PvE-Only Server

I’d like to propose the implementation of a PvE-Only Server for casual players who enjoy relaxing and exploring the beautiful galaxy of New Eden.

This topic appears to be a mixed bag of opinions for EVE players. Most retort that it will sink the economy but two different servers could (and should) mean two different economies. Also, the in-game economy is fictitious anyways and can be manipulated by the devs to prevent any type of depression.

It actually appears that there are “safety precautions” in place already. You may have noticed if you sell an item well below its market value, EVE will simply buy it from you immediately without ever placing it on the market.

I’m interested in hearing all opinions related to this topic. Thank you for your thoughts.


Why is there another post on a slight variation of this topic?

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I didn’t realize there was. If there is a way to link the two threads, please provide the steps and I’ll be happy to link them.

Aww dam I got sucked in without my tinfoil hat on.


A PvE server you say? Luckily CCP is way ahead of you, there is an Eve server where PvP is pretty much forbidden.



You seem to have read them

The game is about consuming products

How do you have a pve server if you have no consumption because nothing gets destroyed?


Not really mixed. More unanimously against.

Anyone who wants a pve server isn’t really an eve player are they?..

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Yes, but taking any action to remove players from an economy will effectively remove portions of said economy. Are you sure you understand economics or are you just spewing nonsense out of your mouth-hole?

That is absolutely no reason to make a decision like this with such reckless abandon. Nor does it justify your suggestion in any way.

The whole point of a single instance is that the game is as a single galaxy, and getting blown up is part of that. Just because you qq doesn’t mean the game should change, but rather that you need to get better at playing or try somthing different.

It’s called EvE, as in Everyone vs Everyone. PvP is part of the game, just as much as PvE is part.

If you want to wander around and explore, without any risk of losing valuable items you cannot recover, then go play on the test servers. You can buy pretty much anything that exists for 100 isk. So even if you lose a ship, it’ll cost like 2k to rebuild it.

Otherwise, no. No, no, no. The whole point of Eve compared to other MMOs, is that it’s one giant shared universe. No separate servers. No meeting someone on the street who says “Yeah, I play Eve… but I’m on a different server than you are, so we’ll never meet up unless we hop servers”. Instead you just say “Yeah, I play Eve. And I can fly right over to where you are.”

It’s really not that hard to avoid the PvP aspects, as long as you fly smart and stay out of dangerous territory. If you can’t handle that, then Eve may not be for you.


This is so incorrect it’s not even funny.

Let’s say there is a buy order for an item for 10 Million ISK for 10 units, if you sell 5 units for 8 Million ISK each the person with the buy order for 10 M gets the 5 units you just sold for 8 M at your 8 M price and gets to keep the remaining order for 5 units open at the original 10 M ISK.

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Nah. Just a fresh server for 500k SP characters with a new Null/Low/Hi rework.

Perhaps a West to East going Null Low Hi… Or reverse the current Hi with Null so it’s a raspberry filled greenish/yellow donut…

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This has got to be a troll, nevermind the fundamental misunderstanding of how the EVE marketplace works.

LOL no.

Man @Maria_Dragoon had it all wrong, that one works for so many posts.

We do have a PVE server, it called the test server.

Tranquility is 99% PVE

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I appreciate those of you who provided information regarding the EVE test server Singularity and corrections to how the marketplace functions. I was unaware of long standing buy orders and their functionality.

To those of you who provided unproductive input, well, you’ll probably continue to do that the rest of your lives. Enjoy your career at McDonald’s.

Despite opposition, it still stands to reason that their would be a thriving PvE player-base in a game so vast and eye-catching along with new revenue for CCP and a potentially higher continued-play-rate which is currently at 4.09%.

Thank you again for participating in this thread. Fly safe.

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Sir, telling someone’s idea is bad is also known as good business sense. It allows you avoid paying money into a project that has no returns.

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I suggest playing X4