Why always "Verse"?

All Eve economy is based on -Verse- someone build something and then another one come and destroy it …
This is high speed rotation economy which atract aggressive and competitive personalities. In 15 years you do not buid significantly big player base …
Try to attract “creators” to Eve make secure areas where they can build their homes ( smal depots, medium space homes , citadels … ) and will be 100% protected all the time. All old content remain the same, still there is high sectors, low sectors, null sectors, WH and current player base will have all old content, but Eve will have new content for new players and will, after many years of stagnation and declining, again attract new players and wil generate bigger profit.

Bottom line for 15 year you for PVP and some PVE and become at the edge, Eve is losing players and is time to try something radically new.


So… homes become worthless because everyone has them?
The whole point of an economy is a continual flow of goods.
What you propose kills game economies.


Nope, homes are new moneysink and you will atract new type of players , old players have everything like now, new players will have new features ( instanced wormholes accesible only by owner and his friends, starting price 5B ISK, every upgrade like planet moon asteroid belt anomally will have its own price ), ccp will have new subscribers, stackholders will be happy and will not sack current managment … :+1:


Yeah, Go back to WoW.

I mean, I hate that saying 99% of the time but in this case it’s correct.
This sort of approach does not make a game better, it kills it.
The only way WoW & other games keep going is by making the best gear (read, any gear worthwhile really) only available from NPC’s (aka Raids), & then by making that gear worthless every 6 months with a new paid expansion which brings even more powerful gear, forcing people to stay on the gear train and keep paying, or fall behind and be irrelevant.


I am active WoW player from 2005, and I heard about Eve online and said lets try this one.
CCP will be very happy to get 0,001 % of WoW customers .

And if this PvP orgy continue I’ll leave the Eve and take my money to another game.

And yes, “space garison” will bring ccp more money than any Aliance tournamet, RW or Las Vegas drinking club …


Can I have your stuff?
Because EVE at it’s heart is an open PvP game.
Like it, stay.
Don’t like it and can’t live with it. Leave.

Also EVE has way more than that percentage of WoW customers. It might not be as big as WoW, but it’s not some tiny fraction either.


The “PvP orgy” that is Eve online has been around since 2003 unlike almost every other MMO of the era. The fact it is actually a PvP sandbox game is what makes Eve unique and has kept players interested for so long. I see very little chance in CCP changing up the core premise of the game this far into the the development cycle of the game.

Running an open-world, single-universe, nowhere-is-safe PvP sandbox is incompatible with perfectly safe, FarmVille-in-space clone. The shared economy means you cannot give players a way to generate resources in perfect safety or you will undermine the value of the virtual assets. Eve is a competitive game, so by its very nature of that idea, you have to be vulnerable to the other players if you want to influence the greater universe.

That said, there still are very safe ways to play Eve for those looking to play more casually or are risk-averse. But a core idea since the beginning that still holds (although slightly bent in a few place now) is that nowhere is safe from the other players. Yes, there could be some safe, private space that generates no resources but is also immune to attack/interaction by the other players, but I can’t see how that would be interesting for any but a tiny minority of players. Most players who stick with Eve play to be part of the shared universe, even if that is just by accumulating wealth and building things to sell to other players, and risking the value of our imaginary assets or the sense of permanent loss by making part of the game perfectly safe would be foolish and I don’t see CCP ever doing that.

On balance, it might just be that Eve Online isn’t the game for you, or maybe you would be one of the rare types that would be happier player on the test server in isolation from everyone else. Non-consensual PvP is in fact banned in most systems of the test server, so if you want to opt-out of the competition and just build and do PvE, you can do it there in peace. Whatever you decide on though, base it on how Eve actually is, not what you hope will happen in the future, because I see very little chance of CCP fundamentally changing the core of the game in the future.


OK Eve is unique and losing subscribers, it will be nice corpse …


Came here hoping for a firefly topic… Very disappointed xD


FYI Eve trying so hard to be like wow…

  1. Triglavian ships are same as Artifact weapon
  2. At summer in Eve coming achievments , just like in WoW



Why do people who don’t even like the KIND of game EVE is even bother playing it? Why do people who don’t understand what KIND of game EVE is keep trying to tell it to be something completely different?

@OP, CCP has always been completely open… EVE isn’t for everyone. You don’t have to be here.


Had no Idea Wow invented Achievments… Yawn

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I heard so many different things about eve and I try it this is my opinion how to save it from closure.

I do not have to love eve to have opinion about her, just my opinion, nothing more, nothing less …


Everyone is entitled to their opinion. That does not even remotely suggest a terrible, uninformed, invalid opinion ought to be shared.


FYI Eve trying so hard to be like wow…

Triglavian ships are same as Artifact weapon
At summer in Eve coming achievments , just like in WoW

WoW invented computers just so you could play WoW on them, they also invented the word wow so every time you use it you have to pay them £10…

Behave your damn self

  1. This is Players Features & Ideas section and I put in my Ideas for improving Eve Online because I saw some potential in Eve online.

  2. Sentence “EVE isn’t for everyone.” will cause that stockholders will sack and change Eve management

  3. Eve online started 15 years ago and make success. CCP then started to receive money to develop VR games and put Eve online in background. VR games failed and now ccp only have Eve online but Eve online loosing subscribers. First business rule is “expand or die” and CCP must improve his subscriber base. Current player base is not enough, current features ( the biggest space battle, there is no safe places, and so on and so on) could not attract new subscribers, rise of new MMO which stealing current player base … and all that is reason to make radical move or Eve will be terminate. That is bussines where “there is no safe place” is for real!


Sources, please source your subscription & income numbers of CCP that you appear to have.

Eve has been dying for 15 years.

According to the forums :wink:

After 2007. Eve is in decline.


I’ll pay for a 1 year subscription to Hello Kitty Online for you if you’ll go ahead and uninstall EVE. Let me know…