Can Eve Online survive without PvP?

“Eve Online is a PvP game and PvP is the heart of the game, without PvP the game will die…”, I heard this a lot, but will it?

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In Eve Online PvP is unconsented most of the time in the form of ganking be it for profit or LOLs. Fact is the guy getting killed does not care if he was killed for profit or LOLs. He just knows he lost his ship and cargo. If he/she has played for a while they are fine with it because they are used to it. To a new player that feels bad, and they quit playing. A game not retaining its new players will slowly shrink because the veterans get tired of just fighting each other and very few new players come into the game and stay so “fresh meat” is becoming less and less.

I have watched a bunch of Eve streamers and most of them do PvE content. They run missions, do exploration , do abyssal or help people with in-game questions. (I have not seen any incursions being streamed yet, but that may because other players can come into incursions and steal their team’s loot and bounties.) This tells me that PvE is the content they like to run. That being said instanced, PvP like the tournaments are also very popular, but that along with duels, are all consented PvP. Everyone involved in the tournament or duel knows exactly what is happening and what they have entered into. Looking at tournaments or duels in that way it is more like an incursion or abyssal and nothing like a gank.

Some people say that items (ships, modules, implants) in-game only have a value since someone can take the items from you or destroy it in PvP and that causes you to assign a value to the item, but I don’t think that is entirely true.

I think a big part of the value of an item is also assigned by the player him or herself and is related to the amount of time it took them to get it as well as the player’s own attachment to the item. It might be their first ship, it might be their favourite ship because of appearance or how it performs in the content the player is consuming.

I mean your IRL car, TV, PC, laptop, mobile phone, watch, clothing etc only has value to you because someone can steal it from you. I think you bought them because you wanted them, and they had value to you even before you owned them.

I have recently watched streamers complaining about balance in-game because they can no longer take out their Titan solo to do ratting or run high level missions because there are people out there that just waiting to gank them with a swarm of very small and inexpensive ships. Did PvP, in this case, cause the player to assign too a high value to their Titan so that they are too scared to fly it because of fear of losing it? It’s IRL like leaving your Ferrari in your garage at home because you are too scared to drive it because someone will bump it. What fun do you get out of it if you can’t drive and show it off to other people?

Might this be the reason why most PvP in-game happens in frigates? Seems a little limiting if you have access to over 350 ships and you only use a few small ones due to fear of loss.

“The End”

Let’s see how PvE holds up in of Eve Online.

  1. Set up a PvE server with PvE content and only consented PvP (duels and fleet duels/tournaments) content. It does not have to be a very big server, I mean no one is going to play on it and its economy will fail right? In other words, it won’t last too long.
  2. Let us freely transfer between the two servers with the jump clone system with access our assets (Ships, hanger contents, ISK, PLEX etc). So people can have somewhere to go and rat, run high level missions and run incursions in their crazy blinged out ships or Titans and show off their toys to other players. “Can’t be done…” → RuneScape can and it is old, very old, try harder.
  3. Upgrade the belt NPC pirates to also use PvP equipment like webs, scrams and neuts like the NPCs in the events. Scale them according to the level of the systems you are in. For example, 1.0 and 0.9 uses frigates with only short-range webs to still allow warping out. 0.8 and 0.7 use frigates and destroyers short-range webs and scrams and so on and so forth. 0.6 and 0.5 adds cruisers and short-range neuts to the mix. To prepare them for the heart of the game, PvP, so they can join the big boys on the PvP server when they feel ready.
  4. Wormhole NPC pirates = NULL sec NPC pirates.
  5. Put some NPC pirate gate campers on the PvE servers that will try and “gank” you, using PvP equipment like webs and scrams but scale them according to the level of the systems you are in like the belt rats. Once again in preparation of PvP with the big boys on the PvP server when they are ready.
  6. Add some of those new “upgraded” NPC pirates to the relic and data sites to make the “hacking” game a little more challenging. Again, for PvP preparation.
  7. Make shared bounties and loot on NPCs. If you do 20% of the damage, you get 20% of the bounty/site clear pay out. As for the loot, a container drops for each player containing some of the dropped loot. Some will contain loot items while others will contain only ammo or metal scraps based on the percentage damage done.

I know Eve was developed as a PvP sandbox and PvP is the “fun” and “exciting” part of the game. But maybe a PvE server can help pay the bills (wink, wink, nudge, nudge at the financial director).

One random’s semi-random troll thread gets locked/moved, another random suddenly comes out of the woodwork with a similar semi-random troll thread.


there arent enough players to be splitting servers. also pvp is a huge part of the game. there already is a lot of inflation because of game age. imagine if next to nothing got destroyed ever.

There must be something in the water.

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I am skeptical you understand the meaning of “TL;DR”.


What you call PvP and PvE are interdependent facets of the game. They must be co-existent, for that fruitful partnership is what makes and keeps EVE ‘real’.

Separate servers?

You can have Hydrogen and Oxygen, but unless you combine them, you’ll be without water.


Well you could always read all of it which is 562 + 429 = 991. Simple enough for you?

If you do all you will have is water and with out oxygen you will drown.

EVE needs both to survive.

Both keep the ecosystem alive.

Pvp is not just combat against another player.
Markets, contracts, mining, faction warfare, are all pvp as well.

Its ingrained into the fabric of EVE.
Im a pve player. It used to bother me, ganking and such, and i had a few friends walk away from eve over it, im still here, ive adapted and found ways to survive. If i get blown up, gg.

If ccp ever decides to split servers, eve will be dead.


I did read it. I got a good chuckle out of the line “no longer take out their Titan solo to do ratting”. You have a bright future ahead of you writing for the Eve Onion.


I am not saying splitting servers. I am saying put up a PvE server for people who want to just do that. I mean everyone is playing Eve for the PvP so no one should be playing on the PvE server right?

You cant split it. Buying a ship or mod, you are buying from another player. That they built or bought from another player

Pvp destruction moves the market more than pve destruction. You need both.

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One more O.P to end up in the Gank Bin of the EVE Online forum.

" 90% of arguments are the result of straw grasping made by people holding untenable positions."

If I undock and I know that no one can blow up my ship, capsule… then what? Farm farm brainlessly and fall asleep at the keyboard.

I guess he likes peaceful and quiet, lol.

Then why the boring alternative?

The bills for another needless server?

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It maybe funny, but the guy that moaning about not being unable to take out his Titan to go ratting is running for CSM currently and that was part of his campaign interview. I also thought it was funny when he said it. But, after I thought about it, I felt sad for him, because I saw the "Customs Enforcement Agency [C E A]’ do exactly that to a guy in a Marauder in the Balle system.

I did say it does not have to be a big server, even a virtual one will do? I mean no one will play it because every one is just here for the PvP right?

Why does this bother you? I mean this does not affect you. You are here for the PvP right?

If no one will play on it then it’s wasted time and resources.

Yeah seems pretty obvious, but either way…

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Well, a lot of players assert that carebears wouldn’t be happy with a PvE only server, but I’m not so sure. Now, I do believe that at least some of them would find it to be a hollow and unrewarding experience, but I’m willing to bet many more would happily grind along making number go up.

That being said, I don’t think Eve can survive a population split. Space is too big, and the player population is too small. Thus, I think it would drop below a social critical mass, which would lead to a positive feedback loop of players quitting.


But, I’ve got to go be productive. So, I’m going to leave it at that for now.