.

Miners, explorers and mission runners need to sell their ore/loot to other players. Industrialists buy their material and sell their finished goods to other players. Everyone accepts the risk of piracy.

There aren’t many things things you can do in New Eden that don’t involve interaction with other players.

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Hmm… so… on the very first line the question is answered really. It is a sandbox game which has a lot of pvp but not only pvp.

It takes a lot of time to learn everything and even then you know nothing but mechanics. Gameplay is the part that people forget about.

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Yes I totally understand and agree with that but I always seen eve as a sandbox game heavily focused on pvp that allowed me to play hover I wan´t but what I don´t understand is the hate towards people that is not out and blowing up ships every day and when people say carebears I see it as a stigma or as im doing something people lock down up on oh your not blowing up ships your a worthless human being that´s the feeling I get from people who love pvp.

As per the FAQ already linked

Furthermore, as we mentioned previously, once you
enter New Eden you must consider every action you take as a form
of PvP since this is the core game concept. In the asteroid field you’re
competing with other pilots to obtain resources; you may also have to
defend against ore thieves. On the market you battle for control of the
economy in certain areas; for the supply and demand of your products
versus other aspiring tycoons. On the battlefield you may fight for glory,
for money, or for the right to rule whole areas of space. As always in EVE,
it’s your choice.

As far as CCP are concerned, all of the things are PvP.

Generally the hate is reserved for those that would like Eve to become WoW in space, I share my playstyle with many carebears, I don’t PvP in the sense of shooting you in the face, yet I am not generally considered to be a carebear.

Carebear is an attitude, not a playstyle. If you want CCP to change their product to suit your playstyle, then you are a carebear; if you change your playstyle to suit Eve, you are not.

I know that I’m playing a PvP game, I accept that as a noncombatant player I am not immune to my more aggressive fellow players and I plan for it.


I disagree. When you manufacture, you’re competing with others who are manufacturing. It’s not the “lets fight and one of us will die.” kind of PvP… but it is the “let’s race and whoever gets to the finish first” type of PvP.

When you gather, you are either in space, opening yourself to getting shot at, picking which rock to harvest, which can depend on the markets that are dependent on player actions, or dropping PI setups on planets in which the amount available changes based on where others harvest PI stuff from the same planets. Each time a moon laser fires off, there is a race to get the goo it produces.

Not all of eve is “pvp” in the sense of a battle… but almost all of it is a contest of sorts in terms of deciding what to build/harvest/invent/react that makes the most profit. And most of it requires you to go into space… which makes you a target.

There’s not a whole lot that isn’t a competition or battle between you and another player in eve.

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I love EVE how it is and it should stay like it is sure there are things to improve sure. But yeah I get allot of hate for not being out there shooting people in the face all day I get called carebear for doing mining or pve or exploring because im not out there murdering people so im trying to understand why is that so bad.


Yes but what he means “PvP contributes only to one part of this vital cycle, and is completely interdependent with the other two parts.” He means the shot you in the face PvP contributes only to one part of this vital cycle.

Yes eve is all about competing in pve,manufacturing and such but when ever I talk with players in eve all they talk about eve is the shot you in the face make you dead pvp part and it seams that is all that only matters not trading pvp not manufacturing pvp only pvp that seams to matter to them is kill kill pvp the rest to them is not real pvp.

Those are F1 monkeys that can only follow orders and they’re also only obsessed with their “epeen killboard stats”. Just ignore them, because they’re illiterate morons not worth spending any time on.


In that case you may need to change who you associate with.

Mining is the breadbasket of Eve, it’s also where the easiest kills tend to be because it’s a mostly passive activity; make some friends in low places and provide warpins for giggles to make it more interactive for everybody ~ obviously I would never do this…

PvE is a feeder for the market in terms of items and isk, so while not directly PvP in itself, it results in it; the same can be said of exploration unless you find yourself competing for a site.

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sadly I see them every where I bloody made my own corp to get away from the Cesspit pit people call npc corp. I mostly play solo because how people in eve can be im not sensitive towars insults I been worse bullied in real life but I just don´t like to lose brain cells from people who need to wave there e-penis and beat on there chest.

It’s not.

Like the real world Eve is full of idiots and wannabe tough guys. Play the game how you want.

There is a nuanced discussion to be had over balancing destruction and production in a sandbox game, but most of these types are just tough guy virtue signalling.

I guess, depending on your group you may be catching flak for not pulling your weight from your corpmates, but if it is just randos telling you how to play your game, just ignore them.


it´s just random people telling be how to play I quit playing others I mean one can stand enough drama and people love to have space drama Null corps are the best on drama my god the drama people in null creates it like watching desperate housewives in space.

Excuse me …

… what?