PvP Server... PvE Server

Hello CCP.

I was wondering if it was possible to have two servers for EVE. One for PvP and another for PvE, or have the same kind of player setup that Elite has: the player has the choice and players with choices are happy players and that’s how you will retain players, by giving them the choice.
I know we have SISI but it’s seldom open for login and is not a real play server but only a test server.
A PvP server will ensure that players who want PvP will get it and a PvE server will ensure that players can PvE without being interrupted by PvPers with something to prove to themselves.
The Markets could be connected so that what happens in one server’s market would also happen in the other server’s market so your so-called economy could go on being exploited as you intended.

Thanks you for agreeing with me and I look forward to the opening of those servers in the near future.

Fly Safe

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You’ve just broken risk/reward.

If you have separate servers, you’d have to have separate markets. One overflowing with worthless materials (the PvE server) and one that actually does what its supposed to (PvP server). If you don’t believe me, look at what happened to ultima online when they did the exact same thing, or eve echoes.

SiSi is the non-pvp server, and the market there is just as worthless as it would be on any PvE server.


I was wondering when this thread would be posted. Let’s see how many people are hooked this time.


Many in the EVE community argue that the risk/reward is broken as it is now anyway.

Yes, let’s see how many people have the chance to post before the overzealous ISD swoop down on it and lock it.

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How would you know anything about “overzealous ISD swooping down” to lock anything when you’re a self-admitted “new player” who’s only been around for a few days?

Then again, Epeen just grab-assed you about socking it to the “alt” who “will be gone soon” even though that person has a few months of posting history and an active kill board record, while you’ve been here for a whopping four days, so it’s not like the rest of us can’t see what’s going on over here.

Should’ve kept this one in the oven a bit longer.

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Unlike you, I don’t need months to figure out something is fishy.

When you try this again in a few months on a new one, don’t blow your entire load in the opening post with the whole “keep the markets connected so that players can farm in safety and then bring over and dump their risk-free farmed items on the server where things are supposed to have tangible value” bit. Introduce it like a hundred posts in or so, to help refresh the thread for its second act.

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Sorry, never played WoW.

I disagree with the PvP setup of EVE - basically it encourages too much towards sneak attacks, ganks, one-sided battles, gate camping etc. The low-hanging fruit of actual PvP, since it’s not really combat: it’s just cherry picking the weakest possible targets. It’s bad for the game in its current state.

That said, a PvE/PvP server split, or ways to “decline participating” in PvP, would strike me as a total failure on CCP’s part to be able to support what makes EVE unique.

PvP should have more options, it should be more widespread, it should have a better tilt towards having combat ships fight combat ships on at least a semi-equal footing and not just ganking.

But taking the PvP out of EVE basically leaves you with a game that has no real reason to exist.

100% agree.

It isn’t as unique as they fancy it is.

Yes. I agree. The PvP in EVE isn’t real PvP, it’s just chicken-sh!t ambush.

As long as it has players it has reason to exist.

Would not work for reasons other peeps already said :smiley:

Mmhmm. I was there the day UO died. Twas a sad one for sure. Man. Late 90s early 2000s UO can never be beaten in the history of MMOs. It truly was the halcyon days of yore.

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Oh? It was neato for a time. I did kill Leeroy Jenkins before, so there’s that.

Huh. You know that this subject must be important when you and I agree on something.

Cyllia? That you? What is “real PvP” pray tell?