A PvE Only Player

I suggest an Omega II Subscription/Status; This will restrict players to PvE play only. They can not be killed by other players or kill other players or player’s property. This will increase recruitment of players who enjoy all aspects of EVE Online except for the whole ‘getting killed by someone you never met nor did anything against’ part of it. Personally for this experience, if Omega was $9.95/Month and Omega II was $14.95/ Month I’d gladly pay the $14.95/Month rate -Eve Online is awesome - thank you


Hate to say it but this is where your suggestion is headed



You know Elite Dangerous has a PVE only mode right?


So, you want players to be able to pay to play the game by a different set of rules? A different set of rules that makes it easier for them to win by achieving whatever their goals are? Look at the words in bold and see why I think this is a horrible idea.

What you’re suggesting is that one group of players have direct influence over others in the game without a way for other players to really influence them. They can mine in peace and never worry about getting destroyed. Do you know what this will do to the economy of Eve? Completely trash it.

It would drive prices down to almost nothing as everything in-game would be easily gotten. I’m sure this sounds like a good idea to some people, but one of the important aspects of Eve is that loss actually matters. Nothing would have any value because of how over-saturated the market would get.

The only things that would have any value would be modules with really good metaplasmid rolls and officer modules from loot drops because these are the only things that would have any amount of scarcity to them (I know, I know… scarcity is dirty word). And due to the fact that everyone can rat and run missions safely, the prices on these items would be so incredibly high the only people who could afford them would be the people who already have so much ISK they don’t know what to do with it.

Your idea would completely trash Eve’s economy. That’s bad. Your idea also completely destroys one of Eve’s other major aspects: empire building. Someone could pay for your “PvE only” sub and then come into a null sec’s space and just start stealing their resources. “That’s a nice R64 moon you got there; pardon me while I mine your resources and you can’t stop me.”

Stop trying to make Eve into a game its not. Because it will destroy what Eve is… and that will drive away players… and will really kill Eve. I am so done with these “I want complete safety” posts. Eve isn’t completely safe. If you don’t like that, go play something else. You don’t see me going onto Call of Duty forums and telling them they need to add space magic like Destiny has because I like space magic in my games.



Get a load of this nonsense!



I fully support this idea, as long as it’s on a different server and not the main one.


I have a idea, an omega 3rd tier status, that allows players to openly attack players that are in the tier 2 status, without impunity, and in any space without CONCORD interference. For an additional $5.99 per month.

The tier 3 comes with a bonus, of being able to attack anyone in tier 1, without impunity and in any space!

What a deal!


Hell no.
EVE is, and always has been, a pvp game.
One of the things that makes it unique is the lack of “safe spaces”. You can be attacked in any area of the game and you explicitly consent to pvp by clicking the “undock” button.
If you don’t want to pvp, fine and dandy, it’s incumbent on you to learn how to avoid it.
Your concept would crash the in game economy. Great hoards of untouchable miners and mission runners would saturate the market.
Just, no.


I could see from a mile away from where that is comming from

He is another farm alt of a low sec pirate

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Getting zapped by an NPC isn’t getting zapped by the code of some coder you never met or did anything against ? At the end of the day, PvE is just as much playing against a person.

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This is the game you are looking for. With it and all the others of the X-series you will have years of gameplay without ever losing a single ship to another player. And best part: Not even sub-costs!

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Heard of Worlds Adrift? I doubt it.

They tried to appease Pve and Pvp players.

At first it was one shared world.
They changed it to Pvp or Pve Worlds only

Game died a week later.


OP knows what he did.

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As someone who partakes in the PVE aspect of EVE. I have to disagree with you OP. You can enjoy PVE but you cannot and should not totally avoid any interaction with other players. The market is 100% players. So anytime you buy anything its player interaction.

EVE is just fine where it is for pve/pvp

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I’d tell the OP to ■■■■ off to Singularity but CCP is only using that for proper tests now. ccpls bring back singularity so I can go tell carebears where to shove their “brilliant ideas.”


I prefer X3:TC -Thank you for the input

'Don’t let your environment change you, change your environment." -Jackie Chan

So if Omega II players couldn’t mine or loot other players you’d be OK with it? And they can get killed doing PvE missions. I’ll take your word about the COD forums as I don’t read them but I believe you. It’s been suggested Omega II players get their own shard. Kinda like how the Granddaddy of MMOs, Ultima Online (1997), started out with one shard Felluca, 100% PvP, but later added Trammel for players wanting only PvE Play -otherwise 2 identical worlds.

Really dont see CCP dicing its population into two different servers

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No, I wouldn’t be.

If you cannot be attacked by other players, you should almost never die in PvE. Even in abyssal space, you generally know the amount of tank and DPS you need to survive the encounter. The only time abyssals really get dicey is when you’re running the T5 and T6s. There are several guides out there on how to do T4s and below with no risk of ship loss. I have a Gila that does non-firestorm T4s and below without issue.

With missions and ratting (including J-space), you know exactly how much DPS will be coming your way and thus can set up your ship to tank it. There are tons of guides on this out there. Captain Benzie just did a series using every HAC in the game to run C3 sites. I have fits for the Praxis, every T3C, and some battlecruisers to do C3 sites with no threat to loss of ship unless someone jumps you.

I’ve only lost ships to purely PvE for only two reasons. First one being a random disconnect which left my ship vulnerable. When this happened, I petitioned CCP and they returned the ship to me because it was basically an “Act of God”. The second reason is if I’m trying out an event/holiday site before the guides come out for them. Because I don’t know exactly what is going to be there in terms of neut pressure, enemy tank, and enemy DPS. Once I have a general feel for those three things, I can easily fit a ship to survive it.

So, if I can’t die because I know exactly what I need to survive, I can flood the market with whatever I am mining or ratting for. Imagine someone just being able to run C3 sites without fear of being jumped by someone. I can clear a Solar Cell in under 10 minutes; that’s over 53 million ISK in under 10 minutes. If I never had to worry about someone jumping my ship, I could be making over 300 million ISK per hour… with no risk.

Now, with this level of cash creation, you’d expect inflation. And you would get inflation on some items… items that are scarce. That would be officer mods and really good rolls on those mutaplasmids received from running abyssals. The prices on those things would sky-rocket because more people would have more ISK… which would drive up the price on rare items.

However, on items that aren’t scarce, which is pretty much everything else, the prices would plummet. Why? Because I can fly out to low sec and mine as much isogen as I want with no risk of loss because of this “Omega 2” subscription. Same thing with morphite. Every mineral would basically have a very similar value to trit. Sure, the other minerals can’t be mined as fast; but, without some risk of loss for isogen, morphite, and other minerals, you would crash the economy.

Same thing with everything that isn’t a rare item (PI, reactions, gas, ice) controlled by a random number generator.

The end result is the only things that have value are extremely rare items while everything else becomes super cheap. It pretty much destroys the Eve economy.

Yes, and SOE decided to make Star Wars Galaxies more like WoW in an attempt to get more subscriptions because investors failed to realize that WoW was an anomaly in the MMO universe and no other game was going to match it for subs. Do you know what happened to SWG? For every new player they got with their New Gaming Experience (NGE), they lost 2 veterans. That’s a net loss of 33% of your playerbase. Not good business.

Eve is also much different than any other MMO due to its loss dynamics, economy, and empire building activities. You cannot compare Eve to any other MMO because no other MMO offers the same experience as Eve. If you play WoW or you play SW:TOR, you’re basically playing the same game with a different skin over it. Fundamentally, they are the same game with the same end goal: get loot, level up, kill the raid boss for more loot… rinse repeat. And that’s all those games really offer.

But Eve is different. Sure, you can do incursions to get really phat loot to make your ship stronger… rinse repeat. Does any game have an economy that works like Eve’s? Not really. The last game I played that really offered a similar economy was pre-NGE Star Wars Galaxies where almost everything was made by players. Few games have a player driven economy.

How about the empire building aspect of Eve? Okay, Ultima Online kinda had it; but, I’d argue Shadowbane came much closer to Eve’s style of empire building. And Shadowbane’s been effectively dead for years. I think they relaunched it on Steam, but it doesn’t have near the playerbase it did. The point being that few games even come close to having Eve’s empire building activities and drive.

Just because something worked in another game doesn’t mean it will work for another.

Your idea would kill high sec ganking and hunting in all other areas of space. Do you know how many players would quit because their playstyle was eliminated by your idea? A lot…

Now let me ask you the important question: can you guarantee that your idea would cover the revenue lost by those players quitting Eve? We both know the answer is no. And therefore your idea isn’t in the best interest of the players of Eve nor is it in the best interest of CCP.

I’m not asking Call of Duty to add space magic to their game because it doesn’t belong there. Just like Eve Online is not meant to be a PvE only game. If you want a PvE only space game, one already exists. You can find it here.

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