Is it all about pvp?

Im in a big massive alliance.i love eve but due to job and family i have less time.i jave spend plex ao i can become a billionaire but slowly im left with a few lack of time to put in this game made me poor.cant anchor things coz need to ask permission and need protection which is important and need money to run an industry.i want to put some money in this game but i know like before its realy a waste of money. why cant ccp just make another pve server for players like me(soon going to be alpha).why cant i be a pirate and kill npc tranq server i go out with my alliance fleets.when im alone im too scared To losse my ships and cargo (already died many times).oh and i havent taken part in wormhole expeditions and PI and alliance war and faction wars.i know there is too much but iys my time which is writing this frombthe bottom of my heart to Eve darling please open your pve server and make me join it.:slight_smile:

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I spend more time pve than pvp. Killing rats and running sec missions, par time moon mining, some small scale industry. You get what you really wanna put in.

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Even the PVE is about PVP.

  • the people who buy your PVE loot are replacing losses due to PVP
  • when selling PVE loot, you are competing with other players, undercutting them on the market.
  • you are in competition for sites with other people, clearing a site frustrates another player. The people you are competing with may decide the thing that optimizes their income is to remove you from the sites they run.

That said, it’s quite possible to play on a work/family schedule. You just need to find a group that fits with your playstyle.

However, a pure PVE server would simply not be EVE. It would have a non-existant economy (why buy stuff if you never lose stuff? why PVE if no one buys your stuff?) and everything that keeps EVE exciting would be gone.


EvE is a PvP game. Even as an industrialist you’re competing with someone else.

If you are in a ‘big’ alliance and you are not feeling safe, you are in the wrong alliance.

The PvE ‘safe server’ is in Delve. Join the Imperium and you will be as safe as it is possible to be for ratting and industry.


I bet Horde has intel channels that combined with a parsing tool like SMT : Eve Map Tool or vintel could help you avoid some losses. When a netural/red is spotted in a nearby system, dock up and wait until the coast is clear. If you get caught while ratting don’t give up, try to kill their tackle and you might be able escape.

Hidden idea in wall of text.


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I’ve been doing solo PvE for most of my 10 years of playing this game. I’m still in the original starter corp and I travel all over the Eve Universe.

I suggest doing exploration and some mission running on the side with a cloaky T3 Cruiser.
Use multiple NPC stations as Base Of Operations and keep them all stocked with equipment and munitions. Use a cloaky Blockade Runner fit for agility and speed to move loot and supplies.
Always pay attention to local, have safe spots pre-made and constantly use D-scan.


Use a bot like the other “big massive” alliances do.

You must have not ever lived in Delve. Roaming enemy fleets and campers all day long there. You have to be willing to defend your space all over New Eden…
Delve has a good defense force but it’s not all that safe all the time.

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So just PvP as an alpha? Save your sub money for ships.

Eve definitely isn’t all about PvP. For the vast majority of people eve is a mainly a PvE game out of necessity to fund their PvP losses. Maybe with the exception of a few that like to hunt PvE players or are really good at PvP.

That said you can technically do industry from your station if you let other people deal with the transport of your products. If you have the time to be organised enough to build t2 / t3 items you should be able to make some decent money even in hi-sec.

You might want to consider joining an industry based corp. It is true that they have a big target on their back, but you should be able to make more ISK than you lose in their stations.

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Here is the truth. A small handful of old players have made agreements to offer ‘content’ to each other.

Wars are meaningless and have no real goal other than to give the F1 monkeys something to do other than mine/rat.

Rental empires are nothing more than agreed upon hunting grounds in which the deer are paying to be in the forest… to die.

The blue-donut is alive and well. Without killing off all supers, it will never change.

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Yes. Yes, it is all about PVP. All the ratting and missions you run generates isk and loot, which devalues the isk and loot for every other player. Everything you think is PVE is actually also PVP.


That’s a load of hogwash. Every single mission offered by an agent is pure PvE. The only way it would be PvP is if the Agent offered the same mission in the same location to 2 different players at the same time and said whoever completes it first receives the mission reward.


No, every single mission offered by agents is both PVE and PVP. It is PVE mechanically, PVP functionally, due to generating isk and loot out of thin air, which by proxy devalues that isk and loot (or any resources you reprocess the loot into) for literally everyone. That makes you competition to other players who don’t want their isk devalued. For someone that’s been playing this game for ten years, you really do seem to struggle with grasping the game’s core PVP functionality. I suggest you learn it, rather than throwing tantrums when someone contradicts your personal biases.

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I mean you could say that about any game. Generating currency or an asset is PvP for the reasons you mentioned yeah sure but like whoop dee doo. Actually I don’t even think that qualifies it’s more like basic economic consequence.

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No, you can’t say that about any other game, because not any other game has a player-driven economy in the same way that EVE does. The value of isk in EVE depends on supply and demand of the players. The value of currency in other games is determined by the developers, and never fluctuates.

If you want to get technical sure it’s all PvP. I’m pvping by logging in and adding to local counter. I’m sure you understand what he’s talking about there are certain scales.

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This is irrelevant. Even with all the camping and roaming, Delve still produced at least three times as much Mining, NPC bounty and Production output as the next largest region in Null sec, and yet it only produces about 1.7T in losses, which is less than The Forge high sec region, where the biggest market hub is. Delve outproduced, outmines and outbounties all other areas of EVE by a huge margin, but does not nearly lose enough to compensate for that. Delve is as safe for any Null sec PVE related things as it gets.

These things should be prohibited and a bannable offense. Without these tools, null sec in particular would be a lot more dangerous again and would move back a tiny step towards the “high risk, high reward” mantra that so many people wrongly apply to null sec these days.

I’m not getting technical. I don’t have to. EVE is PVP by virtue of PVP simply being player vs player, a competition between players. And literally everything you do has the potential to come into conflict with what someone else in the game wants to do. It’s not just about ship explosions, it’s about interaction between players. This isn’t technical, it’s quite simply the fundamental design of the game.